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Daniel Radcliffe in Now You See Me 2
Daniel Radcliffe in Now You See Me 2

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) described himself as a "late, but massive fan" of Star Wars. It wasn't until 2014 that Radcliffe watched any Star Wars movies (he claimed he was too busy making some other franchise to see it as a child). But after seeing the original trilogy,

he was hooked - he even visited the set of The Force Awakens (2015) and met Harrison Ford and J. J. Abrams. His excitement in interviews about Star Wars only increased as The Force Awakens premiere grew nearer and nearer, talking about his love for the series with both Conan and Ellen.

Radcliffe told Conan that he wanted go to a midnight showing of The Force Awakens dressed in costume, perhaps as a Wookiee. For Ellen's Halloween episode, he was costumed as Boba Fett - when Ellen told him that he could keep the costume, Radcliffe could not contain his excitement, gasping and responding, "ARE YOU JOKING?"

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