Fallout: 10 Things Fans Don't Know About Nick Valentine

The likable character of Nick Valentine in the popular gaming series, Fallout, is as surprising as he is predictable. The steadfast android is a renowned detective in Diamond City. This is a makeshift settlement in Boston's Fenway Park.

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Nick Valentine has a reputation as a 'good guy,' a robot who thrives on helping others with their problems. Still, despite his apparent predictability, there is more to him than meets the eye - he quotes from epic poems, has a quick mind and strong will, and a back story many fans don't know about. Here are some surprising fans about him:

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10 More than just a pretty face

It would seem that Nick is not an 'all brawn and no brains' hero. He appears to be well read, in one episode quoting the Bhagavad Gita: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” This suggests he’s more cultural than assumed.

While his fans might not know much about his life outside of law enforcement, such quotes suggest he has a deeper, more soulish aspect to his character. This same quote from the Bhagavad Gita was used by Oppenheimer after the first atomic bomb was detonated, in 1945.

9 Animosity with the brotherhood

Nick Valentine's unique character has put him at animosity with the Brotherhood of Steel. This is a group of military soldiers, with officers posted across America. This group discriminates against anyone who isn’t human, and members aren't afraid to say what they really think. As such, Nick is often the recipient of snide remarks coming from these men of steel.

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It would seem their unease about him is over the fact that he has been made with free will, something the Brotherhood of Steel is opposed to machines having.

8 He's the bomb!

Nick Valentine Fallout 4

It’s not hard to see why fans refer to him as a 'living bomb.' When the daughter of the mayor of Diamond City is abducted, he does an incredible job of pretending to be one.

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After he manages to find the girl, her kidnappers surround the pair and hold a gun to his head. Nick starts to say the word 'beep' over and over again, pretending he has a bomb feature. The perpetrators aren't going to take any chances shooting, in case the beeping is genuine and Nick's quick thinking saves himself and the mayor's daughter.

7 What's in a name?

Today, players are as enamored by Nick Valentine’s smooth name as they are by his steadfast, striking character and immaculate detective work. The android’s name, 'Nick Valentine,' was chosen for reasons beyond it being simply cool. Author Dashiell Hammett was renowned in the early 1900s, creating detective novels with well-known characters such as Sam Spade.

Spade was a detective who sought out justice and his surname described a heart-like shape, notably related to Valentine's Day. It is believed that this character and his heart shape influenced the naming of the well-known screen hero.

6 He's just so good

Everyone loves a good and noble ‘knight in shining armor’ and Fallout fans are no different. Artificial as he is, Nick Valentine is imbued with inner goodness. His mix of do-good bravado and world-weary cynicism make for a likable character. His voice is done by Stephen Russell, who gives the character a playful baritone quality to his speaking which adds to his color and likability.

His evident genuine nature, highlighted by his baritone voice, portray him as a good dude who is determined to do the right thing, even if his own expense.

5 He didn't start out as a detective

The much-loved gaming character didn’t start out as a private investigator of heroic proportions. It took him some time and a notable mission to land his dream job as a detective working in Diamond City.

Before his 'big break' into detective work, Nick used his robotic parts for work as a handyman. It was only when he began work solving a mystery about a man's missing wife that he was put in the spotlight as being more than just a conventional handyman. From this point on, he began work as a detective.

4 The ability to self-repair

Nick Valentine is what one calls a second-generation synth. These sturdy androids are built to resemble genuine human beings. His time working as a Mr. Fix-It robot gave him the skills he needed to self-repair.

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Often, fans will see him fiddling with his right hand, which is missing some of the ‘flesh’ encasing its robotic parts. This repair work on his own robotics is a spinoff of the time he spent as a handyman, him being familiar with the tools of the trade and the art of repair. Fans will often catch him doing his own repair work on this hand.

3 An enticing past life story

Nick Valentine, as viewers know and experience him, is the product of the memory of a deceased human. This human was a police detective living in Chicago who was called to lead an operation against an infamous mobster. The operation didn't go as expected and Nick's fiancée was killed at the hands of the mutinous gang.

While seeking trauma therapy with the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, the original Nick Valentine’s memories were recorded. Soon after, he was killed during an attack but his memories were passed onto the android viewers know and accept as Nick Valentine.

2 Family Ties

Nick was worked on and tested alongside a robot of similar nature, called DiMA, and the two formed a brotherly bond, becoming 'family' – in so much as androids are able to be a part of a family. DiMA was the driving force behind himself and Nick’s release from captivity.

The cunning bot gained enough human knowledge to rebel against the institute holding them. When Nick woke up after a 200-year nap he was so freaked out the two parted ways. Still, there is hope of reconciliation in the future.

1 The humble hero

Nick Valentine has done many things for Diamond City and its inhabitants aren't afraid to express their heartfelt appreciation. As gamers wander through the town, many will approach to thank him for work he has done, in some instances going as far as to offer him presents or tokens of appreciation.

Most surprisingly, the robot hero will often turn down these gifts and gamers might find themselves disappointed to find that nothing shows up in their inventory. Still, one could argue its this humility which has won him so many hearts.

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