Fallout: 25 Rare Hidden Weapons (And How To Find Them)

What would a Fallout game be without a sizable arsenal? The sheer amount of weapon variety stays true to Bethesda's philosophy of giving nearly unlimited choices to the player. One can wander the wasteland with guns, explosives, melee weapons, or a well balanced mixture of the three. Let it not be forgotten that Interplay's titles, which preceded Fallout 3, also offered a similar level of freedom.

Given the sheer breadth of each game's setting, it will come as no surprise that every map is chock full of secret weapons waiting to be uncovered by the first adventurer who comes across them. Finding every unique tool of destruction is nearly impossible, but the large amount of them ensures that every player's experience is special.

Through the next twenty five entries, we will shine a spotlight on the rare weapons that are worth the time investment. Sometimes the weapon itself is of extraordinary strength, and other times the methods of getting them is a fulfilling experience all its own. The games featured will include the four numbered entries along with Fallout: New Vegas. Just be sure not to listen to "The Wanderer" while brutally maiming wasteland dwellers or Dion may try and sue.

So fire up those Pip-Boys, because here are the 25 Rare Hidden Weapons In Fallout (And How To Find Them).

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Fallout 3 alien crash site
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25 Fallout 3: The Alien Blaster

Fallout 3 alien crash site

Extra terrestrial beings are seldom at the forefront of the series. Still, they do make for some of the most interesting encounters. Their technology also nets some neat weaponry, like the Alien Blaster.

There are two methods of obtaining this powerful futuristic device. The first is to stumble upon the alien crash site, located north of the MDPL-13 power station. Additionally, it is easier to get and collect more ammunition in the Mothership Zeta DLC. Each hit disintegrates most adversaries, but ammunition is finite, so choose shots tactfully and aim carefully.

24 Fallout: Red Ryder LE BB Gun

Fallout Bobs Used Car Mart

Be careful with this one, because you may just shoot your eye out, kid. Red Ryder BB Guns, along with being a central plot device in A Christmas Story, are also a real brand of the fake firearm. The weapon itself is nearly useless, but every sensible collector needs one.

While there are a few regular BB Guns scattered about, there is only one limited edition model. This one-of-a-kind Red Ryder BB Gun is located at Bob's Pre-Owned Car Mart. Unlike the regular ones, this weapon does pack a punch.

23 Fallout 3: Blackhawk

Fallout 3 Blackhawk

Greatness comes in small packages. Why lug around a cumbersome firearm when just as much firepower, if not more, can be found in the barrel of a pistol? Blackhawk, for instance, is a scoped revolver that can turn a raider's head into a Gallagher show.

In Fallout 3, this pint sized beast is rewarded for completing the "Agatha's Song" quest. The mission is interesting enough without the useful gift, making the powerful side arm the cherry on top of the cake. The gun is not the only reward either, as the titular Agatha will start serenading the Capital Wasteland's radio waves with her sweet violin.

22 Fallout 4: 2076 World Series Baseball Bat

2076 world series baseball bat

Baseball bats can cause one heck of a mess. Introduce it to a malicious raider's skull and the two will have a quick conversation concerning the finer points of blunt force trauma. We've also heard they are used to hit these things called baseballs in some sort of game, but that could just be a rumor.

The 2076 World Series Baseball Bat has a small chance to send enemies flying into the air with each strike. The Jamaica Plain Townhouse, north of Hyde Park, holds the Commonwealth's only existing World Series Bat.

21 Fallout 4: Grognak's Axe

Grognak's Axe Fallout 4

Grognak the barbarian is the fictional hero the fictional wasteland needs. Sadly, the character cannot jump from the pages of a comic book and into the Commonwealth. The next best thing, however, is wielding his mighty Axe.

Appropriately, Grognak's Axe is locked inside a display case in Hubris Comics. This store, based on a real Boston location, is in the vicinity of Swan's pond. Once inside, the case can be opened either with lock picking or through hacking a terminal. On top of being awesome to look at, it also uses less AP in V.A.T.S.

20 New Vegas: Pulse Gun

New Vegas Pulse Gun

One can always count on the United States army to develop insane weaponry, and the same rings true for the Fallout universe. The Pulse Gun is particularly useful against robots, but has no significant effect on other enemy types.

The gun is found in Vault 34, which is the subject of several quests. The vault's armory is packed with other weapons, but the Pulse Gun requires either a maxed out lock picking skill or Col. Blackwell's Key. This key is in a filling cabinet in Pearl's, the leader of the Boomers, barracks.

19 Fallout 3: The Man Opener

Man Opener Fallout 3

With a name like that, it is easy to imagine what The Man Opener does. Though unlike a can opener, it will not reveal well preserved food, but instead a human's innards. It is not as powerful as a regular auto ax, but it does bypass damage resistance.

The creatively named melee tool is unique to the Pitt DLC, and will be found on a bed next to a steel ingot. Other than being near the ingot, the weapon does nothing to call attention to itself, making it tricky to spot.

18 Fallout 4: Le Fusil Terribles

Fallout 4 Le Fusil Terribles

Should one ever run out of ideas for names, a simple solution is to use the same names in different language. The strategy has worked for Bethesda and this weapon. Le Fusil Terrible translates to "The Terrible Shotgun," a weapon from Fallout 3. This Firearm does increased damage to limbs at the expense of increased recoil.

For the sole survivor to get their paws on it, they must go to Libertalia, a raider settlement built on a ruined dock. There will be a fight, but no one plays Fallout unless they are up for some bloodshed.

17 Fallout 4: Broadsider

Fallout 4 Broadsider

Necessity is the mother of invention, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Commonwealth's residence are in need. Broadsider, which is made from a naval cannon, simultaneously displays the ingenuity of the games' characters and Bethesda's unbridled creativity.

The extremely powerful rocket launcher is gifted by Ironsides when helping him get the USS Constitution airborne. It is not necessary to complete the quest either. Be careful, though, because going against Ironsides will render the weapon inaccessible. Of course, you wouldn't side against him and crush a robot's only dream, would you?

16 Fallout: Turbo Plasma Rifle

Fallout Adytum

Add the word "Turbo" to anything and it sounds a lot cooler. Street Fighter II: Turbo and turbo controllers, for example, are both great. The Turbo Plasma Rifle from the series' premiere entry acts like a regular Plasma Rifle, but with an increased rate of fire.

The side quest "Fix the hydroponic farms in Adytum" has the Vault Dweller helping out a man named Smitty. Should they have a Plasma Rifle with them, Smitty will upgrade it to the Turbo Plasma Rifle. Miss it, however, and the opportunity to improve it is forever lost.

15 New Vegas: Oh, Baby!

New Vegas Oh, Baby!

Rust may seem like a disadvantage for a weapon, but do not be fooled by the appearance. In reality, a rusted melee weapon could only be more dangerous. If the initial hit is not fatal, then the enemy will surely succumb to tetanus soon afterwards. In New Vegas, Oh, Baby! is one of the most powerful Sledgehammers available.

Finding it requires some cave exploring, which should be comforting to Elder Scrolls fans. There is an open area in the Southwest of Charleston Cave. The weapon will be resting next to a deceased nightkin.

14 Fallout 2: Solar Scorcher

Fallout 2 solar scorcher mission

It is important for the Chosen One to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible so that future generations can also enjoy the wasteland without the worries of environmental catastrophe. Solar Scorcher is the eco-friendly gamer's weapon of choice, but remember that it can only be reloaded during the day.

The Guardian of Forever, an homage to the Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever", will transport the player back in time to Vault 13 from Fallout where the Solar Scorcher lies in wait. Be sure to nab the weapon on the first visit, because it is impossible to return here again.

13 Fallout 4: Virgil's Rifle

Dr Brian Virgil Fallout 4

Virgil is a former scientist from the Institute who left the underground lab due to a crisis of conscience. He voluntarily transformed himself into a supermutant since it was the only way to live within the radiation soaked Glowing Sea. The Sole Survivor comes across him during the main quest when he assists the protagonist in gaining access to the institute.

His rifle, which can be stolen or looted from his corpse, comes preloaded with mods and deals additional damage to super mutants. The damage modifier is appropriate considering that Virgil in not accepted by his super mutant kin.

12 Fallout 4: Cryolator

The Cryolator in Fallout 4

Too bad this weapon did not exist in Walt Disney's time, or those rumors might just have been true. Of course, the Cryolator's freezing power is only temporary, but its special characteristic of causing stasis makes it a must-have.

This special bad boy is in Vault 111, the very same vault that the Sole Survivor is frozen in. While the weapon can be seen during the introduction, it cannot yet be obtained without a maxed out lock picking skill. Return when the skill is fully upgraded and the Cryolator is all yours.

11 New Vegas: Love And Hate

New Vegas Love and Hate

The love and hate tattoo comes from the legendary Robert Mitchum movie Night of the Hunter. The movie flopped upon release, but is now considered one of the finest pictures ever produced. The main character's ink is also referenced in the Clash song "Death or Glory" and Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.

A pair of brass knuckles in New Vegas also pays tribute to the movie. These knuckle dusters are found in Bonnie Springs on a Viper Leader. The Vipers are not nice people, so expect to rip it out off their cold hands.

10 Fallout 3: Fawke's Super Sledge

Fawke's Super Sledge

Fawkes is a loner in Fallout 3 because of his well mannered demeanor. Being cordial in the Capital Wasteland is hard enough, but it is doubly difficult when it is a super mutant. This isn't to say Fawkes has nothing with which to defend himself, though, as he wields a powerful sledgehammer.

If the player's karma is high enough, they can trade with their newly found companion. Evil Lone Wanderers have no choice but to rob or send Fawkes to the great gig in the sky. Considering their karma level, the malicious method shouldn't weight too heavy on their conscience.

9 Fallout 2: Little Jesus

Everyone needs a Little Jesus in their life. No, we're not talking about the Jesus of Nazareth, as mixing religious views and video game articles would be ill advised. Little Jesus is actually referring to a special knife from Fallout 2.

Little Jesus is the signature weapon of Lil' Jesus Mordino, a crime boss in New Reno. It is impossible to steal it, so the only option is to send the criminal to an early grave. Taking Lil' Jesus's life is a small price to pay to obtain this powerful weapon, however.

8 Fallout 4: Junk Jet

For every item with a clearly defined purpose, there are ten times more pieces of junk littered about the ruined country. They don't come across as obtrusive, instead making the world more lively.

Once the Junk Jet is in the Sole Survivor's hand, the trash is giving a whole other use. Those familiar with Fallout 3's Rock-it-launcher know exactly what the Junk Jet does. This unique contraption can either be picked up in Arc Jet Systems, south of Walden Pond, or it will be gifted by the Manta Man, a strange fellow who fancies himself a vigilante.

7 New Vegas: Annabelle

New Vegas Annabelle

In the best open worlds, every object tells a story. Certain details may seem insignificant, but they were probably put there for a specific reason. Annabelle's design hides a slew of hints. While the boom factor is the most important element, don't let that detract from the aesthetic, which has markings that indicate that it was used by China when it invaded Canada.

It's hard to say what happened afterwards, but it ultimately ended up in the hands of a nightkin up in the Mojave Wasteland's Black Mountains. Send that nightkin on an express train to its maker and the rocket launcher can be the Courier's.

6 Fallout 3: Protectron's Gaze

Fallout Protectron's Gaze

Fallout 3 is a grim adventure, devoid of the preceding titles' dark humor. There are still a few quests that dip their toe into the bizarre, however. "The Superhuman Gambit" is centered around a conflict between two men dueling with an army of ants and an army of robots, a far cry from the main quest's dire steaks and sinister villains. It is also the only way to obtain the Protectron's Gaze.

The weapon, which is gifted by the Mechanist for delivering his nemesis' ant-themed armor, is the energy weapon's answer to the shotgun.

5 Fallout 3: The Terrible Shotgun

Fallout 3 Evergreen mills

The word "terrible" is typically when something is useless. For guns, it may imply that it is only dangerous for those looking down the barrel. The Terrible Shotgun is one of the strongest weapons among the small guns category, and is devastating at close range.

Smiling Jack is a merchant found around Evergreen Mills, a location populated by slave-driving raiders. Jack is not hostile to the player, but players may get caught in the crossfire of the battle with the inhabitants. He doesn't sell the gun, though, which means that thievery or claiming his life are the only methods of getting this valuable gun if he does live through the fight.

4 New Vegas: Chopper

New Vegas Chopper

Cleavers efficiently chop up thick slices of meat. Fallout does not usually involve cooking, but cleavers are still pragmatic for slicing through meat, even if it is not an animal carcass.

Chopper is a rusted cleaver and the strongest one available in New Vegas. Those who fancy melee combat would be wise to visit Wofhorn Ranch, east of Nipton, and add it to their collection. Taking Chopper does not affect Karma, but unleashing vicious cleaver justice upon enemies may not sit will when the Courier arrives at the Pearly Gates.

3 Fallout 3: Burnmaster

Fallout 3 Flame thrower

No, the Burnmaster does not lash out brutally witty insults about its adversaries' mothers, though that would also be an awesome weapon. The weapon is instead true to its name's literal interpretation. Since s'mores aren't a part of the Lone Wanderer's journey, this tool will most likely be used to roast some enemies.

The weapon is found deep in the depths of Frank Metro utility. This area is highly irradiated, slightly flooded, and overflowing with feral ghouls. Journeying through is treacherous, but well worth it for the most powerful flamethrower in the main game.

2 New Vegas: This Machine

Fallout New Vegas This Machine

It is hard to say what Woodie Guthrie would think of video games, but he most likely would have written some catchy tunes about the plight of overworked game developers. Hopefully, he also would have appreciated the allusion made to him with This Machine, a parody of the iconic statement that was commonly scrawled on the folk singer's guitar.

The weapon is rewarded for completing the quest "Dealing with Contreras". While the mission boils down to a binary choice, both conclusions see the rifle ending up in the Courier's hands.

1 Fallout 2: Holy Hand Grenade

Fallout Knights Fighting a rat

The Holy Hand Grenade predates Fallout by more than two decades. Comedy fans will instantly recognize its origins from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The scenario surrounding its inclusion in Fallout 2 mirror what transpires in the 1975 movie, only with Brotherhood of Steel Knights and a rat instead of actual knights and a rabbit.

All of this occurs during a special encounter, where the weapon waits in a cave. Other than its design and enhanced power, the grenade has no other extraordinary characteristics. However, the look alone makes it a must-have


What are your favorite hidden weapons in Fallout? Let us know in the comments!

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