Fallout Official Board Game Announced

An official Fallout board game has been announced. This, of course, is a tabletop take on Bethesda’s iconic nuclear wasteland RPG video game series, which will allow fans to explore the decimated world of the games in a whole new way.

After Fallout 4 enjoyed record-setting sales, it makes sense that the brand is expanding in this new – and potentially very lucrative – direction. The board game should provide a fun distraction for fans in the gap between console offerings. Rumors suggest that Fallout: New Vegas 2 may yet come to fruition, but it would be wise not to expect it in the near future.

Game Informer broke the news about the board game version of Fallout coming into existence. Their report reveals that Fantasy Flight – who previously served up games based on Game of Thrones, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings – is the company behind the project. It’s described as a “post-nuclear board game for 1-4 players." Players choose one of five explorers that range from "a savvy Wastelander to a stout member of the Brotherhood of Steel." Having chosen a character, the player ventures out across the board, which references various locations that will be familiar to Fallout regulars. One of these environments is the Commonwealth from Fallout 4. You can check out some images of the game in the gallery below:

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“No matter the scenario, players vie to gain influence across the chosen wasteland,” Game Informer's detailed description continues, “allying with factions, gathering allies, acquiring weapons and armor, and leveling up their characters." This leveling up process is based upon the "SPECIAL" progression system from the games, offering another recognizable feature for fans of the franchise to enjoy.

The Fallout board game has its own custom dice mechanic, which blends the usual numerical material with an adaptation of the “V.A.T.S.” targeting system from the video games. Savvy decision-making is also key to the player’s success, with encounters and quest cards offering an array of choices throughout, each of which has “definite consequences”.

Perhaps most excitingly, the Fallout franchise’s funny bone hasn’t been lost in the translation from console to board. This new take on the mythos of the series is apparently “filled with a satirical sense of humor, offering a potent counterpoint to the bleak surface trappings of the setting.”

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The Fallout board game is not quite finalized, so you can’t buy it just yet. A firm release date hasn’t been announced, but you'll find all the latest news, as it happens, right here on Screen Rant.

Source: Game Informer

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