Family Guy: 15 Worst Things Meg Has Ever Done

Violent rages, assault, harming animals... maybe Meg Griffin deserves the hate she gets on Family Guy after all that she's done.

Meg Griffin is, without a doubt, the most miserable member of the Griffin family. Throughout Family Guy’s sixteen seasons (so far) the pink-clad daughter of the Griffin clan has suffered near-constant abuse from the rest of her family.

She’s picked on at school and has no friends, she thinks she’s fat and ugly and talentless, and pretty much everyone agrees with her. Lois, her own mother, laughs at the idea of Meg being popular or having a boyfriend, Stewie taunts her mercilessly, Chris makes fun of her for being fat and worthless (which, given his own size and talents, seems a little hypocritical), Brian puts her down… and Peter. Peter is the worst of them all, as he physically and emotionally abuses his daughter in every other episode.

As the seasons continue, the abuse gets worse and worse, and Family Guy fans tend to feel a little bit sorry for Meg -- an awkward teenage girl who is treated like a leper by her own family.

However, should we really be feeling that bad for the cartoon teen? Over the past decade and a half, Meg has done some truly awful things -- psychotic, violent, manipulative, and often abusive things. In fact, if she wasn’t moping around making people feel sorry for her, we might see that Meg is the dark horse of the family, and she’s committed some heinous crimes over the years…

With that said, here are the 15 Worst Things Meg Has Ever Done on Family Guy.

15 Beats A Driver Up Due To Road Rage

Family Guy Meg's road rage

Meg is extremely violent in "Road To Rupert", when she becomes a chauffeur for Peter and his friends after Peter has his license revoked for reckless driving.

They drive her crazy by treating her like a servant, pouring beer on her, being loud and drunk and expecting her to get up in the middle of the night to drive them home from the bar, and generally behaving exactly how we would expect Peter to behave toward Meg.

She puts up with it until one night, when she gets into a minor fender bender with another driver after slamming on the brakes. He comes up to yell at her for braking without warning, and Meg flips out. She punches him in the face, then gets out of the car and beats him to a pulp on the ground before he crawls back into his car where his kid is waiting.

14 Had Bonnie Arrested  (To Steal Joe)

Meg Family Guy obsessed with Joe

Over the years, Meg has had a lot of deeply obsessive crushes on different people, including her neighbor Joe. In "The Hand That Rocks The Wheelchair", Meg is landed with the job of helping take care of Joe and baby Susie while Bonnie is out of town -- and after Joe shows her the slightest kindness, she becomes obsessed.

She starts to think of herself as his wife, dresses in Bonnie’s clothes, and even ends up breastfeeding Susie. As if that’s not enough, she throws herself in front of a car to try and become handicapped like Joe as the creepy cherry on top of her obsessive sundae.

She has the time to do all this, of course, because she followed Bonnie and hid a gun in her luggage, so that she would be arrested at the airport and not be able to come home. That’s right, Meg sent an innocent mother to jail to try and forced her husband to love her.

13 Put Peter’s Sister In A Coma

Family Guy Peter's Sister Meg as a wrestler

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the least terrible things that Meg has ever done on the show, because it’s never confirmed if Peter’s sister survives. In "Peter’s Sister", a letter arrives from the estranged Karen, who ends up coming to Quahog to visit.

As a pro-wrestler (named Heavy Flow, because Family Guy), Karen is a bully who constantly puts Peter down, causing him to take to the ring himself, disguised as another female wrestler. Karen, who knows who Peter is, proceeds to beat the daylights out of her brother until Meg leaps into the ring, also dressed as a wrestler.

Meg then takes down Karen with a chair, battering her to a pulp. Later, we hear that Karen is in a coma, and they don’t know if she’ll pull through, and that Meg was meant to use a prop chair, not a real one.

If the defense of her father seems like a decent reason for this, remember that it was heavily implied that she killed her own sister earlier in the series.

12 Used Her Zits As Weapons

Meg Griffin popping a zit Family Guy

Before Meg’s violent streak really gets going, she fights a new kid at school in "A Fistful of Meg"… and uses her zits as a weapon. After accidentally spilling her lunch on tough guy Mike, he challenges her to a fight, and she would do almost anything to get out of it.

She even tries to hire jocks to beat him up for her (another lovely move, in an episode full of Meg being a horrible person), but nothing works. Eventually, with the help of Quagmire, she learns to use her body to her advantage -- but of course, Meg has no physical skills, she’s just hideously ugly (according to the show).

As well as using her boobs to literally melt her opponent, she squeezes a zit onto his face, making him vomit. It’s not the only time that Meg’s zits are a disgusting punchline, either -- they’re a recurring theme in the series.

11 Made An Illicit Tape With Hot Dogs

Disgusting as it is, her zit-popping, face-melting fury isn’t even her worst moment in "A Fistful Of Meg". Before she learns to "fight", and is still trying to get out of her after-school battle, she decides that it would be easier just to get herself expelled.

In an attempt to do just that, she makes a tape of herself and uploads it to the internet (which fails, because no one watches it). On it’s own, that’s not too bad -- the desperate act of a young, frightened, girl.

The worst part is that she couldn’t find anyone to make the tape with her (for obvious reasons), so rather than just aiming for a normal self-love moment on video, we see the opening frame is her with a plate of hot dogs. Not just one. An entire plate… which brings up all kinds of questions that we are not going to speculate on.

10 Screamed At Her Whole Family

Meg makes Lois cry Family Guy

Ok, so maybe they had this one coming, but it still doesn’t make Meg’s outburst in "Seahorse Seashell Party" any less brutal. Sick and tired of the constant abuse from her family, Meg snaps, and absolutely lets loose on everyone in the room, saying some truly horrible things.

She calls Chris a bastard, she calls Lois a w**re and an addict and tells her that she plans to cut her out of her life when she is eighteen. She breaks down Peter’s faults in a monologue that includes calling him fat, lazy, abusive, and a "waste of a man".

She leaves only when both of her parents are in tears, and shows no remorse for what she said… until the end of the episode, when the family is falling apart without her to use as whipping boy.

9 Used Suicide And Self Harm As A Threat

Meg Griffin and Lisa Simpson

Meg’s issues extend to suicidal thoughts and self-harm, which would be truly sad if it weren’t for the fact that she uses these behaviors to try and manipulate everyone around her. She uses cutting to try and get people to do things, or to make them feel obligated to be friends with her.

She even threatens to kill herself when no-one will take her to a high school dance, leading to Brian taking her because he can’t bear the thought of being responsible for her suicide (reasonably enough).

When she meets Lisa, she shows her where she has cut her name into her arm "to remember her," and she flings around threats of suicide on a regular basis (which occasionally seems to be Meg-speak for "I’m upset right now"). It’s manipulative and violent… and that just fits in with the rest of her character.

8 Made Casual Inappropriate References About Her Family

Meg makes out with Chris Family Guy

Let’s face it, Family Guy doesn’t shy away from joking about families that are inappropriately close in its quest to be as appalling as possible. Meg, however, seems to make more comments about her family being too close for comfort than anyone else, even if she plays them off as jokes.

In "Model Misbehavior", Lois becomes a fashion model and Peter is enthusiastic about the idea of "pleasuring himself" to her photos. Disturbingly, though, Meg says “me too," leading to Peter kicking her out of the house for saying that she would masturbate over her own mother.

In another episode, "Big Man On Hippocampus", Peter develops amnesia and says that he would enjoy having sex with members of the family other than Lois, and Lois tells him that he can’t, because they are his kids. Meg responds “I wish you’d told him that before!” Once more, she plays it off as a joke, but then again, she also made out with her brother on Halloween...

7 Demanded To Be Assaulted

Meg held by burglars in Family Guy

In "Untitled Griffin Family History", a joke about how hideous Meg is also ends up showing her total lack of sexual boundaries and tendency toward obsessive and self-destructive behavior.

The episode starts with a trio of burglars breaking into the Griffin family home, and while the rest of the family is in the panic room (who knew the Griffins had a panic room?), Meg is caught and is tied up by the robbers. Then, in a phenomenally disturbing moment, she asks them to violate her.

Saying that she won’t scream or struggle, she all but begs them to do it, and then gets furious when they refuse. She tries to get violent, shouting at them to tell her that she is "pretty" -- so much so that, at the end of the episode, Meg is led off to the police station where the criminals are pressing sexual harassment charges against her.

Joe even describes her as a "sexual predator" -- an accurate observation.

6 Pretended To Be Gay To Deceive A Lesbian Into A Relationship

Meg Griffin pretends to be gay in Family Guy

Some more inappropriate behavior happens in "Brian Sings And Swings", where Meg tries to make friends in an absolutely terrible way: by pretending to be gay so that she can be included in her school’s Gay and Lesbian Alliance group.

At first, it’s an honest mistake, and she just thinks that they are trying to be her friends, but when she realizes what the group is, she chooses to pretend to be a minority at the school so that she can keep hanging out with them.

She even ends up faking a relationship with a girl, Sarah, and even begins to undress her before admitting that it’s all a big fat lie. As well as being a terrible thing to do on multiple levels, it goes a long way to explaining why she doesn’t have friends if this is how she treats them…

5 Tried To Force Brian To Convert

Meg converts Brian in Family Guy

In "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven", Meg experiences a religious conversion, and on realizing that Brian is an atheist, makes it her mission to convert him.

If she limited herself to pamphlets and praying for his soul, that would be one thing. However, Meg being Meg, she becomes obsessive and almost violent, finding ways to " expose" his quiet atheism and turn the entire town against him.

Soon, Brian can’t even go outside and is forced to pretend to convert in order to be left alone, but even that isn’t enough for Meg. She tries to make him burn all the great works of literature, calling them "blasphemous" and knowing that this would be something that would destroy him.

He refuses, and snaps her out of her religious mania. However, this still feels like a way for Meg to hurt Brian, rather than her trying to help him.

4 Harmed Helpless Animals

Lois and Meg on Family Guy

Just in case we’ve come this far and you still have any kind of sympathy for Meg, here’s a reminder that she's not as innocent as you might think: she admits to murdering small helpless animals on more than one occasion. You know, the way that young serial killers often do.

In one episode ("Friends Without Benefits"), she reveals that she taught Chris how to poison squirrels on a family vacation, which means that there was no reason to do it (they weren’t infesting the home, for example).

She just felt thought that poisoning squirrels was a cute, sibling-bonding experience. Then, in "April in Quahog", it’s implied that she harms cats (again, basically for fun), something that is repeated in "The Simpsons Guy", when she tells Lisa that she beats up cats when she is upset, prompting Lisa to hide her pet.

3 Beat And Psychologically Tortured Her Family

Meg Griffin after prison in Family Guy

"Dial Meg For Murder" is a prime example of all of Meg’s worst traits, unleashed upon her unsuspecting family. The episode starts with Meg falling in love with a convict, who then escapes from prison and hides at the Griffin home.

When Meg is caught hiding him, she is sent to jail herself -- a place where all those violent, sexual impulses are brought out of her. Back home after the experience, Meg becomes her worst self.

She holds up Goldman’s, she curb-stomps Peter and violates him in the shower with a loofah, uses Lois’s clothes as toilet paper, knocks Connie out with a bag of soda cans for making fun of her, forcibly tongue-kisses her in front of the school to show dominance… in short, she gives in to all the impulses that we knew she had inside from all the other episodes of violent and predatory behavior.

2 Roofied Her Brother To Force Him To Do Things With Her Crush

Meg Griffin Family Guy Roofies Chris

At least, she attempted to roofie Chris, but chickened out at the last second. In "Friends Without Benefits", Meg falls for a new kid at school, but quickly learns that he is gay, and actually more interested in Chris than he is in her.

Rather than simply accepting this and moving on, Meg goes full Meg, and decides that the thing to do is try and force Chris into sleeping with Ken so that she can live vicariously through him. When Chris won’t accept money to do it, she goes to Quagmire for roofies, and tells Ken that Chris wants to see him but will already be in bed, asleep.

Although she changes her mind and ends up pouring the roofie-laced Kool-aid into a potted plant, she doesn’t tell Ken that the ‘date’ is off, leaving him to slip into Chris’s bed that night. So not only did she set up her brother to be raped, she set up her crush to be an unwitting rapist. Good job, Meg.

1 Kidnapped And Assaulted Brian

Meg Griffin rapes Brian Family Guy

Of course, pretty much everything else pales in comparison to Meg’s behavior in "Barely Legal’". In this episode, Meg is miserable about having no date to a school dance, so (after she threatens suicide), Brian agrees to go with her, and gets hammered to deal with it.

He drunkenly kisses her, and although he immediately tells her that it was a mistake, Meg becomes (you guessed it) obsessed with him. She makes increasingly sexual advances that freak Brian out, but the rest of the family ignores it until she knocks him out and kidnaps him.

She ties him to a chair in a 'romantic' candlelit hotel room, then strips down and starts to straddle him and tell him that they are going to have ‘some good old fashioned fun’ that night. It’s creepy and horrifying enough that she literally kidnaps someone and plans to rape them after a single kiss, but this one also includes elements of incest (as Brian is a member of the family, in his own way) and bestiality. Peak Meg, right here.

Maybe this is why her family hates her…


Can you think of any other awful things Meg has done on Family Guy? Let us know in the comments!

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