Family Chantel’s Karen Says Lidia Must Have ‘Death Wish’ for Touching Her Wig

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As tensions mount on the last episode of TLC's The Family Chantel, Chantel Everett's mom - Karen Everett - goes to Instagram to tell her her her daughter's mother-in-law, Lidia Jimeno, that she must have a "death wish" for wanting to touch her wig. After a huge miscommunication, more drama ensues between Pedro and Chantel's families on The Family Chantel. 

Chantel and Pedro have become household names when they starred on season 4 of TLC’s hit show, 90 Day Fiancé. Their relationship had a rocky start through their engagement and their marriage as their families have been very vocal, stating their disapproval of the relationship since day one. The fans continued to watch tensions boil over on Seasons 2, 3, and 4 of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff. In the infamous chicken feet scene, Chantel's family walked out on dinner as they thought they were putting some sort of "voodoo" on the food. Then there was the biggest brawl 90 Day Fiancé audiences have ever seen between Pedro, and Chantel's brother - River Everett - erupted into a fistfight over dinner. The whole family tried to stop the fight and ended up getting in the middle of it where Pedro's sister, Nicole, ended up having her weave pulled out in the chaos.

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On Monday night's episode of The Family Chantel, the Everett family meet up with the Jimeno family in the Dominican Republic. Drama ensued between the two families, as usual, and things got even more complicated with Pedro as the translator. In the episode, Chantel's mom, Karen, her dad, Thomas Everett, met up with Pedro's sister, Nicole Jimeno, and mother Lidia. The awkward meeting got even more awkward when the families get lost in translation discussing the epic fight that Pedro and River had and how somehow Karen ended up with Nicole's weave in her hands. There continued to be drama over the translation and mistranslation of the word "weave." Karen went to Instagram to taunt the Jimenos, by posting a video of her singing a song about her "peluca" or "wig" in Spanish, see the full video below.

The video captures the Everett family matriarch tease Pedro's family with a silly song about her wig. She sings about how the Jimenos need to keep their hands away from their wig. The video was captioned with, "You must have a death wish you silly b*sh! Don't put your dirty hands on my peluca!" Karen then hashtagged the video with "#mypelucachallenge," however the challenge has yet to take off.

The matriarch, who is known for her funny one-liners, is obviously having fun teasing the next episode of The Family Chantel. However, this mom can turn into a mama bear if need be, which is why the weave was snatched in the first place. It seems like this video is a fair warning for Pedro's mom and sister to not even attempt a fight with this mom. Even though Karen's challenge isn't gaining any traction, it's still entertaining to fans to watch this sort of drama unfold in real-time on Instagram over such a minor translation error.

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