Gamer Loses Tabasco Sauce Bet That Bethesda's Reveal Was Fallout 3 Remastered

Some gamers were surprised by Bethesda's announcement of Fallout 76 today, but none took it quite as poorly as Reddit user TheYadda. During the company's lengthy teaser stream yesterday, the gamer posted a thread in the Fallout subreddit titled "It's just gonna be a [Fallout 3] remaster, guys. If I'm wrong, I'll drink this entire 5oz bottle of Tabasco and post a video." Reddit users love a good bet, and the thread amassed over 18,000 upvotes.

TheYadda was proven to be wrong as Fallout 76 wound up being unveiled, not a Fallout 3 remaster. This game serves as a departure from Bethesda's popular action role-playing game series as it will include online elements. Reports have indicated that it will be an online survival role-playing game, more in the vein of Rust or DayZ than the single-player experiences that preceded it.

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While his prediction was wrong, there's no doubting that TheYadda is a man of his word as he posted a video of him drinking an entire bottle of Tabasco sauce today. After consuming the entire bottle of Tabasco, the gamer had wise words of introspection. "I don't want to set the world on fire," remarked the user through a raspy voice that was clearly damaged by the amount of hot sauce he had just consumed. "I just want to start a flame in my a**." You can check out the video in the section above.

There's an important lesson to be learned here, and that's to not make bets on Reddit regarding Tabasco sauce. However, if one does wind up losing such a bet, they should follow TheYadda's lead and keep up their end of the bet. A lot of these predictions are backed up by strong words but little happens once they lose, though TheYadda will always be remembered online for being the gamer that had to drink a whole bottle of Tabasco sauce all because he got the Fallout 76 reveal wrong. It's probably not the distinction he was looking to tell one day, but at least it's something!

On the bright side, not only did the subreddit get to enjoy a pretty hilarious (if painful) video, but Fallout 76 looks to be a lot more interesting than a remastered version of a decade-old game many have already played. Bethesda is clearly experimenting with the formula here, and the survival aspects seem like a natural fit considering the series' post-apocalyptic setting. Be sure to check back on Screen Rant on June 11 for more details on Fallout 76.

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Source: TheYadda/Math

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