10 Best Fan Theories About the Game Of Thrones Prequel Series

Game of Thrones The Long Night Art

Game of Thrones fans will sadly be saying goodbye to their beloved show this year. While season eight marks the end of this adventure, we thankfully have much more from this world to fill the gap. One of the proposed prequel series has already been greenlit and production is beginning.

Little is known about the new series other than the tentative title of The Long Night and the fact that it is set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones. But fans have already been begun theorizing what the series might include and what secrets it will reveal. Here are some of the best fan theories about the prequel series.

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10 Naomi Watts Is The First Lannister

Excitement for the show grew even more when Naomi Watts was cast in the lead. Watts is a world-class actor and a big name for the series to attach right out of the gate. While her full character wasn’t revealed, she is described as “a charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret.”

Though there are endless possibilities for who this might be, fans think she is an ancestor of the Lannisters. House Lannister is an old house and its first members could very well have been around at the time of this story. It would be interesting to see a character that is a precursor to Cersei.

9 It Takes Place In Essos

The majority of Game of Throne’s story has taken place in Westeros and it will likely conclude there. But we have spent some time in the lands East of Westeros called Essos. This is where Daenerys spent many seasons in the Free Cities, Slavers Bay, and the Dothraki Sea.

Due to the racially diverse cast that has been announced for the prequel, many have guessed we will see that new series set in these lands. While the Westerosi actors on Game of Thrones have been primarily Caucasian/European, the Essos setting has included a more diverse group.

8 The Andals And The First Men

Game of Thrones Children of the Forest

If the series does indeed take place in Essos, we’re likely to see the Andal Invasion at some point. In the history of this world, the Andals came from Essos and battled with the First Men who occupied Westeros at the time. The Westerosi people we see in Game of Thrones are descendants of the Andals and the First Men.

This war wreaked havoc on the lands as ancient Weirwood trees were destroyed and the Children of the Forest were slaughtered. It is said that because of these atrocities, the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers to protect their lands.

7 Azor Ahai Unveiled

Game of Thrones The Long Night Azor Ahai

Legend tells of a warrior known as Azor Ahai who led the battle against the White Walkers and saved Westeros. The tales say he wielded a fire sword know as Lightbringer. It’s also prophesized he would return to fight the White Walkers again.

It’s been theorized the new series would focus on Azor Ahai and his path to be the hero that would save the realm. There’s a lot of potential with that storyline as the legend that is told to children is probably much different than the truth.

6 One True Religion

Melisandre played by Carice Van Houten sacrificing to R'hllor on Game of Thrones

Religion has been a big part of Game of Thrones from the beginning. Among some of the gods shown are the Drowned God, the Faith of the Seven, and R’hllor. R’hllor has become the prominent god thanks to resurrections and demon babies. However, there have been hints that the other religions hold some truth as well.

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One theory suggests that there is only one true god that was once agreed upon by all. Over the years, different interpretations and corruption led to the religion being splintered until they no longer resembled the truth.

5 The Truth About The Wildlings

The Wildlings are those living beyond the Wall as free people. When the show began, they were presented as enemies of those in Westeros. As time went on, we grew to know them and sympathize with them.

However, there are still a lot of questions about the history of the Wildlings. When the Wall went up, why were they on the other side? Some theories suggest they were a faction of the first Night’s Watch, meant to keep an eye on the White Walkers. Others suggest they were left as a sacrifice. Hopefully, the show will shed light on this history.

4 The Building Of The Wall

The Wall from Game of Thrones

The last scene we saw in season seven of the show was the Wall being destroyed and the White Walkers advancing on the rest of Westeros. As epic as it was to see that great structure come down, it would be pretty awesome to see how it went up as well.

There have been rumors that Bran the Builder will be included in the series. He is the man responsible for building the Wall. If he is featured, we could see the secrets behind how he pulls off this impossible feat.

3 House Stark’s Dark Past

House Stark Sigil from Game of Thrones

The Starks have always been the heroes of this story. They remain a strong house and will be key players in the Great War. The early days of House Stark are rumored to be part of this new story, showing us their early rise.

George R.R. Martin loves to play with expectations so if we explore the Stark's past, you can bet it will not be as heroic as we think. Some have even suggested the Starks have a dark past, related to the Night King. This could be a great twist in the story we think we know.

2 Creation Of The Dragons

Game of Thrones Dragon

Dragons are a major symbol of Game of Thrones but don’t expect much of them in the prequel. This story takes place in a time before dragons or even Targaryens. However, it could give some hint to how the creatures came to be.

There are several theories about the first dragons, but one has actually been suggested in the show. Way back in season one, Doreah tells Daenerys the story of a moon in the sky cracking like an egg and dragons pouring out of it. Some theorize there’s truth to this story and that it was caused by the Long Night.

1 The Battle For The Dawn Was A Lie

Something that continues to be hinted at in Martin’s book and the series is that the stories told to children are just stories. Last season, we even saw that Robert’s Rebellion, the event that set the stage for Game of Thrones, was built on a lie. Expect more of these revelations going forward.

Many guess a similar truth lies within the story of the Battle for the Dawn, when the armies of men defeated the White Walkers the first time. It’s likely more complicated then a simple battle and perhaps a deal was made. This could reveal why the White Walker returned to take Westeros.

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