Fallout 76 Backlash Could Lead to a Class Action Lawsuit

Bethesda Studios could be facing a class action lawsuit for their handling of Fallout 76 backlash. Player furor over the latest in the Fallout franchise has been steadily growing over the past month. While the developer recently issued an apology and promised more transparency in the future, it appears to be too little too late. A law firm has taken notice of the complaints directed at the developer and has announced plans to investigate.

The developer has been struggling with player skepticism ever since it was announced that the next Fallout game would be strictly online. Things only got worse when the game was official released. Fallout 76 was found to be full of game-breaking bugs and entire sections of the world were found to be unplayable. Disappointed, players have begun asking for refunds. But Bethesda’s refund policy says players are not eligible for one once they have downloaded the game. Despite the policy, some have reported receiving refunds after speaking with the support team. Bethesda later resumed its strict, no refunds policy, resulting in confusion and more anger from players.

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According to Business Insider, Migliaccio and Rathod LLC, a Washington D.C. law firm, has decided to investigate Bethesda. From there, the firm will come to the decision on whether it is worth filing a class-action lawsuit stating Bethesda took part in deceptive trade practices. The firm has set up a confidential questionnaire for players who attempted to receive a refund.

Bethesda’s refund policy isn’t the only issue the firm plans on investigating. Players who preordered the $200 “Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition” were surprised to find that the edition contained a cheap nylon bag instead of the West Tek canvas bag that was advertised. Upon being asked the reason for the change, customer support responded by explaining there was a lack in materials. However, they never alerted buyers to the switch. Bethesda later issued a statement reiterating the initial response and offered 500 Atoms (equivalent of $5) of in-game currency to those who ordered the special edition. Chris Livingston, staff writer for PC Gamer, noted on Twitter that the offer can’t buy players an in-game canvas bag either.

Things were already looking bad for Bethesda with their worst reviewed game in years. The company’s botched responses to complaints and criticism have only made things worse. Bethesda has a steep uphill battle ahead of them, potential lawsuit aside. Players’ trust in the company has taken a hit, and future projects could be impacted if Bethesda isn’t careful. With so much at stake, Bethesda would be wise to keep to their promise of full transparency about Fallout 76 if they hope to recover.

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Source: Business Insider

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