Surprise! Fans Watch Transformers for Robots, not Actors

It's hard to believe that we are merely TWO days away from the biggest movie to be released in 2009 - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! That's right, all the waiting we've been doing for the past year and a half is about to pay off. Screen Rant has brought you breaking news, pictures, interviews, video clips, trailers, viral videos and more pictures and more video clips. If Paramount has released it to the public, then we were there to bring it to you.

So grab your ticket, turn off your cell phone, prepare to slurp your popcorn and eat your drink because Megan Fox is about to be shown larger than life in the awesomeness that is IMAX! What? You're not there to watch Megan Fox?

Oh, OK then, find your seat and tell your friends to stop talking because Shia LaBeouf is fixin' to rock your world, bandaged hand and all! OK, that's not working for you either? Well, I'm not surprised...

Fandango did a survey of 2,000 people that were planning to watch Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Here are some of the more interesting results they found and it would seem they coincide nicely with what we were just discussing:

92% of respondents said that Megan Fox's political statements do not affect their interest in the movie.

84% of respondents said they would still be in interested in seeing Transformers 3, even if Megan Fox did not appear in the third movie.

69% said they would still be interested in seeing Transformers 3, even if Shia LaBeouf did not appear in the third movie.

If anything, this should make Michael Bay feel good that he wasn't an important enough part of the survey to be included in the results, but it should speak volumes to the actors and actresses that tend to get "too big for their britches." In some cases, they are replaceable in big budget action films such as this one because fans are not there to see them, but rather the real stars or objects of the film - In this case, the robots!

A recent report from Fandango shows that Transformers 2 pre-ticket sales are out pacing Transformers 1 pre-ticket sales at the same point in the sales cycle (which is two days prior to the release date in case you were wondering). In fact, TF2 isn't just outpacing TF1, it's selling TWICE as many tickets as before.

Theaters are adding extra showings at 3:45am and 4:00 am just to keep up with the demands of fans. Almost every theater in a major market is already sold out: New York, San Francisco, Orlando Philadelphia and Buford, Georgia (I'm not sure that qualifies as a major market but apparently you shouldn't go there to watch TF2 tomorrow night). My hometown of Jacksonville, Florida still has tickets available if you feel like making the journey.

This reminds me of an interesting observation. Back in 1999, before websites like Fandango really started thriving, the only way to ensure that you saw the first showing of your favorite movie was to wait in line for a stupid amount of time. I'm going to use Star Wars Episode 1 as an example. There were reports of people (obsessed fans) waiting outside the theater for up to a month in advanced to get the magical first showing ticket. Gone are those times with the advent of Fandango and similar websites that sell advanced tickets

Do you agree with the survey and would you watch Transformers 3 without Shia or Megan on screen? What do you think about advanced ticket sales, do you buy them or just take your chances opening night?

For those slow on the uptake, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen releases June 24th, 2009.

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