Family Guy: 20 Crazy Things About Stewie Griffin Only Super Fans Knew About

Since January 31st, 1999, Family Guy has ripped into every headline, destroyed every celebrity, and broke every rule of network television and was even cancelled twice. But it continues to remain a staple of the Fox network and will return for a 18th season at the end of this year.

Even after all these years, Family Guy can still bring in enough viewers to justify renewing it for another season. They have also announced, last August, that a feature film is in the works. But they have teased the fans before, first in 2007 and again in 2012, but each time something came up and the project was put on hold. Regardless, the show's success is something to admire.

One of the main characters of the show, and the person responsible for its continued success is a one-year old baby named Stewie Griffin. He has carried the show on his back for many seasons now and has helped keep it afloat much longer than anyone ever imagined.

Stewie is just a baby but he has a British accent and the highest IQ on the show. He is a genius mastermind that spent the first six seasons dedicated to eliminating his mother, Lois. He has evolved each season, becoming a stronger, more mature person even though he has not aged in 20 years.

As the most popular character on Family Guy, Stewie has many fans from all over the world that know way too much about him. These super fans claim to know everything, but do they know these 20 interestingly crazy things about him too?

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20 He Has Been Married, And Divorced

During the seventh episode of Family Guy's fifth season ("Chick Cancer",) Stewie is reunited with an old friend, Olivia Fuller, who had returned to Quahog after her Hollywood career had come crashing down and she was heading towards the end of it.

After spending time together, they both realized that they wanted to get married and Rupert officiated the ceremony. But their relationship just got worse from there and they would fight constantly. Stewie would eventually leave their playhouse before being convinced to return home by Brian. When he returned, Stewie walks in on Olivia playing with silly putty with another man, Victor.

That was the final straw and Stewie left them both inside the playhouse. He then proceeds to set it on fire, with them inside.

19 He Has Held 17 Jobs, At Least

For a one-year old baby, Stewie has had more jobs than a majority of the people who watch the show have ever had, combined. He has done whatever is needed to finish off the punchline of a joke dating back to when he was a Calvin Klein model, diver, factory worker, McBurgertown employee, cast member of Jolly Farm, Chef at Big Pete's House of Munch, pilot, publicist, psychiatrist, soldier, paper boy, Santa Claus, and a dozen others.

We lost count after we got to 17 because, frankly, the number could climb to double that by the time we finish scouring all the episodes (Or using Google.)

One of the funniest, and most unrealistic jobs he held was following fat people around while playing a tuba. That cutaway scene is still as funny today as it was when it originally aired several years ago.

18 He Destroyed Rupert Twice

Because of his intelligence, Stewie does not have many other friends. He finds himself always getting bored with regular kids and, other than Brian, really only has one friend, Rupert, his stuffed animal bear.

When going through a difficult time, most people end up talking to themselves to figure it out. There is nothing wrong with it and it does not make you crazy. It is perfectly normal to do that. For Stewie, instead of talking to himself, he has Rupert.

Since Rupert has been around from the start of the show, he has gotten destroyed several times, but only two times by Stewie alone. Once when Stewie had a Santa Claus-themed nightmare and again when he chooses to shoot him in the head instead of perishing from looking at the cover of a Queen album.

17 He Is A Super Fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Stewie enjoys many television shows over the years but one of them has always stood out above the others, Star Trek: The Next Generation, thanks to the show's constant references and mentions of it. We do not find out about Stewie's love for the show until season seven when Quahog hosts a Star Trek convention featuring all of the characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

When he attends the Q&A, Stewie fails to get a chance to ask them any of his questions so he goes on to build an authentic Star Trek transporter, which he then uses to beam the entire cast over so he can ask them whatever he wants. He then gets to spend the whole day with them until their constant complaining forces Stewie to beam them back.

16 He Shoved Mother Teresa Out His Car

One of the things that has kept Family Guy around for all these years is their constant cutaway sequences which always help deliver their jokes. It is one thing to imagine something that was just said on the show but they give you a chance to see what it would look like and help you understand the joke as it was intended.

One of the most memorable cutaway's featuring Stewie happened after Lois was forced to spank him. The shock of that moment left Stewie scared out of his mind that she would return to do it again. A scared Stewie cutaway to a scene of him pushing Mother Teresa out of his car.

15 He Is A Distant Relative to Leonardo Da Vinci

Family Guy has many redeeming qualities and fans continue to enjoy the show nearly twenty years after its' premier back in 1999. One of the many is how ridiculous an episode can get as it starts to unravel. One of the best examples of this was in season nine with the 16th episode titled, "The Big Bang Theory."

This episode starts off with Stewie and Brian trying to one-up one another until Stewie decides to take it too far and travels back in time to get the better of Brian but instead ends up creating the Big Bang instead. He then runs into Bertram, who steals the time machine by going back in time to destroy Stewie from every being born, causing a...

Do you see now how ridiculous these episodes can get?

14 He Has Created, At Least, 26 Inventions

Unless we were to sit down and research all 320+ episodes of Family Guy, there is no official number to list for the number of inventions Stewie Griffin has created over the show's 17 seasons. That's because he has created so many of them.

The first episode gives us a glimpse of what Stewie can do by showing us his Mind Control Device and a Laser Gun disguised as a sandwich that he himself built. He then creates a Weather Device he planned on using to destroy all the broccoli in the world and a Time Machine, which he uses multiple times on the show.

13 His Favorite Food Dish Is Special

Although his IQ is off the charts and he has the intelligence to build time machines and human mind control devices, Stewie is still just a one-year old baby that loves the same things any other baby would enjoy.

One of the few things he shares with actual one-year old babies is his favorite meal. His idea of the perfect meal would be cut green beans, Atkins friendly potato sticks arranged in order of size, from large to small, and a Scooby-Doo yogurt with Shaggy's eyes scratched out.

He reveals this during the show's very first episode and makes a couple of references to it later on.

12 He Spotted The Two-Headed Stewie Making Out With Himself

Of all the 300+ episodes of Family Guy, there is still one that continues to remain at the top of everyone's list of favorites. The episode we are talking about was the premiere episode of season eight called "Road to the Multiverse" and it was quite the adventure. That episode introduced us to the "Multiverse" theory which allows Stewie and Brian to travel between alternate universes using a simple remote control.

During one of the many different alternate realities that they come across, is the Universe of two-headed people. In this version of the world, everyone is born with two heads, including Stewie, whom the two travelers end up find sitting in a corner, making out with himself.

11 He Is Responsible for Over 75 Musical Numbers

Family Guy is not just an animated sitcom, it's an entertainment experience that has created some of the funniest, original musical numbers ever on television thanks to the talents of Seth MacFarlane and his ability to sing.

Some of the most famous songs are "Christmastime is Killing Us", "Thank the Whites", "Gotta Give Up the Toad", and "The FCC Song." All of these songs earned national media attention for the words that they were allowed use and the content that each of the songs talked about.

Stewie has been a main character in almost all of these song and dance numbers because his voice carries the most weight behind Peter's.

10 He Was Born With A Normal Sized Head

For almost three seasons, fans had several questions about the show, mostly involving Stewie Griffin. For one, where does he get that British accent from, after all, he is a baby in Rhode Island born to two Americans. Not only does he talk but he has an unexplained accent, at the time.

Another mystery was the shape of his head. He was the only character on the show whose head was shaped like a football instead of being normal, and round. There just had to be some kind of explanation as to why someone would have a head shaped like his, right?

During the 19th episode in season three, we finally get the answer when they show us a cutaway scene of Stewie jumping on the bed. He has a normal sized head until he accidentally jumps too high and smashes the size of his head down to what we know.

9 He Once Played Darth Vader

Of the many different nerdy things that Family Guy does, covering Star Wars has to be at the top of the list. It was so important to the creators, and popular, that they eventually decided to make a parody of each of the original Star Wars films, with each film getting its own episode (Blue Harvest, Something, Something, Something, Dark Side, and It's A Trap!.)

For each of the three parodies, the Family Guy characters each portrayed the same Star Wars characters including Stewie who was the perfect person to play Darth Vader. He already had an evil side that would hurt without remorse but he spent the first few years on the show trying to conquer the world.

8 He Accidentally Created An Evil Stewie

In the season nine episode, "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair," Stewie ends up failing at creating a clone of himself and turns out to mistakenly make an evil Stewie. He created him as an attempt to become more evil. But this version of Stewie is far more evil than even the original could ever imagine.

After a series of diabolical events, the two Stewies end up entangled in a fight that ends up getting broken up by Brian, who puts a gun at the two Stewies confused at which one to shoot. He asks them to look at their feet and then shoots the one confused by the question. Thinking he made the right call, they both walk off into the sunset.

But then Stewie turns to the camera and reveals the dark yellow eyes from Evil Stewie.

7 The Original Stewie Was Much Darker

During Family Guy's first season, Stewie was much darker than he is today. He was fully focused on destroying Lois and did not have time for anything else. His character remained this way for a couple of seasons before they decided to lighten him up a little.

Maybe it was the cancellation by Fox that motivated them to turn him into a more approachable character. Or maybe they just found out that because of his popularity, it would be much wiser to make him the center of the show instead of just being an angry baby devising ways to hurt his mother.

6 His First Words Were Perfect

The first time we are introduced to Stewie, he is sitting in his high chair, working on one of his latest inventions. This one was a mind control device that he was nearly finished making when Lois interrupted him and took it away, as if it was a baby's toy.

To this, he replies, "You vile woman! You've impeded my work since the day I escaped from your wretched womb."

Maybe those were his second words, his first ones were said just prior to this but were far less important and was more about him talking to himself, not to another person.

5 Peter Might Not Be His Real Father

If you haven't seen Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, you are missing a big part of the series. This was not originally planned to air on television and was a direct-to-DVD film that came out in 2005. However, about a year later, it was cut into three episodes and was part of the show's season finale. Although it was cut down for television and was missing a few scenes, the main plot was preserved.

The plot centered around Brian and Stewie going to San Francisco in search for Stewie's real father, who they both saw while watching television and seeing a man doing an interview that looked and sounded exactly like Stewie. He was even proud not to have Peter as a father.

But the man is not his father and is actually Stewie, 30 years into the future.

4 He Has Appeared In All But Two Episodes

Since Family Guy is an animated sitcom focused around the Griffin family, it comes as no surprise that most of the main characters have all been in most every single episode. But none of them have been all of them. Not even Stewie.

For nearly 20 years, we have watched over 300 episodes of Family Guy and have never realized that there have been episodes where a certain main character was not in it. Stewie seems to be in every episode but after researching, he was not in "Welcome Back, Carter" and "Candy Quahog Marshmallow!"

3 His British Accent Isn't Real

This wild detail came to life not that long ago during the 12th episode of season 16 when he was forced to speak to a child psychiatrist, Dr. Cornelius Pritchfield (Sir Ian McKellen,) after getting into trouble in school for shoving a classmate.

During the episode, which focuses on Stewie's latest revelation, we find out that his British accent was something he created as part of this persona he has been using to protect himself from the rest of the world. He then reveals that his real voice is basically Seth MacFarlane's voice but with a tiny higher pitch tone, almost like a nerd from any '80s teen comedy.

2 He Is Only Understood By Other Characters When It Is Funniest

Besides Brian, every other character on Family Guy does not have the ability to understand what Stewie is saying, that is, unless it is funny. At least, that's what Seth MacFarlane pointed out during his appearance at the 2011 Comic-Con. It was the first time anyone from the show addressed the question about who can or cannot hear the baby.

After Seth explained that, "It's whatever's funny at the time," at the 2011 Comic Con, he went on to also mention that the main family can also understand him but tend to ignore him since he is just a baby.

Even with the backlash that this has caused over the years, the show is still just an animated series meant to entertain us each week. So what if some people can hear Stewie at certain times and others cannot, it's funny.

1 He Is Still Just A Baby

As designed, the characters on Family Guy do not age and that includes Stewie, who was one-years-old in the show's premiere episode and is still just one-years old 20 years later. The only time any character seems to age, it involves older ones or Meg and Chris, who end up going into the next grade at school without even mentioning their age.

But because it is an animated sitcom, and Seth MacFarlane has created a show focused on relevant humor and countless cutaways, viewers do not expect these characters to age. For Stewie, it would be incredibly awkward to have him grow up because of his antics.

How would he get away with most of the things he does if he was old enough to understand them?

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