Family Guy: The Twisted Evolution Of Peter Griffin's Look

The evolution of Peter Griffin throughout the 17 season run of Family Guy has seen his look change on several occasions. Seth MacFarlane created Family Guy 2o years ago and has seen the show become one of the most popular animated series on network television. With Peter at the center, Family Guy follows the the daily lives of the Griffin family.

Although it can sometimes be difficult to tell, MacFarlane and the entire Family Guy team have repeatedly made changes to the way Peter looks or is shown in the series. This is rare for animation, as most shows keep the main characters looking the same to make production a bit easier, but Peter has not been that lucky. His appearance has changed several times over the years, but if you haven't been following along for every episode, then you may not know it.

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In Screen Rant's latest video, we break down the complete evolution of Peter Griffin's look in Family Guy. The journey begins all the way back with an unaired pilot that MacFarlane had to show the executives at Fox. This iteration of Peter had slightly longer sideburns and thicker glasses (and Lois' blonde look shows just how much changed overall). He is usually seen with his button-down white shirt and green pants, but Peter's look has changed more than once for the story that Family Guy is telling. See the complete evolution in the video featured at the top of this post.

Peter Griffin on Family Guy

One of the different ways audiences got to see Peter was actually during an episode of South Park, where the show put their own spin on his design. This was just a one time instance though, as was the frontal (but censored) look at Peter that has happened before on Family Guy. Beyond this, the show has seen Peter with a giant mustache and the side of his face paralyzed, while the multiverse has turned him into a dog and revealed his claymation form.

Beyond the occasional hair cut, shirt change, or weight loss though, Family Guy has also used the animated medium to transform Peter into some of the most recognizable characters in pop culture. He's played Han Solo in the show's Star Wars specials and even became Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a Gollum-like creature before. Between him dressing up like Ronald McDonald to take part in Pulp Fiction or actually becoming Deadpool, there is almost no one that Peter can't become. With more seasons of Family Guy on the way, it will be fun to see how else the show continues to change his appearance.

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