5 Things Family Guy Does Better Than The Simpsons (& Vice Versa)

Some rivalries will last forever. And no matter how many people are on each side, or how strongly they feel about their personal preference, they simply won't be resolved. In many cases, that's part of what makes certain things even more enjoyable. Television is a particularly good small universe to make way for such rivalries to begin in the first place. With so many shows with similar premises, characters, or storylines, it would be virtually impossible for them not to exist.

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Family Guy and The Simpsons are two hilarious TV shows that have been going on for a while. Some fans are happy to say they enjoy both, while others will fiercely defend the one they like best. The truth is, both series have areas where they lack and areas where they succeed. In an attempt to bridge the gap between the divide, let's take a look at five things Family Guy does better than The Simpsons, and vice versa.

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10 Family Guy: It's Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

Both Family Guy and The Simpsons are comedies. And while they both do a pretty good job of cheering up anyone who stumbles upon one of the many episodes each show has to offer, the humor that is so characteristic of Family Guy makes it a lot easier to laugh out loud.

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This show does go a lot further in using physical and raw comedy to make audiences cry with laughter, something that is far from being true for The Simpsons. This is simply a byproduct of the kind of comedy that each show gives to the fans (more on that later). But the truth is that Family Guy's style is quicker to bring a genuine smile to your face.

9 The Simpsons: It Has Better Guest Stars

Lady Gaga in The Simpsons episode Lisa Goes Gaga

Anyone who's anyone has had a cameo on The Simpsons. Even though throughout the years Family Guy has also presented us with some pretty awesome guest stars, it simply can't compete with the report card of its rival show. The Simpsons is such an iconic show that many celebrities actually feel like it's an honor for them to be featured on the series, not the other way around.

From Gald Gadot to Cristiano Ronaldo, from Danny DeVito, the list of celebrities to make an appearance on The Simpsons reads like an award ceremony guest list. And the show also does a stellar job of keeping track of the hottest celebs of the moment and making sure they are able to let them have a moment in the sun. Not an easy feat!

8 Family Guy: It Gets Better With Age

As amazing as The Simpsons is, we do have to remember that the show has been on the air since 1989. That translates into over 30 seasons, and nearly 700 episodes thus far. And even though the show has managed to stay relevant, many people start to feel that it becomes quite repetitive and boring, not keeping up with the quality it once possessed.

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Family Guy, on the other hand, seems to only get better with age. That's probably due to a combination of factors, mostly of how audiences perceive such an edgy show, but whatever it is they did, it seems to work. The quality hasn't gone downhill with the passing of the ages. On the contrary, it's been improving exponentially.

7 The Simpsons: It Has More Refined Humor

As we've mentioned before, Family Guy is a lot quicker to get laughter out of the audiences that The Simpsons. A more thorough analysis is enough to make anyone understand that the latter simply has a completely different style of comedy that the former, one that tends to be a lot more sophisticated and refined.

Family Guy has absolutely no problem going for the jugular and, oftentimes, the raunchier path to making comedy... which is, let's face it, the easiest. The jokes present in The Simpsons are a lot more subliminal, and they don't always make sense at first. But when they do, we can fully appreciate them for their complexity, as opposed to instantly laughing because someone farted very loud.

6 Family Guy: It's More Unpredictable

Family Guy Stewie and Brian in Jail

After hitting the fifteenth season mark, any show would have trouble coming up with new, fresh material. The Simpsons are now in the way to their 32nd season, and even though they still managed to stay relevant and beloved by thousands of people all over the world, they did lose their edge a little bit.

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Family Guy, on the other hand, already had plenty of edge to begin with. The two shows have often been compared over the years, but they differ in several key points. It's true that Family Guy's raunchier humor makes for a very one-note type of comedy, but on the other hand, it also opens doors to offer more unpredictable storylines that keep things interesting.

5 The Simpsons: It Has Better Characters

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Both shows have a repertoire of absolutely incredible characters, and no one can possibly deny that. Family Guy has the unforgettable Stewie, Brian, Peter, and an assortment of other characters in the supporting cast that are simply fascinating. However, The Simpsons has done something with its characters that Family Guy has always failed to accomplish.

From the big fish including every single member of the Simpson family to smallest characters to ever be on the show, The Simpson has put incredible focus in developing three-dimensional characters that end up being a lot more memorable because they are so beautifully layered. With Family Guy's main focus on delivering harsh punchlines, the character development always seems to take a backseat.

4 Family Guy: It's Less Childish

If people had a choice between watching The Simpsons or Family Guy with their kids, they would probably choose the first option. This is because the initial point of the show was to create something that entire families could watch together, hence the more sophisticated humor that would entertain the parents, and the overall entertaining aspect that would delight the children.

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However, at times, this choice seems to turn The Simpsons into something a lot more childish than Family Guy. This is a raw, no filter needed type of show, something that you probably wouldn't allow anyone below the age of thirteen to watch. In the end, The Simpsons does lack a lot in that aspect. Because if you're craving something for adults, you'll reach for Family Guy.

3 The Simpsons: It Has The Best Catchphrases

You can't be a show that's been a constant presence in households across the world for decades without coming up with a series of catchphrases. That's one of the best ways to guarantee everyone forgets you exist and cease to be relevant. Both shows are pretty on point with this, and Family Guy is particularly good with its pop culture references.

But no other animated television show can even hope to compete with The Simpsons when it comes to the most iconic catchphrases. Very few people out there will have trouble recognizing "D'oh" or "Ay Caramba!" simply because they are pretty much part of everyone's vocabulary. And that's a great testament to how memorable you are as a show.

2 Family Guy: It Takes More Risks

In its path to stay true to its essence, The Simpsons oftentimes seem to have stagnated. When you begin a show with a certain premise, and then carry out with the same style for the rest of its run, you miss several opportunities to innovate and move forward. Family Guy has managed to escape this curse by never playing it safe, to begin with.

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You can hardly think of another show that consistently breaks the rules and takes things to such extremes the same way Family Guy does. This has often raised a lot of criticism, but it hasn't stopped the show from doing it time and time again. It will make you laugh at the most horrible things... but in the end, that's the formula that made it rise to the top.

1 The Simpsons: It Tackles More Complex Subjects

Family Guy might take more risks with sensitive topics, but The Simpsons do something that is arguably even better. Instead of taking the most horrible things that happen in society and using it as a punchline, it instead tackles complex subjects in a more mature and relevant way, that actually teaches the audience something.

While Family Guy usually throws an offensive joke and then walks away, The Simpsons opt for being more insightful with the subjects their critiquing. From homophobia to immigration and corruption in politics, there is nothing relevant the show will stay away from. The laughs may be further apart, but they are always accompanied by deeper feelings.

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