15 Fan Favorite Pokémon You Won't Find In Pokémon Go (Yet)

Pokemon Go Phone

Pokémon Go made its mark as the absolute viral sensation of July 2016. At its height, this augmented reality mobile game doubled Nintendo's stock, bringing millions of dollars daily. It quickly became the fastest mobile game to reach $500 million and despite declining numbers, Pokémon Go still reigns as one of both iOS' and android's top grossing titles.

In order to reclaim some of its lost initial fanbase, Niantic and The Pokémon Company recently unveiled their first event, a Halloween-centric promotion, and to no one's surprise, it was a great success. Niantic may not have captured the viral magic of the game's opening month in which it felt as though Pokémon Go was the biggest and most talked about thing on the planet, but the event was a success nonetheless.

The game's creators have received some flak for their inability to roll out new and exciting content on a semi-regular basis, especially seeing as how it appears as though one road to additional content is seemingly obvious, add more Pokémon. In fact, Niantic has yet to incorporate all 150 original creatures and the franchise's roster is ever growing (over 720 and counting currently). More Pokémon are bound to appear sooner or later, but as of right now, there are countless fan-favorites who have yet to be added.

Here are 15 Fan-Favorite Pokémon You Won't Find in Pokémon Go.

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Mew Pokemon
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15 Mew

Mew Pokemon

In the late '90s, there were about as many Mew-centric conspiracy theories as there were concerning Bigfoot or Area 51. The major question that loomed across the internet was: How do I catch Mew? Is Mew underneath this mysterious truck; is it a reward for completing the Pokédex; do you receive Mew after defeating the Elite Four 100 times? The answer all of these questions is an unequivocal no. To this day, in fact (with a few exceptions), the only way to legitimately obtain Mew is through a Nintendo/Pokémon Company sponsored event. There is, however, a glitch that allows for players to capture the rare Pokémon in Red, Blue, and Yellow versions, but we digress.

Mew is undeniably an intriguing Pokémon, but part of its appeal is the fact that it was so incredibly hard to come by. It stands to reason, that when Pokémon Go finally does make this legendary obtainable, it will most likely be extremely difficult to capture. Still, it will be worth the hassle for most fans for mere bragging rights alone.

14 Togepi

Misty's Togepi Pokemon

Those familiar with the Pokémon anime would be forgiven for thinking that Togepi is a creature from the franchise's first generation, seeing as how this fan-favorite character appears long before Ash and company's Johto adventures. Ash's longtime travel companion Misty befriended this adorable Pokémon early on in the series and it has remained as one of the franchise's many mascots ever since.

Known for its painfully cute battle cry and its various adventures in the franchise's anime, it is bit head scratching to think that fans have yet to see Togepi added to the Pokémon Go roster. Niantic is adamant that the second generation of creatures will be making its way to the mobile app sometime soon, but hopefully, the game developers strike before the iron cools off any more than it already has. One thing is for certain, however, when the second generation of Pokémon finally does arrive, Togepi will certainly be atop of many fan's most coveted lists.

13 Rowlett

Rowlett Pokemon Sun and Moon

For those not keeping up with the latest in Pokémon news, Rowlett is a brand new starter from the franchise's upcoming games Pokémon Sun & Moon versions, and so far, it is widely regarded as the fan-favorite among the three. Sun Moon will mark the seventh generation of this prolific gaming series when they debut on November 18th, 2016. So, if Niantic is releasing generations of Pokémon in order, fans will have a long time to wait before they are able to capture Rowlett and company.

That being said, Pokémon Sun Moon look to be two of the most popular titles in the history of the franchise, seeing as how these games have already set pre-order records. If Niantic and The Pokémon Company hope to capitalize on the assumed success of these two upcoming titles, perhaps releasing some generation seven characters ahead of schedule might be a smart move. At this point, fans have yet to hear anything concerning a hard release date for any new Pokémon in the mobile game, but perhaps gamers are in for a pleasant surprise with a few generation seven characters coming soon. Here's to hoping anyways.

12 Infernape

Ash's Infernape Pokemon

Throughout the course of over 900 episodes and counting, suffice it to say that the anime's protagonist Ash Ketchum has befriended a great number of Pokémon. Still, Infernape is regarded as one of his strongest, and one of his all-time most popular Pokémon. The aforementioned main character is not necessarily known for fully evolving his Pokémon, showing respect and admiration for his fighting companions, but Infernape is one of the few to reach its final form.

Starting as a cute yet mischievous Chimchar, Ash's Infernape rose up through the ranks, growing with its trainer every step of the way. In the process, they created quite the bond, leading Infernape to become an unequivocal fan-favorite. Infernape, however, does not make its debut until the franchise's fourth generation, so it could still be quite some time before fans get to carry around this Pokémon one their respective smartphones. When the day finally does come, however, Chimchar, among the fourth generation's other starters, will likely be highly sought after.

11 Garchomp

Cynthia Pokemon

Garchomp has a long history with the Pokémon franchise. It has appeared in numerous episodes of the anime, graced the pages of several manga chapters, and even made its way to popular Wii U game Pokkén Tournament. Additionally, this fan-favorite Pokémon was a common face in the video game's competitive scene just a few years ago. Needless to say, Garchomp is an extremely popular character.

Like the previous entry on this list, Garchomp is a fourth generation Pokémon, so it will likely be some time before this popular dragon-type is introduced to the mobile app. It is unclear as to whether or not mega evolutions will be introduced to Pokémon Go, but seeing as how this gameplay mechanic has been very popular in the video games as well as the anime, it is certainly possible. If Niantic and company do decide to incorporate them, it should be noted that Garchomp is among the growing handful of characters that, in fact, has a mega evolution. Mega Garchomp for the win!

10 Rayquaza

Rayquaza Pokemon

Rayquaza stands as the first legendary Pokémon to make our list. That being said, Pokémon Go has yet to incorporate any of the first generation's five legendaries, so there will likely be likely a long waiting period before fans can expect to see Rayquaza, but this Pokémon is certainly worth the wait.

With certain legendary Pokémon now legal in competitive play, Rayquaza is a name that appears on many ranked player's teams. In fact, this legendary is a staple of countless competitive teams, and like the list's previous entry, Garchomp, Rayquaza now has a mega evolution – as if this Pokémon weren't strong enough already.

In a generation of solid character designs, Rayquaza stands out among the pack as an absolute fan-favorite. Not to mention, this legendary was recently featured in easily one of the best Pokémon Generations – a web series featured on The Pokémon Company's YouTube channel – episodes thus far.

9 Suicune

Suicune Pokemon

Making this list of fan-favorites is yet another legendary Pokémon Suicune. Suicune is immensely popular for numerous reasons, but it is arguably most well known for its handful of appearances in the anime. As one of the second generation's trio of legendary dogs, Suicune has made an impact in numerous episodes of the series and has even managed to pop up in five films thus far.

In addition to its appearances on screens both big and small, this legendary beast is a playable character in the aforementioned fighting game Pokkén Tournament. Additionally, Suicune graced the cover of generation two video game Pokémon Crystal for GameBoy Color, appeared in several issues of the franchise's manga, and even served as a collectible trophy in another of Nintendo's uber-popular fighting games Super Smash Bros. As a second generation character, Suicune will presumably appear in Pokémon Go before most of the other entries on this list, but if it is as difficult to catch the legendary dogs on the mobile app as it was on the GameBoy, players will probably have a hard time tracking it down.

8 Scizor

Mega Scizor Pokemon

As the evolved form of a first generation favorite Scyther, Scizor looks to be one of the most coveted characters when generation two Pokémon make their way to the mobile game. Those looking to evolve their Scyther when the update finally arrives should probably start hoarding candies. And like some of the other previous entries, Scizor also has a mega evolution.

This generation two character is also set to join the ranks of Pokémon playable in Pokkén Tournament. Additionally, in the anime, while it is only briefly touched upon, Ash's longtime rival Gary trained a Scizor. Not to mention, this Pokémon also appeared numerous times in the manga as well.

With countless appearances in video games, films, and the television series, Scizor has certainly made its mark as a fan-favorite. Scyther is easily one of the best character designs from the first generation, and the creators arguably improved on the character with its steel-typed evolution Scizor.

7 Umbreon

Gary's Umbreon Pokemon

Yet another second generation Pokémon that fans are excited to see come to the mobile game is Umbreon. Easily inserted in this spot could be any number of Eeveelutions seeing as how they are almost always fan-favorites. In fact, the most recent Eeveelution, Slyveon from the fifth generation, ranks high among numerous "X Best Pokémon" lists across the web. However, Umbreon makes this list in lieu of some other characters for a number of reasons.

Firstly, like the previous entry, Umbreon also trained under the tutelage of Professor Oak's grandson Gary. Also, along with the other second generation Eeveelution Espeon, Umbreon was a starter character in the GameCube title Pokémon Coliseum, and while Coliseum is not in the main series of titles from developer Game Freak, it is certainly beloved by many hardcore fans. Not to mention, Umbreon was among the first Pokémon to classified as a dark type, a typing that was new to the second generation. Simply put, all of those Eevee candies will go to good use once the second generation roster is finally implemented into Pokémon Go.

6 Tyranitar

Yet another second generation Pokémon makes the list, perhaps proving true the old adage: they don't make them like they used to anymore. Little known fact, a number of Johto Pokémon were actually slated for release in the first generation games – Tyranitar included. As history would have it, these characters were instead saved for the game's respective sequels and fans were tasked with catching only 151 creatures (mere child's play by today's standards).

The delay from generation one to two did not affect the character's popularity, however, as Tyranitar remains a fan-favorite Pokémon to this day. Just a few years ago, it seemed as though every competitive team had this powerhouse in their respective lineup, and he is no stranger to ranked play on more contemporary squads either. With a mega evolution to its credit as well, it is certainly no surprise that Tyranitar is still one of the all-time most popular Pokémon.

5 Blaziken

Blaziken Pokken Tournament

Generation three remakes Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the most recent in the series to date. Both Ruby and Sapphire are important to many gamers because these are the titles that they grew up on. This sentiment could be applied to any of the generations, yes, but it is undeniable that these games hold a special place in the hearts of many Pokémon fans. Thusly, it should come as no surprise that Blaziken, the fully evolved form of generation three starter Torchic, is one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

Blaziken has appeared countless times throughout the anime, made his mark on the manga, and, of course, is a playable character in the popular arcade fighter Pokkén Tournament. This fully evolved starter Pokémon comes equipped with its own mega evolution and stands as one of the best fire-types of all-time. Whenever Niantic finally releases the third generation of Pokémon, Blaziken will undoubtedly be one of the most coveted characters out there.

4 Entei

Entei Pokemon

Simply put, Entei is arguably one of the best characters the series has ever created. Like Suicune, Entei is a member of the second generation's trio of legendary dogs. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for players to track down and capture this Pokémon. However, it was not hard to spot this character on screen as it made numerous appearances in the anime and was even featured in the franchise's third film Pokémon 3: The Movie.

Entei, as well as the other two legendary dogs, have an uncharacteristically intriguing backstory, one that was recently touched upon in the aforementioned web series Pokémon Generations. Maybe it is due to the fact that the second generation legendaries were extremely hard to catch, namely the legendary dogs, but all three remain as some of the franchise's fan-favorite characters. Either way, if these Pokémon are as hard to catch in Pokémon Go as they were in Gold and Silver versions, players likely have a lot of hunting ahead of them.

3 Lucario

Lucario may not have come into being until Pokémon's fourth generation, but that has not stopped this character from quickly becoming one of the franchise's most beloved mascots. Lucario is simply everywhere. The fan-favorite character has become a regular in Nintendo's best selling beat 'em up franchise Super Smash Bros. and is also one of a handful of fighters in the previously mentioned Pokkén Tournament. Lucario was one of the first to receive a mega evolution and the Pokémon has even received its own Amiibo figure from Nintendo, making it one of only six Pokémon in the Amiibo family.

Despite all of the publicity that Lucario has gotten over the years, however, fans have not tired of the creature and this character still maintains its place among the best Pokémon ever created. In all likelihood, fans are probably months (at the absolute earliest) away from actually seeing Lucario in Pokémon Go, but when it finally happens, hordes of gamers will certainly be trying to track down this fan-favorite.

2 Greninja

Greninja Pokemon

In addition to being one of Ash's Pokémon from the animated series, Geninja holds the distinction of being voted the most popular Pokémon in a recent poll in Japan. That's right, Greninja even beat out the Pokémon franchise's original mascot Pikachu to become voted the series' most popular character. In fact, this poll, which took into account over half a million Japanese Pokémon fans, had Pikachu ranked fourth on their top 100 list, also behind Arceus and Mew respectively.

It is not just the Japanese fans that like Greninja either as the character has become known as a fifth generation fan-favorite in the west as well. The water-type made its Super Smash Bros. debut in the most recent games for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U respectively. Surprisingly enough, however, Greninja is not a playable character in Pokkén Tournament, but it should be noted that fighters are continuously being added. That said, this Pokémon is sure to make waves (excuse the pun) when it is finally added to Niantic's mobile game Pokémon Go.

1 Mewtwo

Mewtwo Pokemon

It should come as no surprise that Mewtwo is the number one Pokémon on this list. The character has been a fan-favorite Pokémon since its introduction in 1998. Mewtwo has been a fighter in Super Smash Bros. since Melee on the Nintendo GameCube. The legendary is also an Amiibo figure, a Pokkén Tournament fighter, and the star of two films. The character is among the most compelling in the anime and has made appearances in the manga as well the television mini-series Pokémon Origins.

When Niantic and company finally incorporate legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo is certain to be among the most highly coveted obtainable characters in the game. In fact, Mewtwo was one of the creatures featured in Pokémon Go's early trailers in which a group of players was gathered in Times Square battling the legendary beast. When Mewtwo does finally come to Pokémon Go, however, hopefully Niantic and The Pokémon Company release the Master Ball simultaneously as it was the only surefire way to capture rare creature in the video games. Again, here's to hoping.

Which Pokémon are you most looking forward in Pokémon Go? Make sure to let us know in the comments section.

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