Fallout 76 Microtransaction Prices and Items Revealed

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Fallout 76 microtransactions have a price attached to them now, thanks to GameStop Ireland. The store unveiled the real world pricing of Fallout 76's Atoms earlier today, the first time anyone had done so. Whether it was intentional or not, fans of the post-apocalyptic franchise now know just how much their Atomic Shop purchases will cost them.

Gamers already knew Fallout 76 microtransactions were in the pipeline, but their pricing wasn't revealed during the game's beta, which has been generally well-received despite featuring the kind of bugs usually reserved for Bethesda's single player experiences. The in-game currency, called Atoms, will be used for cosmetic items only, and will provide no advantages to the player other than a potential edge in wasteland aesthetic.

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GameStop Ireland's price listing showed Atom purchases as follows: 500 Atoms - 4.99€ (roughly $5.99 USD), 1000 (+100 Bonus) Atoms - 9.99€  (roughly $11.99 USD), 2000 (+400 Bonus) Atoms - 19.99€ (roughly $22.99 USD), and 4000 (+1000 Bonus) Atoms - 39.99€ (roughly $45.99 USD).  For those interested, the entire cost of the Atomic Store, at least currently, clocks in at just shy of 8000 Atoms. That means the entirety of Fallout 76's microtransaction cosmetics can be had for well under $100 USD at launch, especially thanks to the generous amount of bonus Atoms on offer to celebrate the game's release. A Redditor using named harlaxmarcel was also able to reveal what specific items are available to be purchased, and the full list is included below.

Featured: 2 Items (Total: 800 Atom)- Thank you for participating (0 Atom)- Vault 76 Cap (500 Atom)- Our Future Begins Photo Frame (300 Atom)--------------------------------------------------------Apparel: 6 Items (Total: 2600 Atom)- Pajamas (600 Atom)- RR Jumpsuit (600 Atom)- Black Overalls (400 Atom)- Red Shirt And Slacks (200 Atom)- Vault 76 Cap(500 Atom)- Sun Hat (300 Atom)--------------------------------------------------------Skins: 1 Item (Total: 400 Atom)- Blue Roadster Paint for Pipboy (400 Atom)--------------------------------------------------------C.A.M.P: 6 Items (Total: 2400 Atom)- Nuka-Cola Stash (700 Atom)- Starburst Linoleum (600 Atom)- Country Door (300 Atom)- Succulents (200 Atom)- Clean Small Generator (300 Atom)- Clean Purifier (300 Atom)--------------------------------------------------------Styles: 4 Items (Total: 950 Atom)- Throat Stitch (250 Atom)- Gridiron (250 Atom)- Anchor Tattoo (250 Atom)- Eagle Tattoo (200 Atom)--------------------------------------------------------Photomode: 5 Items (Total: 950 Atom)- Wave (150 Atom)- Heroic (150 Atom)- Heart (250 Atom)- Our Future Begins Photo Frame (300 Atom)- Montani Semper Liberi Photo Frame (100 Atom)--------------------------------------------------------Emotes: 2 Items (Total: 600 Atom)- Dying Of Thirst! Emote (300 Atom)- So Hungry Emote (300 Atom)--------------------------------------------------------Icons: 39 Items (Total: 1950 Atom)- Dweller 12 (50 Atom)- Feral Ghoul (50 Atom)- Dweller 04 (50 Atom)- Fireproof (50 Atom)- Sugar Bombs (50 Atom)- Embrace (50 Atom)- Rocket Girl (50 Atom)- Bottle (50 Atom)- Laser Pistol (50 Atom)- Fat Man (50 Atom)- Dweller 07 (50 Atom)- Dweller 06 (50 Atom)- Giddyup Buttercup (50 Atom)- Dweller 05 (50 Atom)- Combat Shotgun (50 Atom)- Lunch (50 Atom)- Red Rocketship (50 Atom)- Dweller 10 (50 Atom)- Dweller 08 (50 Atom)- Suited Up (50 Atom)- Dweller 03 (50 Atom)- Brahmin (50 Atom)- Stimpak (50 Atom)- Fallout 4 (50 Atom)- Minigun (50 Atom)- Molerat (50 Atom)- Lazer Rifle (50 Atom)- Dweller 01 (50 Atom)- Buzzed (50 Atom)- Plasma Pistol (50 Atom)- Fat Stacks (50 Atom)- Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV (50 Atom)- Radioactivity (50 Atom)- Gatling Gun (50 Atom)- Bubbles (50 Atom)- Weak Feral Ghoul (50 Atom)- Pork And Beans (50 Atom)- Classy Girl (50 Atom)- Mini Nuke (50 Atom)--------------------------------------------------------[Total Atom Store Cost 7900 Atom]

Fallout 76 Microtransactions Price Revealed

Fallout 76 microtransactions aren't the only way to get these cosmetic items, either. Atoms can be earned simply by playing through Fallout 76's main game, although they'll naturally be accumulated at a slower rate than simply purchasing them at the Atomic Shop. Bethesda announced that the company intends for players to be able to earn Atomic Shop items for free if they're so inclined, and players who have participated in the Fallout 76 beta have confirmed that Atoms can be earned almost immediately and are also rewarded through specific challenges for those looking to grind to a certain amount.

At least as it stands right now, Fallout 76's microtransaction system feels pretty fair to those who don't want to spend real  money on purely visual upgrades to their characters. While it remains to be seen if earning Atoms through in-game missions begins to taper off later into Fallout 76, the current system is one that will likely earn some positive reception from gamers who are fresh off a few microtransaction scares. While other games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 explore more predatory in-game microtransactions, it's refreshing to know Bethesda doesn't necessarily share the same outlook on the valuable business model.

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Source: GameStop Ireland, Reddit

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