Fallout From The Writers Strike

Do you know what a showrunner is? They are the folks that are writers/producers on TV shows, and their job is to make sure scripts are written and shows are produced and edited. Guess what? Most of the TV industry's showrunners are on strike, maybe all of them soon. That means NO more production on TV shows. So don't expect to see any new Heroes, The Office, and more, after they run out of shows already in the can.

By the way, The Office is confirmed to have shut down ALL production. But what about other TV shows? What about movies? Writers Guild of America (WGA) members are picketing outside studios in L.A. and NYC.

NBC tried getting an alternate ending to officially end Heroes' season in December if the strike happens, and creator/producer/writer Tim Kring refused. I have heard rumors he's off the show, but that might mean is walking the picket line.

Daytime and nighttime talk is now in reruns, because there are no writers. Guess Letterman doesn't want to try new episodes of his show without writers, like he did during the last strike in 1988.

The only thing still going are movies, because showrunners don't exist there. Instead, it's Line Producers handling the production with their teams. Scripts are in, time to start production, but no re-writes during filming can really hurt. But after late next June, if there's a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike, there won't be anything for a long time. And SAG members are walking the lines, too. Directors Guild of America (DGA) could also strike next year with SAG; I haven't heard any reports of DGA members walking the line.

If the WGA, DGA and SAG all strike together (ie, no deal is made with the WGA), it could destroy the film and television industry for a long time.

So why can't the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP, including studios) and the WGA come together? While negotiating last night, in L.A. with the WGA West branch, the East branch of the WGA went on strike at midnight EST. The AMPTP didn't know about this until around 9:30 PST, and they quickly suspended talks. There apparently was real progress being made, but the WGA West knew East was striking during the last-minute negotiations, and the AMPTP are angry they didn't try to delay the East's strike.

Not to mention the WGA's anger with the deals they want for their members.

Which meant that unless a deal is reached, no new narrative shows (Heroes, etc.) after a few weeks, and no talk shows starting NOW. (Well, with The View off the air, maybe that's okay. *Wink*.)

I'm not a big fan, but I know there are plenty who love The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Off the air for the time being.

Will there be a new South Park Wednesday? Yes, so far there will be. South Park's writers, producers, etc., can change the show even a couple of days before it airs, so a strike may have had an impact, unless they wrapped it up, writing-wise, by Sunday.

More soon. I'm going to say one thing; billions are being lost for all sides, and I think the general public will start to get irate with both parties when reruns and reality TV dominates. Plus, local stations, advertisers and businesses all get hurt by the strike, which hurts everyone else. Believe me! WGA and AMPTP, please put aside hurt feelings and ego, start negotiating quick!

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