Bethesda Apologizes for Poor Communication and State of Fallout 76

Aware that players are upset with the current state of Fallout 76, Bethesda sends out an apology for their lack in communication regarding fixes.

Bethesda Game Studios has released an apology for their lack of communication regarding Fallout 76. News that the Fallout franchise would be getting its first MMORPG was not well-received by longtime fans. Unfortunately for Bethesda, the reception didn’t improve upon the game’s launch earlier this month. Critics and players found numerous issues and Fallout 76 became Bethesda’s worst reviewed game in over a decade. After weeks of complaints, the developer is reaching out to let players know they’ve been heard.

It’s not uncommon for a newly launched game to have its share of bugs. But for Fallout 76, these glitches were numerous and game breaking, like the haunting, inescapable power armor. One huge problem for the game was the C.A.M.P. base building which made it nearly impossible for players to retain a complicated base in its original form. Some players reported problems with the new nukes. While one team of players ran into some issues with their ambitious triple nuke launch, the use of a single nuke has been said to result in crashing servers as well. Players are growing increasingly frustrated with each mounting issue and demands for refunds have begun.

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Fallout 76 power armor

The post came with news regarding two future updates. The first, to occur on December 4, will increase the stash limit from 400 to 600. Bugs will be addressed as well, including fixing the issue of getting stuck in power armor. Expect more glitches to be fixed on December 11. For players struggling with the C.A.M.P. system, they will gain the ability to select a new server if their current space is otherwise occupied. They will also be able to remove small debris using the Bulldozer feature, making C.A.M.P. placement easier.

Bethesda closes out their post asking players to keep informing them about any issues they come across. The developer will begin providing weekly updates and maintain more open communication between them and gamers. It sounds like Bethesda has every intention on making Fallout 76 the game they initially promised. But the updates, as important as they are, might have come too late. Anger among players has been steadily growing for some time now. The news may not be enough to encourage frustrated gamers to return. Bethesda has their work cut out for them, not just in improving Fallout 76, but in regaining the trust of their fans.

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Source: Bethesda

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