New Vegas Developers Have A Sad Response To Fallout 76 Tease

Sigh, that new Fallout title won't be New Vegas 2 (it's actually titled Fallout 76)and the original New Vegas developers have a sad response to the news.

Bethesda sent the industry scrambling towards its gaming bunkers as it teased that something new was coming to the ambitious world of Fallout. With a long-rumored continuation of 2010's New Vegas being even a possibility, some started cashing in their chips and preparing for a trip to a very different Sin City. Sadly, developers Obsidian have burst everyone's bubble and confirmed before the official announcement of Fallout 76 today that they won't be involved with Bethesda's latest project.

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Posting on Twitter, the Obsidian account had a tragic message to fans, writing “How do you let someone down easily? Asking for a friend,” followed by #ItsNotUs.

Released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, New Vegas followed hot on the heels of Fallout 3 as Bethesda looked for help in fast-tracking a new title. To this day, Fallout: New Vegas is still a beloved addition to the series, with some avid gamers even trying to recreate it using Fallout 4's building mods.

Among its previous work, Obsidian was behind favorites like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and South Park: The Stick of Truth, but it is largely Fallout: New Vegas that is held as its best game. No "new" New Vegas may not be the news that many wanted to hear, and as it stands, Obsidian has its plate full thanks to the recently-released Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and an upcoming RPG that will be published by Take-Two's new gaming label.

Obsidian is bummed by the announcement but doesn't completely discount New Vegas 2 from an upcoming slate of games. Only last year, New Vegas director Josh Sawyer said that he hopes to make another Fallout game someday. While there is every chance Sawyer and Obsidian could bring a New Vegas sequel or something completely new to shelves in the future, it looks like the timing isn't right just yet.

As for what Bethesda has planned, viewers have stopped staring at a super boring, way too long Pip-Boy bobblehead live stream and know now that the mysterious game is titled Fallout 76. Interestingly, this might not be it from the world of Fallout for 2018. Bethesda has promised big things from this year's E3, and with a new New Vegas out of the running, the company could finally be moving forward with the long-awaited Starfield and blast off into a new era of space-age gaming. For the time being, Fallout: New Vegas 2 is simply a gamble that isn't ready to pay out just yet.

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