10 Weird Family Connections That Exist In The Harry Potter Universe

Fans who have taken a look at the family trees in Harry Potter, may have noticed that there are a lot of families tied to one another. It’s not too surprising, considering how much effort would have had to go into keeping the pure bloodline exactly that.Even the families that don’t necessarily care about pureblood status have some unexpected connections, though they may regret having them. Some of these connections are well known, while others are less frequently talked about.

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10 Luna Lovegood And Newt Scamander

The first item in the list is one that occurs after the events in the Harry Potter series. It’s no surprise that many of the characters from the series ended up falling in love and marrying one another.Many fans were rooting for Luna and Neville Longbottom to get together in the end, but that didn’t end up happening. Instead, Luna married Rolf Scamander. Rolf is the grandson of Newt. That means that Newt ended up becoming Luna’s grandfather by marriage. Mind you, Pottermore has Newt Scamander as still being among the living, meaning that Luna is free to ask him all the questions she can ever dream of about magical creatures.

9 Crouch And Black

So there are only so many options for who to marry when trying to keep blood ‘pure.’ What a shock, right? This inevitably results in many of the pure-blooded family being related. So it should probably be no surprise that somewhere in the family tree it's revealed that Sirius Black and Barty Crouch are related. In the books, Black even talks about his family tree, and how many wizarding families are in there somewhere.Caspar Crouch married Charis Black, Sirius’ great-great aunt. While there is no proof that Caspar Crouch is from the very family we’re thinking of, it seems pretty likely to be the case. How many pureblood families of the same name can there be?

8 Tonks Is Bellatrix’s Niece

Nymphadora Tonks and Bellatrix Lestrange are blood relatives. Of course, book fans already know that. Tonks is actually Bellatrix’s niece, though both would certainly prefer that everyone would just forget that fact.

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It became a plot point during the final novels after Tonks married Lupin. Voldemort used the marriage as an excuse to shame Bellatrix. He ordered her to kill both Tonks and Lupin, as in his mind it was the only way to cleanse her line. This is the reason why she seemed to target Tonks so heavily towards the end – it was her desperation to be accepted by Voldemort.

7 Harry And Voldemort

Harry Potter Voldemort Dramatic Wands

Both the books and the movies dropped plenty of hints about the connection, without ever drawing a direct line between the two for readers or audiences - but plenty of fans have figured it out.Harry is a very distant descendant of the Peverells – one of the three brothers mentioned in the tale of the Deathly Hallows. Voldemort is a descendant of the Gaunts. The Gaunts are likewise descendants of the Peverells. That means, in a very, very distant sense, that these two families are related.

6 Potters And Blacks?

Could it be? Is there a chance that the Blacks and the Potters are distantly related? It may seem impossible, especially with the narrow family tree given for the Potter family. However, genealogy is complicated, and it’s entirely possible that the whole picture for this family hasn't been shown.On the Black family tree, there is one Charlus Potter listed. He married Dorea Black, Sirius’ great-aunt. Admittedly, the connection is close enough that it probably would have come up in the books were it true, but it’s still nice to hope, right?

5 Bellatrix Lestrange And Neville Longbottom

As heartbreaking as it is to think about, Neville is distantly related to the woman who tortured and broke his family. Neville has plenty of reasons to hate Bellatrix, and unfortunately, his hatred isn’t enough to break the family ties.

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Harfang Longbottom, whom we can safely assume is one of Neville’s distant uncles, married Callidora Black. And as we’re already well aware, Bellatrix is a Black by blood, and a Lestrange by marriage. Callidora is Bellatrix’s cousin, of all things. So all of the distance in this family tree is due to the Longbottom family.

4 The Weasleys And The Blacks

Okay, so it sure is starting to look like the Blacks are related to everyone, doesn’t it? While the Weasleys don’t act like purebloods, the truth of the matter is that they very much are. Or rather, they were up until the most recent generation got married and started having children.Knowing what we know about the family ties in Harry Potter, it makes sense that these two families would be distantly related. Sirius’ great-great-aunt, Cedrella Black, married Septimus Weasley. Septimus is Ron’s great-great-great uncle. So again, it isn’t exactly a close connection. But it is one all in the same.

3 Bagshot And Grindelwald

Bathilda Bagshot is likely best known for her book, 'A History of Magic'. After all, it’s a tome that Hermione Granger cites almost religiously. However, Bathilda has a somewhat dark past, when it comes down to who she is related to.

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Bathilda Bagshot and the infamous Gellert Grindelwald are actually related. She’s his great-aunt, though she was probably loathe to admit it. It wasn’t until Rita Skeeter started poking her nose into things that the news even came out to the public. Without her interference, there’s a chance that the world, and thus Harry himself, would never have known.

2 Sirius’ Parents

The Black family has come up on this list frequently enough that we probably should have considered titling it ‘Facts About the Black Family.’ But in all seriousness, (or should that be, Siriusness) Sirius’ parents, Orion Black and Walburga Black, are related.The names probably gave it away. Admittedly they’re distantly related, about three generations back. That’s far enough back to be considered legal in most areas, even if it is a bit odd. But then again, the Black family cared more about blood purity than anything else, so who’s surprised by that decision?

1 Morrigan

Morrigan, as in, the Morrigan appears on one of the wizard family trees? Fans might even be able to guess which one if they think about it. It’s a family that already has one famous wizard in their family – albeit a wizard only famous in the world of Harry Potter.Morrigan was part of the Gaunt family. The tree doesn’t clarify how she ties into the family, just that she is a distant relative. Just like Salazar Slytherin. On top of the tree, her name is listed, along with a brief description of her. This description includes her fondness for turning into a crow, so that should remove any doubt about which Morrigan they’re referring to.

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