Fan Trailer Imagines Batman V Superman as Buddy Cop Movie

A new fan-made trailer is imagining Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as a buddy cop movie. While fan-made trailers for hit movies are nothing new, there's no question fans continue to raise the bar by finding exciting new ways to give the material a completely different spin. One of the latest to hit YouTube takes a lot of creative liberties to punch up the much-maligned DCEU origins movie Batman V Superman with a humorous twist.

Created by Chief Brody Rules, the video uses the studio behind BvS as a means to set up what appears to be a serious crime drama: "From Warner Bros. Pictures, the studio that brought you the acclaimed police dramas Dirty Harry, Training Day and The Departed, comes a film that carries on the tradition."

After about 45 more seconds of explosions, mayhem and ominous music, the trailer begins to expose the goofy hijinks of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) – aka Batman and Superman – that hearkens the heyday of '80s buddy cop movies. From there we get retro graphics, a funky soundtrack and most importantly, a producer credit for the king of action buddy cop movies, Joel Silver (48 Hrs. and the Lethal Weapon series, among many others).

Batman V Superman Angry

Throughout the trailer, Chief Brody Rules seamlessly weaves together several scenes from BvS with clips and sound from about 20 other movies. Included are clips from such DC film entries as Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, The Dark Knight Rises and Superman Returns, as well as Robo Cop, Bad Boys 2, Wayne's World and naturally, Lethal Weapon 4. The new material allows for such buddy cop movie conventions as the detective team of Wayne and Kent getting yelled at by the chief, awkward interactions between the partners, as well as over-the-top car crash sequences.

Among the BvS footage from used in the spoof trailer is the contentious "Save Martha!" scene featuring Martha Kent (Diane Lane), as well as the memorable entrance of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in the film's third act to help Batman and Superman take on Doomsday. The irony of the scene – where Superman asks, "Is she with you?" and Batman counters, "I thought she was with you." – is that left completely unaltered in the spoof trailer, and actually does feel like it should be in a buddy cop movie.

While the new fan-made BvS trailer may not go far to soothe the aches of fans and critics unhappy with Zack Snyder's superhero extravaganza, there's no question it's good for a lot of laughs. And as hard as Snyder is striving to hit the mark with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and company in November's Justice League, expect that film to be spoofed, too, in the future. The risk of playful ridicule is just part of the movie business.

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Source: Chief Brody Rules

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