Watch 9 Minutes of Family Guy's Return of the Jedi Spoof 'It's A Trap!'

Family Guy Star Wars Return of the Jedi It's A Trap

Family Guy closes out its successful series of Star Wars parodies today with the DVD & Blu-Ray release of It's A Trap! - a Return of the Jedi send-up that once again transforms the cartoon's cast into the iconic characters from George Lucas' legendary trilogy.

Last month we got a look at two trailers for It's A Trap! - the first appeared to be a somewhat faithful recreation of Jedi's original trailer and the second was more focused on Family Guy's familiar (and often polarizing) sense of humor. What I took away from those sneak peeks was that if you enjoyed Blue Harvest and Something, Something, Something, Dark Side, then you were probably going to enjoy this latest installment.

If you're still on the fence about It's A Trap!, maybe the nine minutes of footage that MTV was lucky enough to get its hands on will help you make up your mind. The first clip looks like an abbreviated version of the film's opening moments, including the title crawl, Vader landing in the docking bay, and C3p0 & R2D2 arriving at Jabba's palace. I'd include a spoiler warning, but I'm not sure it's even possible that there's anyone reading this who isn't familiar with Return of the Jedi.

Check out the clip below:

The second clip plays out more like a montage of Family Guy's take on several of Return of the Jedi's seminal moments - such as Luke standing above the sarlacc pit, the Battle of Endor, and the final confrontation with the Emperor. There's a lot of amusing stuff here, but I think my favorite bit might be Peter trying to sneak up on the Stormtrooper:

Family Guy is notorious for its off-color subject matter and juvenile humor, but for me the show's best moments typically don't arise when it sets out to put a stranglehold on a controversial topic or figure. Instead, it seems to work especially well when the creators are poking fun at something that they clearly have a genuine admiration and respect for. The results - even when they cross the line - feel playful rather than mean-spirited.

I think that's why these spoofs have been so successful. They're not skewering Star Wars - they're just having some fun with it. Some of my favorite moments from the previous two parodies are when they acknowledge plot holes or the dubious logic of the characters. It's as if they're saying "Hey, we know this is all pretty silly, but we love it anyways." And that's probably why mastermind Seth MacFarlane has no interest in satirizing the prequels - it wouldn't come with that same sense of adoration.

Some might accuse Family Guy of making a cash grab, but I don't think any of this would work if they weren't legitimate fans with an impeccable knowledge of the source material.

It's A Trap! is in stores now on DVD and Blu-ray.

Source: MTV Movies Blog.

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