Fan-Created CGI Incredible Hulk Best Of The Bunch?

[UPDATE: Maybe the Hulk will look better than we thought in the upcoming movie, check out the new facial close-up below.]

With the rising interest in The Incredible Hulk movie following the release of the latest trailer I thought this was worth checking out.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the "look" of the Hulk in the upcoming film - both as a standalone and as compared to the Ang Lee version. Well /Film has posted an image of a fan-made CGI model that looks like it's far better than either of the movie versions (based on what I've seen so far).

There have been lots of comments stating that the new version of the Hulk is way too "ripped." I actually thought that in some of the scenes he looks like he has no skin and it's just green, exposed muscle. On the other hand Ang Lee's version looked too "soft," almost like a pro-wrestler that forgot to cut salt out of his diet. :-)

While it seems like this movie's version is kind of an over-reaction to Lee's, it looks to me like Sweden-based artist Jonas Thornqvist got it just right not only in muscle definition but overall physique and facial structure:

The point has been brought up stating that "Just how 'real' can you make a 9-foot, green behemoth look?" Well I think the fellow above looks pretty damned realistic considering his un-real qualities.

Here's a comparison of the three and tell me you don't think the version above is the best one:

Sure, this one isn't animated, but even for animation you have to start with a decent static model.

Maybe the movie version will look better in the final analysis - could be that like that Super Bowl Iron Man shot that what we've seen just isn't quite complete.

Update: Speaking of "the final analysis" check out this screen grab from one of the latest TV commercials:

For a much larger version head over to the SuperHeroHype forums.

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13th.

Source: /Film and here is the artist's web site: which has some amazing other artwork. I highly recommend you visit and check it out.

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