Supposedly Fan-Made Star Trek Posters Actually Genuine

Recently there were three new posters released for J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek that were thought to be fan-made. Since they use previously seen imagery from other posters, images and trailers, it was assumed that they were Photoshop jobs, albeit from someone with skills. And looking at them myself that was my first thought, but something changed my mind.

Check them out below before finding out why (click for larger versions):

They are very well designed, almost too much so to be simply fan made (that's some serious design talent right there). However what made me first question their fan-made label was that leading movie magazine Empire has published the top poster as an "exclusive." Now if this were some small fan blog or an unverifiable new source, then I would absolutely call credibility into question. But this is Empire we are talking about, and I really don't think they would put their mark on it without having checked its authenticity first.

Now remember, these could turn out to be fan made, but I now seriously doubt it - most likely these are non-U.S. posters for the film. The first and last posters look particularly real, but that may just be because of how unusual the middle one is.

Genuine or not - those are some kick ass posters.

Star Trek is scheduled to be released on May 8th this year.

Sources: Empire and /Film

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