Angry Watchmen Fanboy Calls For Fox Boycott

Oh 20th Century Fox, you had to know there would be blowback when you took legal action against Warner Bros. over the rights to the Watchmen movie. Did you really think fans of the greatest graphic novel of all time were just going to take your cash grab move lying flat on our backs?

Luckily for Fox, another riled fanboy has beat my letterbomb/fecal-matter-throwing campaign to the punch. ComicBookMovie was "lucky" enough to get in touch with that fanboy, twenty year-old Wyatt Barlup, for an interview. And boy was Wyatt letting the rhetoric fly.

A small snippet from the interview:

CBM: What exactly are you planning on doing?

Wyatt: If I get enough support, I would like to go picket Fox Studios and even perhaps the local Wolverine opening night. Aside from that I want to cover up all Fox movie posters with signs that read: Who Watches the Watchmen?

CBM: What would you tell the Fox execs if you could get a meeting with them?

Wyatt: They have no idea who they a f**king with. Watchmen fans are not regular comic fans. We're f**king crazy. There will be retaliations if they keep this nonsense up. Also I would say that they had their chance and blew it. Stop being assholes and give the people what the want. They have a chance to look like the good guys if they just pull out now and say sorry.

You tell'em, Wyatt.

Barlup is right about one thing though: we Watchmen fans are indeed "f**king crazy." (I myself needed two months of institutional care back in '03 so that I would stop walking around the the city at night in a trench coat, dirty sock pulled over my head, muttering "Hurm," every few seconds while I popped sugar cube after sugar cube. I still owe my dentist a check for all the fillings I had to get!)

Seriously though, Fox, this will only get worse for you guys. Take it from me, your longtime friend, (I've been loyal to your network since '87!) LEAVE WATCHMEN BE. Wyatt is only the first of the nuts to pop up out of the woodwork and the Net is a big, scary place. Obey the will the of fanboys. You've been warned.

For those who would like to join Wyatt Barlup's campaign of justice (or just get him even more riled up,) you can get in touch with him @

Meanwhile, I'll be here, trying to decide just where to toss this fecal-matter I've been holding in my hand.

Watchmen WILL hit theaters on March 6, 2009, one way or another.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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