The Fallout 76 Battle Royale Beta Seems Way More Fun

Fallout 76 Frog Legs Beta Battle Royale

Fans of Bethesda who've stuck around with last year's Fallout 76 have been treated with a new 52-player Battle Royale mode called Nuclear Winter that's much more fun than previous content. As is natural with competitive games these days, players have already found a highly overpowered build that's as exciting to use as it is annoying for others to deal with.

The main perk in the build is called Frog Legs and allows you to jump 300 percent higher than normal. Players are pairing Frog Legs with the Demolition Expert perk, which gives explosive weapons 80 percent more damage, and Grenadier, a perk that doubles your explosive weapon's blast radius. With these abilities combined, players have found an extremely efficient way of raining down explosions on unsuspecting foes from high vantage points. It's difficult for every player to get access to these abilities due to the game's way of distributing perks, however, which has led to some imbalance. As of right now, the game awards a random perk once every level until level 13. As soon as players hit level 20, they get a new perk once every four levels.

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As of right now, no changes have been made to the Frog Legs perk or its explosive pairings. According to Kotaku, the team over at Bethesda Game Studios is well aware that a multitude of players has been utilizing the trio of perks. Although it's a lot of fun to use, hopefully, this means changes are coming down the pipeline to make them a bit more balanced. Some players are rightfully complaining about the previously mentioned way these perks are acquired. On top of the slow progression, players can also get duplicate perk cards meaning their chances of getting Frog Legs are totally randomized. With 73 perk cards in total, 10 of which are exclusive to Nuclear Winter, they may not see the perks they want for some time.

Bethesda Game Studios has begun rolling out changes to the Battle Royale mode as well as the rest of the base game. In an update released on June 25, the team officially moved Nuclear Winter from Pre-Beta to Beta. The Fallout series has never been praised for its gunplay in particular, so the decision to add a Battle Royale mode is definitely a bit jarring. However, it does seem like the team is leaning into the wackier aspects of the Fallout series and incorporating them into Nuclear Winter. When being put up against Battle Royale titans like Apex Legends, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Call of Duty: Blackout, it'll be interesting to see if Nuclear Winter still resonates in the months to come.

For those who aren't as interested in a Battle Royale mode, there's something coming for them, too. Fallout 76 will be receiving a myriad of changes to the base game with the Wastelanders update. This will begin Fallout 76's second year of content and it'll include series staples like dialogue options, a storyline, and human NPC characters. All of this content will be free for Fallout 76 owners. As it stands, Bethesda Game Studios seems to be really trying to turn a lot of the negatives people had with Fallout 76 into positives, and that's always a good thing.

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Source: Kotaku

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