Family Guy & Bob's Burgers Renewed at FOX

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FOX renews two popular and long-running animated comedies, as Family Guy will return for season 18, and Bob's Burgers comes back for season 10. While animated properties are still commonly assumed to be targeted at kids, it's kind of strange that perception hasn't changed by now. Adult-targeted animated shows have been a staple of TV for decades, with the most famous obviously being The Simpsons, the longest-running weekly primetime comedy in the history of the medium. However, The Simpsons' rise would eventually lead to competitors, most notably South Park and Family Guy.

While its family dynamic and basic premise has understandably drawn constant comparisons to The Simpsons - with the two FOX series eventually doing a crossover episode - Family Guy is at this point quite the elder statesman itself. Debuting after the Super Bowl in 1999, the Seth MacFarlane-created animated sitcom is currently airing its 17th season, and that number would be even higher had Family Guy not been canceled for a few years and then resurrected due to high rerun viewership.

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Now, THR reports that Family Guy is set to stick around on FOX for at least one more year, earning a renewal for season 18. Additionally, fellow FOX animated comedy Bob's Burgers - created by Loren Bouchard - has also been renewed for season 10. Bob's Burgers is significantly less harsh with its sense of humor than Family Guy, but both have long been vital parts of the FOX Sunday night line-up.

Appropriately enough, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers are only the second and third FOX shows to be renewed for the 2019-2020 TV season, the first being The Simpsons, which is set to return for both seasons 31 and 32. One assumes the FOX network might be taking it slow when it comes to renewals as it waits for the acquisition of 20th Century Fox's TV studio by Disney to complete this summer. After all, 20th Century Fox TV supplies FOX with many of its programs, and any deals made will likely be reviewed by Disney decision makers once the purchase is final. It would certainly be sad if FOX renewed a show, only to see Disney put the kibosh on its return.

These renewals ensure that three pieces of FOX's current Sunday night puzzle remain in place for fall 2019, but one wonders what the network will try to slot into the 9:30PM slot after Family Guy. FOX has been unsuccessfully trying to add live-action comedies to its Sunday mix for awhile now, and the latest show to fail at this task was Rel, starring comedian Lil Rel Howery. While Rel hasn't been officially canceled, it's seen as incredibly unlikely to get a season 2. Perhaps FOX would be wise to try doing "Animation Domination" again, and filling that fourth slot with a new animated comedy.

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Family Guy season 17 and Bob's Burgers season 9 air Sundays on FOX.

Source: THR

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