What We Know About Fallout 76 So Far

Fallout 76 Vault Boy

Bethesda has managed something rare today: a video game trailer that truly felt like a surprise. The publisher has just announced Fallout 76 to the gaming world, and the reveal of the next title in the Fallout series was certainly an unexpected one.

Although a Fallout-themed stream certainly suggested a post-apocalyptic announcement was on the cards, few expected an entirely new part of the intellectual property. Most suspected that the reveal would be a remastered version of either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, with the pipe dream of another Obsidian-developed Fallout game debunked by the developer itself. As such, when Fallout 76 was confirmed as the project in question, fans desperately wanted answers.

The Teaser

The Fallout 76 teaser trailer, perhaps unsurprisingly, doesn't give away much. The trailer begins in traditional Fallout fashion, with a song full to the brim with nostalgia - this time, "Take Me Home, Country Roads." Before long, though, the details start coming thick and fast. The full trailer can be seen above.

The trailer reveals various shots from what appears to be the inside of Vault 76, showcasing some old television footage and some interior shots of the living quarters of the vault following a party. The decorations point towards an event called Reclamation Day, before cutting to a character putting on a series trademark Pip-Boy. It may seem innocuous, but there are some serious facts to be found within the short runtime.

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Perhaps of most interest to Fallout fans is the reveal of the game's date. A console can been seen that shows the date as October 27, 2102, putting the game much earlier in the Fallout timeline than the other titles in the series. As a point of reference, the original Fallout was set in 2161, its sequel in 2241, Fallout 3 in 2277, Fallout: New Vegas in 2281, and Fallout 4 in 2287. As such, Fallout 76 players may be getting a much earlier glimpse of the outside world.

What We Know About Vault 76

Fallout 76 Atrium

Exactly what this means for Fallout 76 ties very much into the location - and the history - of Vault 76 itself. Although the vault is not one of the most high-profile in the Fallout universe up to this point, it has been mentioned in prior games. In Fallout 3, a Vault-Tec terminal at the Citadel makes mention of the vault, as well as its occupancy of 500 inhabitants, and it's suggested that Vault 76 is located in Virginia - although the trailer's use of music might actually push its location into West Virginia.

Vault 76 was also mentioned as a "control vault" in the same terminal entries - it was a vault that avoided the morally-dubious experiments that were held at some of the other vaults across America. Instead, the vault was one of seventeen control vaults to give a baseline to the experimental vaults, with Vault 76 having a plan of action to open its doors 20 years after nuclear war. In Fallout, the war took place in 2077, and since Fallout 76 looks set to take place in 2102 there's been five years since the vault opened up - unless there were some delays along the way. As such, this mentioned Reclamation Day could refer to the day on which the vault doors opened.

It's not just the Fallout 3 main game that makes mention of Vault 76, though. The vault gets a passing mention in the Fallout 3 additional content pack Mothership Zeta, where an audio log can be found of a Vault-Tec executive who was abducted by aliens while inspecting the in-construction vault. Meanwhile, Fallout 4 makes reference to the vault as well, where a news reader makes mention of Vault 76 marking the United States tricentennial.

What can this tell us about the game, though? Well, perhaps the most important thing to note is that the Wasteland is going to be wild at this point. Vault 76 was to open into a dangerous world, and as such survival is going to be key. As it turns out, survival is going to be a major gameplay focus of Fallout 76, and players will also have friends to count on for assistance. Fallout, for the first time, is going multiplayer.

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