The Family Chantel: Winter’s Boyfriend Jah Has Been Hiding a Secret Child

The Family Chantel cast

It was recently revealed that The Family Chantel star Winter’s boyfriend Jah has been hiding a secret child. The TLC spinoff stars 90 Day Fiancé alums Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, along with their eccentric families.

In the new series, which premiered earlier this year, viewers get an inside look at the chaos that is Pedro and Chantel's relationship. The two became known for their blowout arguments on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé, mostly due to the fact that their families have always opposed their marriage. The Family Chantel follows the lives of the Everett family, including Chantel's mom, Karen, her dad, Thomas, and her brother and sister, River and Winter. While most of the conflict has centered on Pedro and Chantel, her relatives also have their own drama. Most recently, Winter found out a shocking secret about her boyfriend Jah.

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On the latest episode of The Family Chantel, Chantel hired a private investigator (the same one she and her mom previously hired to look into Pedro) to investigate Jah, whom Winter's been dating for the past six years. When Jah shared with Chantel earlier this season that he was thinking about proposing to Winter, the reality TV star decided to look into his background to find out more about him. But what she discovered was shocking - Jah had been concealing a secret child. Karen shared with audiences how Winter was handling the difficult news.

Winter and Jah in The Family Chantel

In a confessional on the show, Karen said that Winter was "visibly hurt" and "confused" by the news, along with the whole family. While they knew Jah had a daughter, they were completely unaware he also had a 9-year-old son from a previous relationship. He'd even been paying child support on the kid for years behind Winter's back. When she confronted Jah about what Chantel discovered, he refused to discuss it on camera. He was then seen calling a ride and leaving the apartment abruptly, without explaining anything further.

Fans will have to wait until the next episode airs to find out why Jah didn't tell Winter about his other child sooner. This could mean the two won't be getting married as Jah hoped. At least Winter has the love and support of her family, who will no doubt rally around her like they have Chantel so many times before.

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