Fallout 76 Video Highlights Hilarious & Insane Bugs and Glitches

Fallout 76 glitches

A new video for Fallout 76 highlights some of the game's most hilarious and insane  glitches. While it's not unusual for a new game to come equipped with a few bugs shortly after its release, the latest Fallout game required a patch on its opening day that was larger than its initial download. Even with that fix, however, the game has still drawn complaints from a number of players concerning whole sections of the game being largely unplayable upon release.

Established as a prequel to all the earlier games in the Fallout series, Fallout 76 is also the first online multiplayer game in the franchise's history. Players take on the role of individual "Vault Dwellers" - the descendants of the lucky few who were able to seek shelter underground before a nuclear war devastated the Earth. Released onto the surface, these Vault Dwellers must rebuild society, struggling to survive and battling for resources while taming a wild wasteland full of various monsters.

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YouTube gaming humorist TerakJK created a 20 minute video which collects footage from several "Let's Play" videos for Fallout 76. The edit is then mixed with footage of Fallout 76 director Todd Howard discussing the game's various features during the 2018 Bethesda E3 Showcase, and the results highlight a number of the more comedic glitches to be found in Fallout 76. Chief among these are clothing and power armor suits randomly disappearing, leaving players standing around in their underwear; monsters randomly becoming invisible or getting stuck in the scenery; and bodies suddenly becoming unnaturally elongated - presumably shifting to emulate the shape of the power armor.

Beyond showcasing some of the sillier glitches in the game, the video also builds a case that Fallout 76 was rushed to release. The footage of Todd Howard enthusiastically speaking about the game's features is used to introduce game footage which seems to contradict Howard's claims. For instance, Howard's discussion about the game's advanced lighting system leads to footage highlighting how shadows shift depending on which way your character is looking and how ambient light seems to stem from the ground. Likewise, Howard's discussion of how Fallout 76 employed Bethesda Games' largest programming team ever leads to a clip of one player discussing how the game contains a bug from Fallout 4 that was never officially fixed, suggesting that whole sections of old game code may have been recycled.

While there is some debate as to how much of this criticism is warranted, the video footage also speaks for itself in regard to some of the game's problems that aren't necessarily on a superficial level. Despite some negative responses to the game during its initial release, Bethesda will hopefully fix the standout bugs, allowing it to live up to the Fallout franchise's admirable reputation. As it stands, some gamers may consider holding out for a version of Fallout 76 that is considerably less glitchy.

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Source: TerakJK

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