Fallout 4: 20 Powerful Items That Are Impossible To Find (And Where To Find Them)

When you’re exploring Fallout 4’s huge open world, sometimes you need something a little bit special to help you face the full horrors of Boston in 2287. Sadly, these special items aren’t exactly easy to find. What you need is a guide to show you where the most powerful loot and weapons can be found – not to mention some of the more fabulous sartorial items out there.

To help, we’ve put together a list to show you how to get the most inaccessible items. These include weapons that will make mutants run to the hills, a pair of pants that will break any fall, and some seriously overpowered Nuka-Cola recipes.

Incredibly, Bethesda released Fallout 4 almost 3 years ago on November 10, 2015. The game follows the protagonist as they try to locate their son in a dilapidated future world. It brought  new features to the franchise, including the ability to create settlements and obtain a canine companion. Like other open world adventures, such as Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto 5, the game keeps drawing players back to its mutant-infested world.

What keeps players coming back to the game? Part of the game’s longevity has been its downloadable content and its expansion packs.  There’s also the small matter of there being 50 base weapons to find with 700 possible modifications, over 140 quests to complete, and four different endings to see.

Even though Fallout 76 is around the corner, players are still heading out of the Vault to see what they can find.

Here are the 20 Powerful Items That Are Impossible To Find In Fallout 4 (And Where To Find Them).

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20 Alien Blaster Pistol

If you’re after something more exotic than Earth-based weaponry, this alien blaster pistol should do the trick - but you won’t be able to get your hands on it until you’ve reached at least level 20 or visited Vault 75. Easy, right? Either of these two things should trigger an alien spaceship to appear and crash. Head to Oberland Station and then go east or go Chestnut Hillock Reservoir and then head northwest. This is best done at night, as you will want to watch the horizon – the burning wreckage should be visible.

From the crash site, a trail of green alien ooze leads you to a cave. 

An injured alien will be inside, but it won’t be much of a challenge. Loot its body to get the pistol and a load of ammo. When this runs out, the pistol can be modified to take fusion cell rounds.

19 The Problem Solver

The Fallout 4: Nuka-World expansion pack contains a host of new unique weapons, not least of which is the promisingly named Problem Solver. This handmade AK-47 style rifle is powerful to begin with, but has the legendary effect of increasing damage with every consecutive hit on target. Nice.

You can obtain the Problem Solver during the quest An Ambitious Plan by impressing gang leader Mason, head of The Pack. You need to act tough to pass this charisma test. Pick the aggressive dialogue options during conversation with Mason – and make sure you tell him to do as he’s told when you’re given the chance. If he’s suitably impressed by your alpha posturing, the gun will be yours. After that, your only problem becomes which problem to solve first…

18 Furious Power Fist

Like the Problem Solver rifle, the Furious Power Fist has the legendary weapon effect of increasing damage with each consecutive on-target hit. However, this weapon is available in a handy gauntlet form, which is ideal for all those close melee situations

To equip yourself with a fist of fury, head to the Boston Common area and start exploring until you find a location called Swan’s Pond on the west side of the green.

Don’t be fooled by the swan floating serenely on the irradiated water, however. Approaching or damaging the bird draws the ire of the super mutant behemoth Swan, one of the hardest bosses around. This will be a tough fight, so go into it well-prepared. Once Swan falls, loot his body to find the weapon and unleash the fury.

17 Deathclaw Wellingham recipe

Post-apocalyptic survival isn’t all about weapons and armour, sometimes you just need a good meal - and sometimes that meal is made from, um, Deathclaw eggs. Sounds delicious, right? Wellingham of the Diamond City's Colonial Taphouse certainly thinks so, and in return for a pristine Deathclaw egg, he will give you the recipe to make your own Deathclaw egg à la Wellingham. After you consume the meal, you’ll receive 115 hit points and an increased healing rate, which should help wash the bad taste away.

To do this, start the side-quest The Devil’s Due and head to the Museum of Witchcraft. Follow the quest until you reach the body of Sergeant Lee (destroying or avoiding a pesky Deathclaw on the way). Around the body are some Deathclaw eggs. Collect the uncracked one and take it to Wellingham in Diamond City to receive the recipe.

16 Grognak’s Axe

If you’ve ever wanted to crush your enemies, then Grognak's axe is for you. It belongs to a long-haired, muscular barbarian by the name of Grognak, the titular hero of the Grognak the Barbarian comics you may have found scattered around the Commonwealth.

Grognak’s axe can be found in Hubris Comics, which is between Trinity Tower and Park St. Station, and is west of Swan’s Pond.

You’ll need advanced lock-picking skills to open the display case that houses the weapon. You’ll also need to fight your way through the hordes of ghouls that infest the store. If you’ve got the strength, fight your way upstairs to the top floor. Here, you’ll be rewarded with Grognak’s loincloth.

15 2076 World Series Baseball Bat

This might not be the hardest item to find, or the most ferocious looking, but does have an intriguing special effect: there's a small chance that it will send objects flying. So who could resist giving it a swing?

To get your hands on this unique bat, activate the quest Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain - or you can try to find Jamaica Plain yourself (it’s southwest of University Point). Once there, it should be easy to spot the big Town Hall building, although you might encounter a few feral ghouls along the way. The bat and several other treasures are hidden in the basement of the building. However, be careful: the loot is guarded by laser trip wire activated gun turrets.

14 Nuka-Nuke Launcher

This Fat Man modification is found in the Fallout 4: Nuka-World expansion pack. Dealing a punishing 833 damage points, it is the second-most powerful weapon in the entire game.

In order to obtain it, you'll need to complete the quest Cappy in a Haystack, which requires you to find 10 Cappy symbols.

This can take a while, so make sure to check out a walkthrough if you’re stuck. After this, head back to Sierra, who gave you the quest, and she’ll give you access to the office of John-Caleb Bradberton, the creator of Nuka-Cola. Look behind the vending machine for a hidden red button and you’ll discover the Nuka-Cola company head in the flesh — or at least some of it. Grant his final wish and you’ll be rewarded with the Nuka-Nuke Launcher.

13 Shishkebab sword

The name of this weapon alone is reason enough to covet this item, but the Shiskebab is also one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game. It's a sword with fire and it can be modified to give an additional 13 energy damage. Enough said.

The Shishkebab is found in Saugus Ironworks, which is northeast of Boston. The entire area is filled with some fairly difficult foes, so you might want to get both levelled-up and tooled-up before you head off to find this prize. The Shishkebab itself is in the possession of Slag, the leader of the ferocious raider clan, The Forged. At the Ironwords, keep heading up until you find Slag in the blast furnace. He will put up quite a fight, but after you defeat him, this unique weapon will be yours.

12 Mysterious Serum

The Mysterious Serum significantly boosts your strength and provides plenty of damage and radiation resistance. However, you can only ever carry one vial with you at any one time, and it can’t be traded or sold.

To get the serum, you need to complete The Secret of Cabot House quest.

This quest provides the player with a moral quandary, as they must decide whether to end the life of Lorenzo Cabot, who has been kept alive for 400 years in the basement of the Parsons State Insane Asylum or help him enact revenge on his family. Terminating Lorenzo will reward the player with 500 caps and the Artefact Gun. If you free Lorenzo, he will ask you to help him in his quest for vengeance. Going through with this request will result in Lorenzo allowing you to go to Cabot House to pick up more serum whenever you need it.

11 Artillery Cannon

You’ll need to complete a few of the Minutemen quests in order to obtain a personal artillery. First, find Preston Gravey, who’ll take you to a former Minuteman fortress named the Castle. Complete the missions that Gravey assigns to you and, eventually, you’ll establish a base. From there, you’ll have to enter the base’s basement, where you’ll have to do battle against some robots before finding the armoury, which contains plans to build an artillery using the Workshop.

Once you’ve built an artillery, assign a settler to man it. Repeat the process for each of your settlements. To target a location, you’ll need to throw an artillery smoke grenade at it. Providing that you’re near an artillery equipped settlement, you should soon start to see fire reign down on your target.

10 Every Nuka-Cola recipe

In the arid wasteland, sometimes the only thing to quench your thirst is a refreshing can of Nuka-Cola. Luckily, thanks to the Fallout 4 DLC Nuka-World, you can now craft up to 15 unique Nuka-Cola recipes. The locations of the recipes are scattered far and wide.

Some of these recipes give you powerful abilities and can only be made with certain ingredients.

In order to craft them, you must not only find the recipes, but also discover the Nuka-Cola Mixing Station, which is only available in the DLC. They all have names like Nuka-Cide, Nuka-Bombdrop, and Nuka-Ray. These recipe cards are located in areas such as Nuka-Town USA, King Cola’s Court, and the Nuka-World Power Plant. However, thankfully there are some walkthroughs that include a full list of recipe locations.

9 Freefall Legs

Freefall Armor Freefall Legs Fallout 4

The Freefall legs are easily one of the most useful pieces of armour in the whole game. By wearing these, you’ll never experience any damage from falling ever again. Getting these pair of armoured trousers requires some equipment, jet pack modified power armour, and carefully scaling a tall building.

Before starting the quest, you’ll need to equip your power armour with a jet pack. To do this, you’ll need a Science rank of 4 and the armourer perk – and, of course, a jet pack. After this, you can head to the Mass Fusion Building, which is located to the north of Goodneighbour, for a round of jumping puzzles and lock picking. A full guide to getting the Freefall Legs can be found on US Gamer.

8 Full suit of X-01 Power Armour

X-01 Power Armour Fallout 4

The X-01 Power Armour appears in several locations throughout Fallout 4’s wasteland. However, you don't normally come across the entire suit. In fact, the full armour is only available in one location in the game, near the Custom House Tower.

From the tower, head south-west until you find a building with a sign that says "35 Court." Enter the building and take the elevator down to the lower level.

You’ll encounter an assautron and sentry bot, both of which need to be taken out. Once you’ve dealt with them, hit the red buttons in the chambers that the robots came out of to unlock the armour. Before making an attempt to obtain the armour, its recommended that players are at least at level 28.

7 Overseer’s Guardian

Overseers Guardian in Fallout 4

The Overseer’s Guardian is arguably the best weapon in all of Fallout 4. It can be modified to suit how you play and it can even fire an additional projectile without costing you a bullet. This makes it a hefty, damage-inducing piece of hardware that you’ll want to have with you when you’re alone in the wasteland.

To get the weapon, you’ll need to locate Vault 81, which is located to the northwest of Diamond City. To gain entry to the vault, you’ll need to stump up three Power Cores. Once inside the Vault, head down the elevator. Here, you'll find a room called the Depot. Inside, a trader will sell you the weapon for 3000 caps. This is a bargain for a weapon that can be modded so heavily.

6 Agatha’s Dress / Reginald’s Suit

Agatha’s dress is available when you complete the quest Curtain Call. If you’re playing as a male character, you’ll receive Reginald’s Suit instead. The quest starts when you head to Trinity Tower. The tower will be emitting a radio signal, which you can tune into with your Pip-Boy to start the quest. You’ll be informed that WRVR DJ Rex Goodman is in need of rescuing from some super mutants.

Simply enter the tower and take out the mutants at the top. There are two elevators inside to help you get up there.

You’ll find Rex and his mutant sidekick Strong locked in a room. You can unlock the door with the lock picking skill or open it with a key that can be found in a nearby trunk. Once the quest is complete, you’ll not only have the dress, but Strong will also be available as a companion.

5 Big Boy

Big Boy in Fallout 4

The Big Boy is a souped up Fat Man weapon that allows you to shoot two mini-nukes for the price of one. It's perfect for those days when you have to lay waste to everything you come across in Fallout 4.With the exception of the nuke, this is the most powerful weapon in the game, so it really is worth getting your hands on.

Like any rare weapon, the Big Boy is hardly ever dropped by an enemy combatant. However, you can pick it up from Arturo Rodriguez in the Diamond City market for 14,000 caps. So, while it’s not exactly impossible to obtain, getting that amount of dough together isn’t easy and will take some time. However, obtaining the Big Boy is definitely worth it.

4 The other Lieutenant’s Hat

Lieutenants Hat Fallout 4

Nothing says post-apocalyptic warrior like a Napoleon-style lieutenant’s hat to wander the future wastelands in. You’ll certainly stand out, even among the mutants out there. To get this must-have, you need to go to the USS Constitution’s new location after completing the Last Voyage of the USS Constitution quest.

The Ironsides aboard will then reward you with the hat alongside the much-deserved rank of Honory Lieutenant.

You can activate the quest by heading east of Bunker Hill. While the Ironsides want to head to the Atlantic Ocean, they’ll be glad you helped them get one step closer to their dream, even if it is atop a skyscraper. You can also nab this item from the Custom House Tower. Simply tell Dogmeat to fetch and he’ll rummage through a mannequin display and return with the hat.

3 The Cryolator

The Cryolator in Fallout 4

When you first cast eyes on the Cryolator, you'll notice that it's locked away in a glass case as you leave Vault 111. How do you get the Cryolator? Well, it’s really a matter of patience and slogging through quest after quest until you’ve levelled up enough to get your hands on it. You'll also need to unlock the Master Lock Picking skill, which is available when you reach level 18 and perception 4. This, of course, depends on how you chose to level up during the game.

Another, less time-consuming way to obtain the weapon can be done by going to the Overseer’s room once you’ve met up with Dogmeat. Give the order to fetch and he’ll bring you the weapon as well as some ammo to get you started.

2 Silver Shroud Armour

The Silver Shroud Armour offers some pretty impressive defensive attributes. Sure, there’s the heavy metal look of the X-01 power armour, but sometimes you just want to traverse the wasteland in a silver scarf and slate grey trench coat.

To get the armour, head to Diamond City and tune into Silver Shroud Radio.

You’ll need to keep a ghoul named Kent alive for the duration of the request. After this, he’ll upgrade your armour at the Goodneighbour Memory Den. The armour will kick up your physical and energy defence and scale up as you continue to level up over the course of the game. It also looks really cool.

1 General Chao’s Revenge

This unique military sword deals 50% more damage when it is used against robots. Seeing as the world of Fallout 4 is overrun by robots, its definitely a melee weapon that will come in handy. To get this spectacular weapon, head south from the Museum of Freedom until you get to the Drumlin Diner.

Here, you’ll be able to buy a whole host of supplies, including the aforementioned sword, which starts off with 70 melee damage points. It may not be impossible to find, but at 2000 caps, it’s well worth the investment.


Are there any other powerful hidden items in Fallout 4 that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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