Fan Casting: 10 Actors Perfect For a Live Action Hercules

So far, Disney has resurrected 11 animated films—with more on the way—from their vault and reimagined them into live-action films. And, while there is no official word yet, it's only a matter of time before iconic movies like Hercules fall in line to become remakes. Hercules tells the mythical tale of the Greek legend who is raised by mortals after the failed attempt to end his life. The Disney musical brings audiences on a fantastical journey of Hercules' endeavor to rejoin his family on Mount Olympus and prove himself worthy as a God and a true hero. Because we just can’t wait to hear who might be cast for the live-action Hercules, we decided to nominate a couple of renowned actors and actresses who would be a perfect fit for the collection of characters from this Disney film.

Here are 10 actors perfect for a live-action Hercules:

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10 Hera - Kate Winslet

In the animated version, Hera (Hercules' mother and wife of Zeus), is grief-stricken when she sees her baby has been taken. In Greek Mythology she is known as the Queen of the Gods and the Goddess of Marriage & Birth. Kate Winslet is an English actress known for her poise and dexterity. She is a goddess in her own way, which is why she fits the role as Hera quite nicely.

9 Zeus - Sylvester Stallone

In Ancient Greek religion, Zeus is known to be a God of the sky's, with powers to control lightning and Thunder. Chris Hemsworth would admittedly be a contender for this role considering his expertise in handling lightening, but there's another actor who we think is a better match to take on the role of Zeus. Sylvester Stallone is known for the Rocky series, among many other acclaimed roles. Not only does he have the physique for it, but Stallone’s booming voice is exactly what fans would want coming from Zeus.

8 Calliope - Jennifer Hudson

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jennifer Hudson. It would be nice to see her in the spotlight again, taking on the role of the vivacious Calliope. Calliope is one of the Muses in Hercules (also a Goddess of the Arts and Proclaimer of Heroes). One of Hudson’s latest film endeavors includes the 2018 feature-length film, All Rise. Although Hudson own rise to fame started on American Idol, she received numerous awards (namely an Academy Award and Golden Globe) for Best Supporting Actress in her role in the 2006 musical Dreamgirls. So, listening to Hudson belt out “Zero to Hero” in a live-action Hercules film is guaranteed to give audiences chills.

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7 Pain - Jonah Hill

In the animated film, Pain is the round, pink creature whose job is to do Hades' bidding. In cahoots with his buddy, Panic, Pain takes on half-witted tasks for his master. The first trial assigned to him was to get rid of the baby Hercules. When that failed, he and Panic were reassigned to fool Hercules into what was essentially a death trap with the giant three-headed monster... which also fails.

Jonah Hill has taken on a variety of acting gigs. He has shown off his talents as in actor primarily in comedic roles, but he has proven himself worthy of impersonating more malicious characters as well (such as his role as Donnie in The Wolf of Wallstreet). Both of these impersonating traits make him an ideal choice to play one of Hades' cronies.

6 Panic - Michael Cera

Panic is another one of Hades' dim-witted servants. Staying true to his name, Panic is in a seemingly constant state of fear. His character is also notably awkward, which brings in a certain actor to mind. Michael Cera is truly a great actor. He has taken on acting ventures for both television and film, and his appearance is widely praised in every each one. Cera is also known for his timid and floundering persona, which is why he is a prime candidate to pick up the role of Panic in a live-action Hercules.

5 Hades - Robert Downey Jr.

It would be hard to picture anyone besides the legendary James Woods take on the role of Hades, Lord of the Dead. However, Robert Downey Jr has that subtle comedic flair that would work perfectly for the Disney villain. And, while Downey is known for his leading man roles such as his take on Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, he has definitely proven he can expose a more ruthless veneer. Hades' motif is to ruin Zeus and his son Hercules so that, naturally, he can rule the world. It would be fascinating to see Downey take on the role of a villain for a refreshing change of pace.

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4 Phil - Danny Devito

This might be breaking the rules a little bit, but like most fans, it would be nearly impossible to replace Phil with another actor other. Danny Devito is the original voice of the billy goat cartoon, and there’s no reason why he should be cast for the live-action remake. Devito’s personality and tact are what made Phil such a lovable, albeit, frustrating sidekick.

3 Meg - Natalie Portman

Megara (her friends call her Meg) is the unabashed love interest to the Greek god. However, her alliances lie at the mercy of Hades, who we know is out to destroy Hercules. Despite this, Meg remains to be an independent girl who refuses to be the damsel in distress.

There’s just something about Natalie’s definitive attitude that seems like she would take on Megara’s personality effortlessly. Portman has had monumental success as an actress starring in films such as Star Wars, V For Vendetta, Black Swan, and even in romcoms such as No Strings Attached. There’s no role that this woman can’t take on, so why not add a Disney fan-favorite to the list?

2 Young Hercules - Tom Holland

While Tom Holland isn’t known for his singing roles (unless you count his Umbrella performance on  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon ), it’s still easy to picture Holland as a young Hercules. Like the young hero, Holland seems to be accident-prone (especially when it comes to Marvel secrets), but his wide-eyed ambition and humble pride coincide with the young Disney character perfectly. Who wouldn’t want to see Holland in a live-action Disney film?

1 Hercules - Chris Pratt

While it may not seem to be the obvious choice, Chris Pratt as the mighty Hercules could bring in some modern flair to this ancient tale. Pratt has that happy-go-lucky attitude that could bring a whole new depth to the Greek God. Besides his role as Star-Lord in the MCU, Pratt is set to lend his voice to another Disney film set to premiere in 2020, Onward is set in a fanatical world that follows two teen elf brothers on their quest to discover magic. Pratt will be making the film alongside his MCU co-star, Tom Holland. Maybe the two could discuss playing the role of Hercules after this animated film comes out (hint, hint).

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