Fallout 76 Guide: Best Methods to Farm Bottle Caps & XP

Best Fallout 76 Events to Farm


Not all Fallout 76 events are created equal, but specific ones can yield higher rewards than others. Note that each event, once completed, can potentially restart in approximately 60 minutes, so if you can’t find a specific event, just try another server or pursue another objective until it becomes active once again. Certain unique events may not spawn on every day, though.

  • Uraniaum Fever (Blackwater Mine): Defense event which will pit playeers against multiple Mole Miners, including Legendary variants.
  • One Violent Night (Sons of Dane Compound): Best completed with a team, triggering the event requires players to make a lot of noise in the bar, and optionally be under the effects of alcohol. The event will spawn a large quantity of ghouls, as well as a unique Nightstalker cryptid. Defeating the Nightstalker barehanded rewards a unique Legendary machete, the Nailer.
  • Jailbreak (Eastern Regional Pentitentiary): Not the toughest event, but manageable with an early to mid-game build, featuring lots of Super Mutant enemies.
  • AWOL Armaments / Census Violence / Surface to Air (Cranberry Bog region): All three of these events have a chance to spawn in Cranberry Bog. They’re designed for later-game character builds, but all three have reasonably high chances to reward the player with plans legendary gear.

Fallout 76 Perk Cards and Aid Items

Fallout 76 Guide Xp and Caps Perk Cards

There are a few aid items which provide XP boosts, as well as increases to Luck and Charisma. While most alcohol items generally offer a slight Charisma boost, some do not, so read the item descriptions in your Pip-Boy carefully.

Additionally, note that XP boosts obtained from aid items do not stack with each other, though they will stack with other XP boosting sources, like the Well Rested status effect and the Inspirational Perk card. Essentially, with a little bit of planning, you can engineer an additional 30% XP gained for your trouble.

  • Canned Meat Stew: +5% XP
  • Cranberry Relish: +10% XP gain
  • Ribeye Steak: +20 carry weight (helpful for vendor runs)
  • Corn Pone: +2 Charisma
  • Sweet Roll: +3 Charisma
  • Awesome Opposum Bacon: +2 Luck
  • Appalachili: +2 Luck
  • Iguana Soup: +3 Luck

Perk Cards which increase XP and cap gain potential:

  • Inspirational (Charisma): Adds +5% XP gain for you and your team, and can be upgraded to level 3 for +15%. What’s interesting is that — in the current patch, at least — this bonus seems to apply to solo players as well.
  • Hard Bargain (Charisma): Better buying and selling prices at vendors.
  • Travel Agent (Charisma): Fast travel is 30% cheaper.
  • Chemist (Intelligence): Craft twice as many chems for the same resources.
  • Pharma Farma (Luck): Adds a “Search” option when looting chem containers that has an increasing chance to reveal bonus chems. Upgrading to the level 3 version increases chance to 80%.
  • Scrounger (Luck): Adds a “Search” option when looting ammo boxes that has an increasing chance to reveal bonus ammo. Upgrading to the level 3 version increases chance to 80%.
  • Can do! (Luck): Adds a “Search” option when looting canned food containers that has an increasing chance to reveal bonus canned food items. Upgrading to the level 3 version increases chance to 80%.
  • Cap Collector (Luck): Slight chance to find more caps in a caps stash. Upgrading to the level 3 version increases chance to 100%.
  • Super Duper (Luck): Slight chance to obtain double yield when crafting. Upgrading to the level 3 version increases to 30% chance.
  • Green Thumb (Perception): Doubles the amount of flora looted, which can be crafted into food to sell.
  • Fortune Finder (Perception) Adds directional audio when in the range of a caps stash.

Additional notes: the SPECIAL stats Charisma and Luck provide a sweeping and general increase to XP and potential caps gained. Charisma adds a bonus to both XP and caps gained from group quests completed, and Luck increases the chances of finding better loot in containers and on enemy corpses.

The Intelligence stat seems to increase XP gained on a sliding scale, though this is an unannounced feature and may possibly be yet another bug.

And, finally, don’t ever leave your C.A.M.P. for a journey without earning the Well Rested status effect of +5% to XP gained, easily obtained by sleeping in a bed. Happy hunting!

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Sources cited: Vendors and Whitespring caps stash maps sourced from the r/fo76 Subreddit (OPs u/Channel5Gaming and u/Bunny-Films, respectively)

Key Release Dates
  • Fallout 76 (2018 Video Game) release date: Nov 14, 2018
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