New Fan Art Imagines Casey Affleck as Owlman

Casey Affleck Owlman

A piece of fan art featuring Casey Affleck as the Owlman has been doing rounds online, piquing the interest of some DC fans. The DC Extended Universe has its work cut out for Warner Bros. in the next several years with various movie projects in active development, as well as those that are currently filming. But while there have been little to almost no talks, at least officially, with regard to bringing the Owlman to the big screen thus far, followers of the publisher have let their imaginations run wild with the new image.

Casey made headlines recently regarding certain comments about his brother, Ben Affleck, who plays the current iteration of Batman in DCEU, potentially not reprising the role as the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman standalone. His statements renewed talks of Ben supposedly finding a way out of his current superhero gig that first started earlier this year. The issue seemed to have been fully addressed last month during San Diego Comic-Con when the older Affleck brother went out and addressed rumors reassuring fans that he is very much happy and content playing the iconic character. Casey's comments have since been cleared up, and now the younger Affleck finds himself thrown in the DC mix for a different, arguably much more welcome and pleasant reason.

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The image appeared in Reddit's DC Cinematic community this weekend courtesy of user,  theBatFlashHunter. It features a nifty melding of Patrick Wilson's Nite Owl costume from Watchmen with Owlman's symbol added to chest and belt of the fight suit. And although most of his head is covered with the character's cowl, Casey's face (or his mouth, anyway) has been incorporated into. You can check the artwork below to see if you can tell that's an Affleck in there:

Casey Affleck Owlman

To the uninitiated, Owlman is one of DC's most interesting villains given his tie-ins with the Batman lore. As many others from the pages of the comic books, there are various iterations of the character -- who is either Bruce Wayne or Thomas Wayne Jr. from Earth-3 and known as a member of the criminal organization known as the Crime Syndicate of America. He has several cool super abilities like mind-control (but is unknown just how he acquired this skill) and even the ability to see in the dark.

It would be interesting to see the Owlman eventually make an appearance, either in the DCEU or the DC TV series, with recent theories that Gotham  is instead an origin story of the Batman's evil counterpart instead. The show's season 3 finale may have squashed the theory but that does not necessarily mean that the antagonist won't appear in the show or any other DC property moving forward.

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Source: Reddit

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