Fallout 76 Players Crash Servers with Triple Nuke Launch

A team of Fallout 76 players managed to crash servers with their triple nuke launch. Just a few days ago those same gamers managed a nuke launch into a Fissure Site. The nuke set off a timed event and unleashed the Scorchbeast Queen, the most powerful adversary in the game. The team didn’t stop there and went in search of a new challenge, simultaneous launches. But it looks as though the Fallout 76 servers are ill suited for such an event.

The Fallout franchise’s first MMORPG was released earlier this month. Players were quick to learn that developer Bethesda might not have been ready for launch. Players have been voicing complaints about the numerous bugs and glitches. On day one the game needed a patch that was larger than the initial download, yet problems continue to arise. However, fans continue to enjoy the game despite its faults. Some players are busy exploring the current limits of the game, especially just what can be done with the new weapon, the nukes.

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Bethesda was not prepared for the scope of one team’s ambition. After successfully defeating the Scorchbeast Queen, player Nickaroo93 and the rest of his group decided to see if things got even crazier if they hit a Fissure Site with three nukes as opposed to one. The explosions once again set off the Scorched Earth Event. But they never got a chance to see if anything changed because the server crashed moments later.

There is no guarantee the multiple explosions caused the crash, but it seems highly likely. Launching a nuke in Fallout 76 is a task meant to take days. Players must find a nuclear silo and collect the pieces of a launch code which they must then decipher. With such an involved system in place, Bethesda had no intention of there being frequent nuclear strikes, let alone multiple ones. Some players have complained of servers crashing after the launch of a single nuke, so it is likely Bethesda was caught unprepared.

Nikaroo93 and his team had a good laugh at the whole experience. The crash didn’t come as much of a surprise, with the group voicing their predictions that the triple nuke launch would be too much for the servers to handle. Bethesda would be wise to fix the issue. It’s inevitable that there will be more multiple nuke launches in Fallout 76’s future and it is only a matter of time before someone attempts an even more ambitious event.

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Source: Nickaroo93

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