25 Family Guy Deleted Scenes That Were Too Much For TV

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There's been plenty of offensive and inappropriate jokes that Family Guy has had since the beginning, but some scene have been so bad they couldn't even make it to air. The Seth MacFarlane-created comedy TV series is not afraid of pushing the boundaries of humor, and has done so unapologetically for the last twenty years.

Following the dysfunctional Griffin family, the show thrives on putting the characters in new (and sometimes uncomfortable) situations. The edge of the show extends beyond just the main family though, as several of the side characters can be involved in some of the show's most memorable scenes - for better or worse. However, not every scene made over the last seventeen seasons has actually made it to air. One deleted scene from season 16 focused on Stewie's workout routine, but it's far different than the plethora of scenes Fox didn't allow the show to keep.

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In the latest Screen Rant video, we take a look at 25 deleted scenes from Family Guy that were too much to be shown on TV. These range from an uncomfortable tattoo Peter wants removed, Quagmire's cringeworthy birth, a joke about an Asian in-law, and many more. Check out the full list of deleted scenes in the video below:

These are but a few deleted scenes from Family Guy's extensive run that haven't made it to air, and there are plenty of others. Of course, the ones mentioned in this video will not be the last deleted scenes either. Fox already announced that Family Guy was renewed for season 18, so MacFarlane and his fellow writers will be able to create plenty of other outlandish situations and push the boundaries of what its viewers will find funny. Family Guy has a strong following and distinct tone though, so those who have remained fans through the years will likely only continue to laugh.

The biggest question that may come for Family Guy is what becomes of the show once the Disney-Fox deal closes. Although Disney has maintained that they're going to let Fox properties stay largely true to what has made them successful, they still have to walk the walk. Disney could still allow Family Guy to exist as it is for the time being, but the biggest test may come when it's time for the show's future to be addressed again. A nineteenth season is far from being announced, so Family Guy may be in the position of needing the upcoming season to be a big hit to secure a future. If that's the case, more jokes like these will likely become even more difficult to get on air.

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