Fallout 76 Players Already Launch Nuke and Summon Scorchbeast Queen

Fallout 76 was released just days ago but players have already launched a nuke and battled a Scorchbeast Queen, the toughest enemy in the game to date. Fallout 76 is the first game in the franchise to switch from single-player to MMORPG. The switch to being strictly online wasn’t the only first with the addition of usable nukes being another. Eager to try out the new weapon, gamers banded together to make the nuke launch happen.

The decision of developer Bethesda to make the next Fallout installment an MMO was met with criticism from fans. Things didn’t exactly get much smoother from there. Early reviews complained about wonky AI and unimpressive graphics, although those same reviews also found hope in the game improving overtime. Since the launch of the B.E.T.A. last month, more problems have appeared, including a flawed C.A.M.P. base-building system. Some critics are beginning to wonder if developer Bethesda’s attempt at curbing griefing may have instead taken the fun risk out of playing a PVP. Regardless of the negative news, players are still trying their hand at the latest installment, exploring just what they can accomplish with a little teamwork.

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Launching a nuke in Fallout 76 is no easy feat, requiring players to not only locate a nuclear silo but collect the correct launch codes, a task meant to take days. Teamwork and beta playtime, with progress that carried over into the full release, made the quick nuke launch possible, says The Verge. Upon gaining access, the team chose to send the nuke at a fissure site, home of the already formidable Scorchbeasts. Hitting a fissure site with a nuke started a timed event called Scorched Earth where players must try to defeat a Scorchbeast Queen in 30 minutes.

The entire event was captured on video by Nickaroo93. As if battling a level 95 Scorchbeast Queen wasn’t enough, multiple level 50 and up Scorchbeasts spawned as well, leading to a crazy showdown. But when a nuke is launched the entire map knows it and random players converged on the spot to take part in the battle. The team was ultimately successful, taking down the queen before the 30 minutes were up. The players were rewarded for their efforts, gaining some loot with the biggest prize being Ultracite plans, Ultracite being a rare and important item.

A walkthrough for how to launch a nuke was also uploaded by Nickaroo93 so it won’t be long before another apocalyptic battle commences. While Fallout 76 has its host of problems, it looks like there is also a lot of content to keep players entertained. Hopefully the game will improve as time goes on, leading to more enjoyable and intense events in the future.

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Source: The Verge, Nickaroo93

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