Family Guy Season 17 Features Donald Trump & Fake News Episode

Season 17 of the animated series Family Guy will see the Griffin family moving from Quahog to Washington D.C., after Peter Griffin is hired as President Donald Trump's new Press Secretary. Peter will apparently be hand-picked by President Trump himself, after showing an amazing capacity for blatantly lying under pressure. The upcoming episode was one of several announced during the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

First airing in 1999, Family Guy has gone on to become one of the most popular and controversial animated series of all time. This is due in-part to the show's reliance on over-the-top gross-out humor, and edgy political comedy in the same vein as the classic sitcom All In The Family. The new season of the long-running comedy will be cut from the same cloth, with the Griffins' teenage daughter Meg planned to have an "unfortunate encounter" with President Trump. The episode will apparently end with Peter and "The Donald" engaged in an "epic battle", quite likely in the same style as Peter's on-going fist fights with a man-sized rooster.

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EW reported on the panel, while FOX released a sizzle reel showing some of the footage from the new season. The short video, which can be viewed above, does not show any footage from the upcoming Trump-themed episode. It does, however, show a number of jokes that were discussed during the panel, including segments poking fun at rapper Kanye West, the show Stranger Things, and the various stand-up specials on Netflix.

Family Guy Season 17

The panel also revealed another big, yet bittersweet change for the coming seasonThe local high school in Quahog, which has been James Woods High (named in honor of the actor, who was born in Rhode Island) since the show first premiered will see its name changed to Adam West High. This change will be enacted in honor of the recently deceased Batman actor, who became almost as famous for voicing the Mayor of Quahog on Family Guy in his later years as he was for playing The Caped Crusader. This will also kick off a campaign battle between long-time rivals Glenn Quagmire and Brian Griffin for the now-open mayor's seat.

These grand reveals from Comic-Con promise more of the same material that has made Family Guy an American institution. While the show has earned numerous condemnations for its content over the years, it has also earned multiple Emmy Awards for its writing and satirical songs. Love it or hate it, it seems that Family Guy will not be changing its wild ways any time soon.

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Family Guy season 17 premieres September 30 on FOX.

Sources: FOX, EW

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