Fantastic Beasts 2 Hints at Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald Teaser Tomorrow

Fans will get their first glimpse at Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2 tomorrow. Will it be a trailer, or a title reveal, or both?

Fans will get their first glimpse at Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them 2 tomorrow (11.16.17), the film’s official Twitter feed has revealed. Production on Fantastic Beasts 2 began back in July, so it was only a matter of time before Warner Bros pulled back the curtains, allowing fans to learn a little more about the next movie from J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

Rowling wrote the script for the movie, which will take place in Europe in 1927. The film will pick up a couple of months after the events of Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, continuing to chronicle Eddie Redmayne’s adventures as the magizoologist Newt Scamander. This time around, Johnny Depp’s Gellert Grindelwald is expected to have a larger role and Jude Law is joining the cast as Albus Dumbledore. Various other new characters are expected to appear, as well.

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The Tweet that broke the news about tomorrow’s Fantastic Beasts 2 reveal was somewhat mysterious and ambiguous, showing two wands side by side with the caption “Wands at the ready.” It’s unclear whether fans should expect a trailer, a title reveal, or something else altogether.

Wands at the ready. On 11.16.18 the #FantasticBeasts story continues. Check back tomorrow for more #MagicInProgress. #WizardingWednesdays

— Fantastic Beasts (@FantasticBeasts) November 15, 2017

The reactions below this Twitter post are already rife with speculation. The most popular opinion is that these are the wands of Grindelwald and Dumbledore, the former friends (and perhaps more than that) who ended up being mortal enemies. By Fantastic Beasts 2’s point in the timeline, they should already be foes. Perhaps the reveal tomorrow will have something to do with them. A first look at Jude Law in costume as Dumbledore, perhaps?

Interestingly, the wand on the left looks rather familiar, with its notches and symbolic inscription being rather close (though not identical) to the immensely powerful Elder Wand from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies. A young Grindelwald stole the Elder Wand from an aging wizard named Gregorovitch during a Deathly Hallows flashback. The wand was buried with Dumbledore sometime after that, before Voldemort robbed his grave to get it. In the end, though, the Elder Wand was loyal to Harry Potter, enabling the defeat of the Dark Lord.

However, as much fun as it is to speculate about the wands in this picture, fans won’t know for sure whether this is the Elder Wand – or whether these are Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s wands – until some official information comes to light. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's news.

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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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