Fallout 76: 20 Mutated Creatures Only High-Level Players Can Take Down

Fallout 76 is finally out, and players are currently roaming the ruins of West Virginia at their leisure. No longer constrained by the time limits of the beta, Vault Dwellers are free to explore Appalachia at their own pace, taking in all the sights and sounds of this massive world. It's bigger than any other Fallout game in the past, and there's so much to see and do. B esides having a bigger map, the game also offers tons of new and unique enemies. Players are having a blast running into these new mutated creatures, learning about them, and of course, bringing them down.

However, some of these mutated creatures put up quite a fight. Sure, the radrats and the mutated wolves won't offer too much of a challenge, but there are definitely some monsters waiting for you in the wasteland that will pose a real threat, especially if you don't know your stuff yet. These animals might have started as normal mammals like bats and sloths, but when the waves of nuclear radiation scrambled their genetic makeup, they become something else; something horrible.

Of course, Fallout 76 also includes very real monsters. We're not talking about mutated creatures-- we're talking about actual mythical monsters that have somehow come to life after the nuclear war. These monsters are part of West Virginian folklore, and they represent some of the most interesting and challenging enemies in the game. We've got some tips to share with you.

Here are 20 Mutated Creatures Only High-Level Players Can Take Down.

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20 Gulper

The Gulper might not be massively powerful, but it can still catch even veteran players off guard. This is especially true if the Gulpers you run into are very high level. As Fallout 76 players know, this can happen quite often. Gulpers are actually mutated Salamanders. These creatures have grown to incredible heights, towering above an average human being.

These creatures also deal high damage when in close quarters. It's best to keep a Gulper at bay with a long-range firearm. Trying to take it on within melee range is not a good idea! These creatures aren't actually new additions to Fallout 76, as they previously appeared in the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4.

19 Angler

Another fearsome beast is the Angler. Those played the Fallout 76 beta, ran into a whole herd of these dangerous beasts in the Toxic Valley. Not only are they dangerous, but they also look positively frightening.

Unlike some of the other mutated creatures we've seen in past Fallout games, we have absolutely no idea where Anglers came from. We know that the radiation of the nuclear war changed them, but we can only guess at what they once were. These creatures will quickly take down lower level players, and they can attack you in a wide variety of ways. They actually have a ranged attack, which shoots a toxic ball of liquid at you.

18 Deathclaw

Even though the mighty Deathclaw now plays second fiddle to the Scorchbeast, it's still a very dangerous enemy in Fallout 76. Once considered the most dangerous creature in the wasteland, the Deathclaw now has to settle for second place. That doesn't mean he's any less dangerous, though. Make no mistake, if you encounter one of these creatures in a cave, the best strategy is to run away-- fast.

Of course, high-level players will be able to bring down Deathclaws, but not without wasting a ton of ammo and coming to within an inch of their lives. As many veteran Fallout players know, a Deathclaw is actually a mutated Chameleon. In Fallout 76, players might run into a few variants of this creature. One of the toughest ones we've seen is the Scorched Deathclaw.

17 Mega Sloth

One of the coolest creatures in Fallout 76's massive wasteland is the Mega Sloth. When you see one of these, it's quite an experience. This creature appears to be the largest in the entire game, and it's definitely not easy to take down. It's a high-level enemy, and it can take a lot of hits before finally going down.

One of the coolest things about this creature is that a very similar animal once roamed North America! Known as the Giant Sloth, it was one of the famous mega-fauna that roamed the lands during the Pleistocene. During this time, there were tons of massive mammals, such as the Woolly Mammoth and the Saber-Toothed Tiger. While it's a high-level enemy, some players have commented that the Mega Sloth can be easy to take down, provided you keep your distance.

16 Scorchbeast

This might just be the star performer of Fallout 76's mutated cast. Another new addition to the irradiated lands of America, the Scorchbeast is a major part of Fallout 76's story. These are actually mutated bats that crawl out from under the earth, wreaking havoc on anyone who still survives after the nuclear war.

There's a lot more lore about these dangerous creatures, but we won't spoil it for you. All you really need to know is that when you see one, watch out. If you're not a pretty high-level character, the best you can hope for is to keep it at bay. Taking one down completely will require tons of firepower, and a good strategy.

15 Glowing One

Glowing Ones have been around for a very long time, and they're one of the most iconic creatures of the Fallout Universe. Any veteran player will tell you that this is no ordinary ghoul. Yes, it was once human, but the radiation has changed a Glowing One in ways that are far beyond normal "ghoulification." We've seen some pretty high-level glowing ones in the world of Fallout 76, and they were very tough to bring down.

Glowing Ones have all kinds of interesting abilities. For starters, you'll become irradiated as soon as they get close. Second of all, they can recharge their health with an interesting radiation type move. This also resurrects any fallen ghouls nearby. The general lore is that Glowing Ones are actually healed by radiation, instead of being damaged by it.

14 Radtoad

High-level players will probably view Radtoads as a minor annoyance, but they can definitely cause major issues for newbies. At first glance, Radtoads might look comical, or even cute. When you walk up for a closer look, you quickly realize that they're quite dangerous. As the name suggests, these animals are mutated versions of common toads.

They've swelled to incredible sizes, spawned multiple eyeballs, and developed some interesting traits. Radtoads can actually hit you with their tongues from quite a distance. They can also shoot eggs out of their backs, which act as mines. This means they're dangerous even after you've taken them down. When you first run into a herd of Radtoads, it can be quite an unforgiving learning experience.

13 Yao Guai

The mighty Yao Guai is a creature that has been in Fallout games for quite some time now. They return in Fallout 76, and they're still as vicious as ever. These animals are actually mutated black bears. While many people think that black Bbears are harmless, that's just not the case. Even though they're smaller than grizzly bears, they're still very dangerous.

Fallout 76 players will quickly find out that these bears pack quite a punch. There are many variants, such as the diseased Yao Guai or even the Scorched Yao Guai. As with any creature, high-level Yao Guai will pose quite a challenge. Even experts who have sunk countless hours into Fallout 76 have trouble with these mutated creatures.

12 Honey Beast

Another new addition to the Fallout 76 world, the Honey Beast is an interesting creation. After spending a few hours roaming Appalachia, players will probably come into contact with one. At first glance, it's hard to figure out exactly what's going on with its body. Upon closer inspection, it looks as if the Honey Beast is actually a collection of organisms, all living in symbiosis.

Firstly, the Honey Beast is made of one giant, mutated bee. Secondly, there are actually beehives coming out of this giant bee's back. They hives shoot out swarms of bees, which can target players and cause them all kinds of trouble. When a beehive is following you, you'll continually take damage.

11 Mirelurk Queen

We previously battled Mirelurk Queens in Fallout 4 and the expansion DLC, Far Harbor. This is a towering, monstrous beast that puts the common Mirelurk to shame. Players who have fought these things in the past know that they can take an enormous beating before they finally go down in a heap. This is exactly the same story in Fallout 76, where Mirelurk Queens have been sighted a few times.

They're still quite rare, but they are out there in West Virginia. If you see one and you're still low level, it might be best to simply run away and hide. This is especially true if you're alone, as it typically takes a large team of well-armed, high-level players to bring this monstrosity down once and for all.

10 Fog Crawler

Plenty of Fallout players are probably familiar with the Fog Crawler. This creature first appeared in the Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor. They return again in Fallout 76, and they remain one of the most dangerous creatures out there. This is pretty impressive, given the fact that Fog Crawlers now have some serious competition in the world of Fallout 76.

When you see them, you know you're dealing with a powerful creature. These animals stand taller than a Deathclaw, making them one of the biggest creatures in the game. When they get up close, they can slice you up with their razor sharp incisors. Low-level characters won't last long at all, and running would probably be the safest option.

9 Robobrain

It make seem like robots don't belong in this list, but the Robobrain is actually unique among Fallout's robot enemies, given the fact that it's technically a cyborg. They don't call it a Robobrain for nothing - this robot has a human brain as an organic component mixed in with its circuity and metal frame.

Is it a mutated creature? Any living being exposed to the nuclear radiation of the Great War would have become irradiated. That includes the living brain inside the Robobrain. Make no mistake, this is a tough enemy to bring down. Fallout 76 variants have some pretty neat abilities, such as smoke bombs to hide their location. High-level players know that when you waste a Robobrain, you get tons of experience points.

8 Mirelurk Hunter

Mirelurks are bad enough. They appear out of nowhere, slice you to pieces with their claws, and generally ruin your day. Plus, the sound of their feet scuttering across the ground is enough to give anyone nightmares. Veteran players know that there's something even worse than a typical Mirelurk. This is the fearsome Mirelurk hunter, and it returns again in Fallout 76.

The Mirelurk Hunter is usually a much greater threat than a typical Mirelurk. These creatures are actually mutated lobsters. While Mirelurks are vulnerable to headshots, Hunters seem to shrug off even the most precise of hits to the face. They can also spit acid at players, making them dangerous at close or medium ranges.

7 Flatwoods Monster

Now we're getting to the good stuff. One of the coolest things about Fallout 76 is the inclusion of monsters. Usually, Fallout enemies are based on mutated versions of humans or animals. Rarely do we see creatures that seem completely fictional in origin. Enemies like the Flatwoods Monster can be found in the wasteland if you look hard enough.

This monster is based on real stories that have been told by West Virginians for many years. Who knows if the Flatwoods monster is real or not, but in the world of Fallout 76, this beast has come alive. It was allegedly sighted in 1952 in West Virginia, following a "bright object crossing the sky." In the game of Fallout 76, it has amazing teleportation abilities. As soon as you lay eyes on it, it could disappear in a flash.

6 Grafton Monster

The Grafton Monster is another legendary creature to appear in Fallout 76. This enemy was heavily featured in a lot of the promotional videos and trailers leading up to the release. This monster is also a real subject of myth and legend in the West Virginia region, and many people might already be familiar with it. In 1965, residents of Grafton reported seeing a hulking beast with "Seal-like skin."

In Fallout 76, the Grafton Monster is quite challenging to take down. He'll rush straight at you and batter you down quite quickly. Because of this, engaging the beast at long ranges might be best. One method that works great is to sneak attack the monster with a Black Powder Rifle.

5 Snallygaster

The Snallygaster is one of the most menacing creatures in post-nuclear Appalachia. This creature is another monster that has been the subject of many myths and legends across America. As early as the 1700s, early German settlers reported seeing these beasts. It was said to have a mixture of reptile and bird features, and it appeared almost like a small dragon.

In Fallout 76, the Snallygaster might just be the most common of the legendary monsters. These creatures are often seen traveling in packs, which makes them even harder to bring down. Many low-level players have underestimated the toughness of the Snallygaster. Again, the best way to take them on is to engage at far distances using a sniper rifle or a similar weapon.

4 Wendingo

At first glance, the Wendingo might seem similar to a common ghoul, but believe us, this creature is a lot more dangerous. This is another Fallout 76 enemy based on real urban legends, and it's definitely a spooky addition to the game. According to legend, this is a man-eating creature that might be a possessed human.

Players often find Wendigos deep inside caves, or in areas where high-level creatures roam. This creature packs the punch of a Deathclaw, in only a fraction of the size. It's fast, it's strong, and it has a tendency to weave around bullets. Simply put, it's not the type of enemy that any low level player should try and take down.

3 Mothman

The Mothman is probably the most well-known of the mythical beasts included in the game. There was even a movie about this creature, called The Mothman Prophecies. In that film, we never got to see the Mothman clearly, but in Fallout 76, players might end up getting too close for comfort. This is one of the most dangerous creatures in the whole game.

In Appalachia, there's even a Mothman Museum that players can visit. It's a really neat touch, and this museum actually exists in the real West Virginia today! Beware - players have reported being stalked by the Mothman on their way to this museum. This is one creature that can eat low-level players for breakfast.

2 Super Mutant Behemoth

As far as we know, no one has actually seen a Super Mutant Behemoth in Fallout 76-- yet. I t's an iconic enemy that we've seen many time in previous games, and we're sure it'll make an appearance soon. Information about the unique strain of Super Mutant native to Appalachia seems to suggest that they can grow in size. This means that there's potential for Behemoths in this game.

In addition, there's going to be a lot of DLC in the future. The addition of Behemoths would definitely make sense, especially as more time passes in the fictional world of Appalachia. Super mutants need time to grow, of course. Needless to say, these monsters are no match for low-level players.

1 Scorchbeast Queen

The Scorchbeast Queen was only rumored to exist for the longest time, but recently we got confirmation. A YouTuber recently uploaded a video showing off an intense battle with a Scorchbeast Queen - the strongest enemy in the entire game. This is part of the endgame mission, where players must seal off fissures in the ground. Destroying the queen is the ultimate way of putting an end to the Scorchbeasts.

We're sure that after this momentous occasion, plenty of other players are going to successfully take down Scorchbeast Queens. This isn't a battle for low-level players. To even lay eyes on a Scorchbeast Queen, you have to be at an extremely high level.


What mutated creatures have you fought in Fallout 76? Let us know in the comments!

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