Fallout 4 Trailer & Pip-Boy App: Build A Character Before Release

In less than a week Fallout 4 will finally sit on store shelves and digital marketplaces, and anticipation for Bethesda's latest open-world wasteland RPG - expected to be a typical genre triumph - is at its peak. The studio just revealed a cross-promotion with developer Turn 10 to feature Fallout-themed vehicles in Forza Motosport 6, while themed beer by Carlsberg is available on Amazon UK and Nuka-Cola Quantum at Target stores in the U.S.. Everyone wants in on the return of Fallout and the hype can't get much bigger after leaked gameplay made headlines this week.

With Fallout 4 just days away, Bethesda released the official launch trailer trailer today that should impress even those who have already watched the leaked footage. The trailer depicts Fallout protagonist Sole Survivor (voiced by Brian Delaunay and Courtenay Taylor) navigating a post-apocalyptic world (with the series' celebrated retro-future visual style) and interacting with brigands, freedom fighters, and the mysterious organization known as The Institute.

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