Two Trailers For 'Family Guy' Return of the Jedi Spoof 'It's A Trap!'

Trailer Family Guy's It's A Trap!

Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy has been synonymous with "pop culture parody" for years now, so it was appropriate enough that the show's creators are now unleashing their Return of the Jedi spoof, Family Guy: It's A Trap!, having already "skewered" the first two entries in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Two new trailers have been released for It's A Trap!, which offers the same kind of low-brow humor and jokes (here, not subject to TV censors) that has helped Family Guy attract a solid cult following.

It's A Trap!, replaces the classic Star Wars characters (Han Solo, Luke and Leia Skywalker, Darth Vader, etc.) with the characters from MacFarlane's cartoon creation, but otherwise leaves the threequel's plot intact. These Star Wars-inspired Family Guy movies don't so much satirize George Lucas' space opera; they mostly just stick to the formula of the original Scary Movie: re-enact scenes from a classic movie, but throw in some raunchy humor or pop-culture references for comedic effect.

While this formula can and has worked in previous movie parodies, it's arguably a rather lazy approach to humor and when it fails the results can be painful. This first trailer for It's A Trap!, for example, doesn't even contain any legitimate jokes and revolves around the idea that seeing Family Guy characters recreate scenes from Return of the Jedi is inherently hilarious in and of itself.

Check out what we mean below:

The second It's A Trap! preview does actually offer a glimpse at what the cartoon pic will offer in terms of comedy, which looks to include lots of innuendo, crude bits of bathroom humor, and references to a wide range of pop-culture items (like the internet meme/Admiral Ackbar quote from which the title originated).

Watch that trailer below:

Family Guy fans - this movie is for you. Everyone else will have to either re-watch Spaceballs or go on YouTube to get their share of laughs at the expense of the Star Wars saga.

Family Guy: It's A Trap! arrives on DVD on December 21st, 2010.

Source: THR, iTunes Movie Trailers

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