Fallout 76 Day One Patch is Bigger Than The Game (& You Can't Uninstall the PC Beta)

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Bethesda's day one patch for Fallout 76 promises to be a supersized update that will take up more room than the game itself. Although developers had already teased that Fallout 76 would be four times larger than any other Fallout game, installing the game will require some serious space, while other players claim they can't uninstall the game's beta phase.

Going online with the first MMO Fallout since the series began back in 1997 was always going to be a massive endeavor, but Fallout 76 seems to be getting bigger by the day. Moving away from the classic RPG nature of Fallout, players can team up or go it alone in a unique game that will include no NPCsFallout 76's beta wasn't exactly a runaway success, but such a big patch is technically good news.

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According to PSUFallout 76's day one install will require 96.6GB of space. Considering the core game is 45.04GB, that means the day one patch is an eye-watering 54.641GB. The full day one patch is set to address a number of issues and tweak the likes of stash capacity, push-to-talk, and a temperamental hunger gauge. Mid and high-level Super Mutants are getting some balance changes, there will be graphics adjustments across the board, and a Power Armor glitch that caused the game to become unresponsive is also being fixed.

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Elsewhere, there have been problems with PC owners trying to uninstall Fallout 76's beta game. Some concerned players revealed on Reddit that they can't remove the beta without manually deleting the Fallout 76's program files - something that isn't recommended. With the game's servers going live on Nov. 14, fans hope they'll then be able to eventually log in and officially remove the beta version. Anyone planning on keeping the beta will see it update to the full version and any progress be carried over.

Bethesda trying to push the envelope further than any online game being a huge undertaking, Fallout 76's colossal size isn't that unexpected. Gamers should also remember that Treyarch's recent Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 also carried a weighty day one patch. Also, news that the day one patch is bigger than the game itself suggests that Bethesda has been listening to the beta's criticisms. Unfortunately, there's a long list of criticisms when it comes to Fallout 76, so expect the first patch to only be the start.

Fallout 76 may take longer to install than most games thanks to the day one patch, but here's hoping the franchise's first MMO is worth the wait. Find out more when Fallout 76 officially comes to PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on November 14.

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Source: PSU, pip12345/Reddit

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