SR Pick: Amazing Fan-Made War Machine Costume

I'll admit it, I'm a fanboy.

My bathroom reading material of choice is a stack of comic books and my desk is littered with a mix of action figures, Legos, and a talking Captain Kirk figurine I got from Burger King. Still, I recognize that there are bigger and better nerds in the world than me. Take Anthony Le, for example. You see that War Machine costume he's wearing in the picture above? He made it. As in, he made all of it. By himself.

Can you say awesome?

One of the reasons I love going to comic conventions is to see the various Cosplay that people have come up with. At Wizard World Chicago two years ago I saw an incredible Transformers 2-inspired Bumblebee costume, and just this past year I caught a pretty impressive Batman and Catwoman pair at Wonder-Con in San Francisco. Still, if the pictures Anthony shared at Superhero Hype do any justice to this War Machine costume in person, I'd have to say that this is the best piece of cosplay I've ever seen. (When Jon Favreau tweets about your costume, you know you've got something pretty special.)

I picked out some of my favorite pictures of Anthony "War Machine" Le in action, but I highly recommend checking out Superhero Hype for the rest.




And of course, after a hard day of saving the world, what does War Machine like to do? Sit back and relax with a cold brew.

What do you think of Anthony's craftsmanship? Have you seen a better fan-made costume?

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