A Fallout 76 Documentary Is Coming Soon

As the video game industry works toward this year's E3 Expo, Bethesda's news doesn't end with the recent announcement of Fallout 76. As well as the rumored MMO survival game, it turns out that a Fallout 76 documentary about the company's inner workings will be coming just before E3.

Known for YouTube videos covering subjects like the extensive history of the DOOM series, Danny O’Dwyer and Noclip are Kickstarter experts at crafting video game documentaries. With Bethesda promising a huge presentation at this year's gaming expo, now is the perfect time to release a look at what makes the industry giants tick.

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Fallout 76 is currently shrouded in mystery, but it will likely become a lot clearer after E3 and Noclip's insight. As well as this, a rare look behind the scenes of Bethesda should be a treat for fans of the company behind games like the Fallout series, The Elder Scrolls, and the newest DOOM and Wolfenstein titles. Released in two parts, the main focus of the second half of the documentary will be Fallout 76 after fans “go on a journey through the history of Fallout" in Part 1.

Fallout 76 documentary

It won't just be a trip to an apocalyptic wasteland, though, as Noclip also promises to explore some of Bethesda's other accomplishments and what makes one of the best. There will presumably be a rundown of what went right and wrong in the Fallout games and maybe even a hint of what could be coming in the future. Big questions currently hang over where the series will go next, and just like Fallout: New Vegas, 76 looks to be set outside the "main" four games.

O'Dwyer's credentials make him a prime candidate for the pet project, rising to fame as a host and producer on GameSpot before founding Noclip in 2016. “The History of Bethesda Game Studios” will air online on June 5th, followed by “The Making of Fallout 76” on June 12. Considering June 12 is when E3 starts, Noclip have done some clever marketing with this one. While both episodes will be free to watch on Noclip's YouTube channel, donations are welcomed via Patreon.

Coming as a surprise when it was announced only days ago and being set as the earliest Fallout game in the franchise, the curtain is still down on Fallout 76. Theorists are currently trying to glean what they can from the teaser trailer and have so far deduced that the storyline will probably follow a control vault that opens years after the world has gone to ruin. With a new era for the series and the potential to finally get Pip-Boy online after the development hell of Fallout Online, Fallout 76 could be one of Bethesda's biggest projects ever. Find out more when Noclip opens up its own vault of intrigue.

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Source: Noclip, Patreon

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