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Adam West in Family Guy

Family Guy has released a funny compilation video tribute to its late voice cast member Adam West. The entertainment world was saddened by the loss last month of West, who passed on June 9 at the age of 88. Of course, West's most famous role was that of Bruce Wayne/Batman on the iconic 1960s television series Batman, which ran from 1966-1968, but lived on through syndication. And while West made a name for himself in the live-action realm playing the Caped Crusader, animated fans came to love him as the voice of Mayor Adam West in creator Seth MacFarlane's hilarious TV comedy Family Guy beginning in season 2 in 2000 in the episode Fifteen Minutes of Shame.

West, of course, became a mainstay on the show over the years, appearing in 111 episodes in all before his passing. As a tribute, Family Guy on Monday released a compilation online of his funniest moments in a video simply titled: 'In loving memory of Adam West'.

The compilation of Quahog's mayor features West from several different episodes on the show, starting with an introduction where the politician bumbles after an introduction saying "thank you" multiple times. West is also featured many different times poking fun at his character and essentially himself, showing his wonderful gift of self-deprecating humor. Other times, different cast members were the target of his humor, including a time when he pulled out to shoot a pizza delivery man with his "catch launcher" after he discovered a piece of his delivered pizza was missing.

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Adam West in Family Guy

The video also features West as Mayor West in the guise of famous characters, like Grand Moff Tarkin opposite Lois' Princess Leia and Stewie's Darth Vader in a send up of the Death Star scene from Star Wars. Naturally, other Family Guy favorites are featured along with West in scenes about the clueless Mayor, including Brian and Peter, Meg and Chris.

The last scene in the video features West's appearance as Batman, showing off how he pulled off his building climbing scenes in the TV show. Wrapping up the clip is a tribute that says, "We'll Miss You Dearly. Quahog couldn't have had a better mayor. We couldn't have had a better friend," along with a brief clip of Mayor Adam West in live-action form.

Thanks to his wonderfully wry sense of humor, MacFarlane is right: he couldn't have asked for a better mayor on his show than West. Signing the actor to play the mayor for all these years was a genius move, not only for the actor's inherent marketability as the actor who brought a cultural icon to life with Batman, but mostly because West was an incredibly talented actor: and his gift shows in the tribute reel. Fortunately for fans there is a bit more of West's gift of humor to enjoy, since he recorded material for five upcoming Family Guy episodes before his death. Those episodes will air when season 16 of the series gets underway again in the fall.

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