20 Epic Family Guy Fights That Made The Show Even Better

There's been plenty of memorable fights in Family Guy over the years, but these 20 truly made the show and their respective episodes better. The hit animated series has been one of Fox's most successful shows of the last two decades. Centered around the Griffin family, Family Guy is known for taking its many characters and placing them in crazy scenarios that are usually filled with inappropriate humor.

Since Family Guy is largely focused on the Griffins, there is always conflict rising between the various family members. However, instead of settling their differences through conversation like most normal people, Family Guy has a habit of letting these disagreements turn physical and sometimes incredibly violent. This fighting mentality has spread across the series and has gifted viewers with several brutal and hilarious fights.

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Screen Rant's latest Family Guy video - featured at the top of this post - puts together 20 of the most epic fights that the series has created. There are several instances of the Griffin family members taking shots at each other, such as Meg beating up Peter after going to prison, Stewie hurting Brian, and the popular Stewie vs Lois fight. But, some of the best ones are when Family Guy gets more creative with the opponents.

Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin

One of the most popular fights came when Family Guy finally crossed over with The Simpsons. Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson are far from perfect fathers, but they did appear to be on the way to being friends when they first meet. Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for viewers), this doesn't last long and the two trade blows throughout the city. A similarly long fight that is more recent was when Peter and Donald Trump had a fight of their own, while one of the biggest recurring gags for the show overall is Peter fighting the giant chicken.

These are just a handful of the great fights that Family Guy has delivered over the years and they likely won't be the last. Fox has already renewed the series for season 18, which is expected to debut later this year. After that, the future of the series will rest in the hands of Disney now that their acquisition of Fox is complete. Homer and The Simpsons already welcomed Disney to the family by strangling Mickey Mouse, so it will be fun to see what type of response Family Guy has. Who knows, maybe the next iconic fight will be Peter vs Mickey or another major Disney character.

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