10 Fan Favorite TLC Shows We Wish Would Make A Comeback

TLC has had a lot of reality television over the years. From baking shows, home improvement shows, family shows, and more, there’s something for everyone on TLC if you're into reality TV. The channel has also had its fair share of controversial television shows that have caused a lot of discussions. Some of the shows that fans loved the most aren’t on the air anymore, so we’re taking a look at the best past TLC shows that deserve a comeback. The shows with controversies that went too far didn’t make the list, but there are still many fan-favorite shows that deserve a comeback.

Here are the 10 TLC shows we wish would be back on the air.

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TLC My Strange Addiction Car
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TLC My Strange Addiction Car

My Strange Addiction is a show that is really hard to forget. The show explored people who had strange habits and obsessions. Some of the moments from the show will stick in pop culture’s memory for a long time such as the woman who ate her husband’s ashes or the woman who filled her neti pot with pee. This show could border on being a bit voyeuristic at times, and many of the people on the show were clearly struggling. A reboot of the show could focus more on providing help to these people than the original did.


This is another show that clearly dealt with issues of mental illness. This show could definitely be shocking and sometimes difficult to watch. Luckily, the show did offer a big service and help to the people on it.

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They provided help and experts to help people get rid of their stuff and be able to keep their homes and get their lives in order. While many people watched the show for the shock factor, there was at least satisfaction in knowing that many people on this series were getting the help the needed.


This show might not exactly be a fan favorite as it only made it two seasons, but it definitely deserves more seasons then it got. TLC loves to have shows that focus on polygamy, but some of their portrayals are pretty problematic. The family on My Five Wives actually all seemed to love and respect each other, and they were very progressive in their values. Maybe this is why the show didn’t last too long as there wasn’t nearly as much drama as on some of there other series.


Cash Cab

Cash Cab was a bit different than your typical TLC show. This was a fun, wholesome game show that was a good time to watch. The premise here was pretty simple. Contestants would get into the cab and be asked questions for the duration of their ride. If they got the answers right, they would win money. It was a simple show, but it was a lot of fun to see people win money from a cab ride. It was also a good time to try and see if you could get the answers to the questions right yourself.


This series is one that launched a lot of discussion and even memes. Couponing is definitely something that many people do, especially back in the days where people always got print newspapers. The people on Extreme Couponing took saving money to an entirely different level. Some of these people have huge storage rooms full of toilet paper, soap, and food. There was a sense that this kind of couponing probably was exaggerated for the show, but it definitely was fascinating to watch.


Kat Von D LA Ink

This series is the one that really kicked off the obsession with tattoo television shows. LA Ink followed Kat Von D as she opened a tattoo shop in Los Angeles. Her shop became extremely popular and the characters on the show had a lot of drama to keep viewers interested. While Kat Von D isn’t a figure without controversy, the show was a lot of fun. Seeing the different tattoos people got was the best part of the show.


This is an older series that is a bit different than many of the others on this list. It’s differences come from the fact that this show was made before the channel took a turn into more shocking kinds of reality television programming.

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The show followed expectant couples and should the births of their children. It was a pretty formulaic show and somewhat comforting. If you like babies and parenthood shows and a realistic portrayal of becoming a parent, this was a show you would have loved.


Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces was a show people loved when it aired. Looking back on it now, many of the makeovers were pretty outlandish and even bad, but it was always exciting to see how the rooms would turn out. Everyone loved the host Paige Davis, and the premise of the show was fascinating. Neighbors would trade houses and work with the help of a designer and a budget of only $1,000 to redo a room in each other’s homes.


This is one of the television shows that is in the same vein as Untold Stories of the ER. The way the show is shot and the reenactments are very similar.

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This show was weirdly compelling. It was hard to understand how people could not realize they were pregnant for the entire nine months. This show also made women all over feel anxiety wondering if they could to be pregnant and not know it.


Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear

This is one of TLC’s best and most binge-worthy shows. What Not To Wear is definitely a fan-favorite show that could make a fun comeback. Fans loved Stacy London and Clinton Kelly and seeing them give people style makeovers. It was always interesting to watch people have to get rid of their entire wardrobes and find a new one. This show will always be missed.

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