15 Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Fallout 4

Grab your controllers and a suit of Power Armor, it is time to head back to the Commonwealth and play Fallout 4 all over again. Bethesda really pushed the boat out for their fifth main installment of the Fallout series. With more customization, an even larger sandbox world, and yet another gripping storyline, we couldn't get enough of grappling with ghouls and socking one to super mutants.

After hours of gameplay and leveling up your Sole Survivor through the use of Pip-Boy, you may think you know all you need to know about the radiation-scarred world that we have come to love and loathe. You may think you have found every secret location and modified every weapon to your liking, talked to every NPC and heard all the conversations you could imagine, but there is so much more out there.

Even after completing the main story, diving into the depths of Far Harbor, and experiencing all the fun of the fair at Nuka-World, there is so much more to do.

Whether it be naming your favorite weapon after a movie star, taking a noble step to curing super mutantism, or simple stealing fusion cores from across the wasteland, here are 15 Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Fallout 4.

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Dr Brian Virgil Fallout 4
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15 Cure Super Mutantism

Dr Brian Virgil Fallout 4

Talk about hitting every branch of the ugly tree on the way down! The Institute super mutants aren't exactly lookers. However, you can't help but feel sorry for the roid-rage attackers that were exposed to the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus).

With immunity to radiation and disease, there seems to be no stopping these guys - unless you find a cure!

Thankfully, one such side quest exists. If you speak to Dr. Brian Virgil in The Glowing Sea, he promises that a cure exists out there. Unable to live with FEV experiments on wastelanders, Virgil turned himself into a super mutant. If you can take out several turrets and an assaultron in the FEV lab at the Institute, there is a serum to take back to Virgil - voila, instant cure. That, or you could deny him the serum and live the rest of his days as one of his own super mutants.

14 Create An Island Fortress

Spectacle Island Fallout 4

A powerful stronghold is key in Fallout 4 to protect yourselves from the various rabid dogs, giant hermit crabs, and Mirelurk colonies.

Did you know that you could have your very own private island ripe for the renovating?

Conveniently close to the Minutement HQ, eagle-eyed gamers might be able to spot Spectacle Island. To the south of the island is a sunken ship with a generator inside. Reactivating it and defeating the Mirelurks and hunters that get int your way, it should release a beacon that will drive the creatures off your new patch of land.

As the largest build area in the entire game, it looks like a pretty good place to set up shop. Although you are just left with a ramshackle settlement of wrecked houses and shacks, the many crafting stations on Spectacle Island mean the world is your oyster when it comes to crafting your own impenetrable fortress. When you're done, simply hoist a flag and claim it as yours!

13 Visit the Children of the Atom

Children of the Atom Fallout 4

It’s time to visit the Children of the Atom in the Far Harbor DLC.

Fallout 4 players will have heard about the creepy cult that believes each atom contains an entire universe within it, but you may have struggled to cross paths with them. Thankfully, the remnants of the Church of the Children of the Atom are safely tucked away in their own nuclear submarine base.

The Children of the Atom are conveniently sitting on a pre-war weapon and you should by now have the launch key.

A bit like the ending of a James Bond movie, players can travel to their evil lair and take the survivors on in the last stand. Heading to the submarine known as The Vessel, you can talk to the High Confessor Tektus. Once the launch sequence is initiated, you have just 30 seconds to escape the sub and watch the fireworks fly.

12 Equip NPCs with Power Armor

NPC Power Armor Fallout 4

We would all be pretty stuffed without the ever-useful Power Armor, but did you know that the Sole Survivor isn't the only person out there in the wasteland who can make use of that nuclear-powered Iron Man suit?

NPCs can actually enter the Power Armor, so long as you leave the suit in a settlement with a fusion core inside. It is pretty handy when your beloved town comes under attack, but if you watch NPCs step inside, it also includes a creepy glitch.

As the NPC enters the suit, it stretches them into some horrendous monstrosity you might find out there in the radiation-zapped plains of the Commonwealth. There is a moral to the story as well: always remove the fusion core after a wardrobe change. NPCs have been known to steal the Power Armor and vanish with it.

11 Get A Health Boost From Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers Fallout 4

Water makes the world go round. While gamers don't have to lug great bottles of water around with them, the odd sip of purified H2O can offer a handy health boost. Building an industrial water purifier in your town is a lifesaver for the settlers, but where does all the excess go? If you are producing too much of the clear stuff, bottles may start popping up in your workbench.

You sell it for 40 caps a bottle. Set up enough industrial purifiers on somewhere like Spectacle Island and you basically have a license to print health and money.

Nothing quenches thirst quite like water, so take a sip and watch your HP rise.

Be warned though, setting up your own water monopoly can kind of take the challenge out of the game.

10 Select Multiple Items In Workshop View

Workbench Fallout 4

There are many, many, frustrations among the brilliant gameplay of Fallout 4, and we can't help but feel that the workshop could do with some refinement.

Trawling through endless supplies of wrong-sized nuts and random bits of walls or floors can lead you to run out of patience pretty fast.

Don't you wish there was a way to bulk select items and send them to trash heap?

Well, there is!

Hold down activate (Cross/A) and you can select as many useless bits of junk as you want. While it may sound like a godsend to save time,  this will only work if the items are touching or next to each other.

We would undoubtedly be lost without the workshop, so why wouldn't the developers tell us about this handy shortcut? Try not to throw your controller out the window in rage at this one.

9 Avoid Grenades And Mines With VATS

Shooting mine Fallout 4

As a signature of the Fallout series, the VATS has become as much a part of the games as Pip-Boy himself. VATS isn't just great at pinpointing that perfect headshot against a Legendary Molerat Queen - it's also useful for countering grenades and mines.

If you find yourself caught off-guard and an explosive comes hurtling your way, take a breath and pop into VATS to slow things down a little bit. Players can spot that projectile from far away and eliminate the threat before your eyebrows get singed by a Molotov Cocktail.

Also, while out there traipsing through the dirt, those annoying landmines can become quite a nuisance. If you are trapped in a danger zone, simply open VATS and search out and mines hidden in the vicinity and take a shot. We guarantee this one will help save your limbs from any unexpected accidents.

8 Rename Your Weapons And Armor

Rename weapons Fallout 4

Customizing the Sole Survivor came into full effect during Fallout 4, but if giving yourself a makeover and making your avatar into your very own doppelganger just doesn't satisfy those creative hunger pains, why not change your entire world how you want it?

Fans already knew that weapon customization would be a big part of the game (with over 700 variations), but you may not realize that you can rename your favorite shooter after anyone or anything.

The renaming weapons feature had previously been used in Skyrim, and here in Fallout 4, it makes finding your signature weapon just as easy. Also, there can be some sometimes hilarious results. Name your Power Armor "Sunday Best" or take a leaf out of Hellboy's book and name your favorite gun "Big Baby." The world is your oyster.

7 Buy A House In Diamond City

Home Plate Fallout 4

Talk about prime real-estate! Diamond City is the place to be to watch the world burn around you.

For a mere 2,000 caps, the Sole Survivor can buy their own homestead known as Home Plate.

Conveniently located in the central market area between Diamond City Surplus and Chem-I-Care, the house is apparently bigger than most because the previous owner knocked through from an adjacent warehouse.

If you're already sold, head up the elevator to the Mayor's office and speak to his assistant, Geneva, who will run through the benefits of the house. Alongside pre-installed lighting and proximity to the Diamond City Marketplace, Home Plate also offers a bed that is yours and yours alone. Whether it be somewhere to lay you heard, or simply just another dumping ground, Home Plate could be the perfect addition to your property portfolio.

6 Tag Specific Components

Tag components for search Fallout 4

Back to some crafty crafting, we would be lost out there without the workbench and its many trusted tools. However, sifting through the piles and piles of junk can waste precious gaming hours. When you are out there looking for that last tube of adhesive or missing screw, it can literally be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully, you can tag specific components for search. This will give you a handy alert with a magnifying glass when a raider has what you need or when you walk past a discarded toy that could come in handy.

Simply go into the junk section and press the left bumper to tag what you need.

Then continue your merry mission, free from the worry that you might miss that last crucial piece of the puzzle.

5 Establish Supply Lines Between Settlements

Supply Lines Fallout 4

Your settlements no longer need to be warring factions out for each other's blood. Fallout 4 can give a sense of community to the wider world as you set up your own Wild West-style supply network to swap supplies and make everyone to live together as one happy family. However, before you get there, you need to unlock the Local Leader Tier 1 perk and have at least six charisma.

Next, find yourself one of the settlers who is sat twiddling their thumbs, activate them in the workshop and send them to another base. Wait until they get there, and there you have it.

There are some major benefits: when crafting, you can use the junk out of any workbench from the connecting settlement, meaning no more traveling with heavy goods. Also, if you are one of those moral people, the linking of settlements will give you the warm glow that you are helping revitalize the wasteland. Give yourself a pat on the back!

4 Recruit Traders To Your Settlement

Vault-Tec Rep Fallout 4

Sticking with the perks of local leader, once you rise to Tier. 2, you are given the opportunity to open your own trading marketplace in your settlements. However, a store is no good if you don't have a trader there to man it. Travelling merchants like Trashcan Carla may not be willing to abandon her life on the road to join your little community, but some can be directly recruited to your cause.

If you build a recruitment beacon, have one of every kind of store, and keep your settlers feeling happy, you should be able to lure your own traders into town. They aren't too easy to come across, though.

In total there are eight traders out there you can recruit, with one in Vault 81, one at Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, one at the WRVR broadcast station, and one in Goodneighbor. The rest, we're afraid, are just pure coincidence.

3 Pickpocket NPC Fusion Cores From Power Armor

Pickpocket fusion core Fallout 4

We've already covered how those Slenderman NPCs can run off with your Power Armor, so it isn't it about time we turned the tables? Any character wearing the Power Armor is going to be a tough cookie to defeat, but if you have your best cat burglar skills at the ready, you can sneak up behind them and pluck out the fusion core.

The Power Armor becomes nothing more than heavy boots.

As they are forcibly ejected, they are yours for the taking.

You need the relevant stats and perks, but it is an easy way to take down bigger enemies after Bethesda souped-up the Power Armor for Fallout 4. If you are a bit heavy on your feet, you could always use a Stealth Boy to help you out. It has become a game among players to see who is the stealthiest out there, so try it out.

2 Level Up FOREVER

Fallout 4 Levels

Early romps in the game may be dogged by a low leveling system, but once you reach those lofty heights of being the best gunman in the land, you can technically keep going (forever). Well, this isn't actually true: you can break the game if you try hard enough.

According to the stats, if you somehow get to level 65,535, the game overflows back to zero and will crash.

Thankfully, most of us will never get there, so enjoy getting stronger by the day at your own leisure. Interestingly, enemies don't level with you, so once you have seen everything, defeated everyone, and built your perfect settlement, it can be a bit easy stomping around there as an almost indestructible killing machine.

It may be a bit of a cheat that the game doesn't have a hard finish, but others have continued to putter around since its release.

1 Summon A Vertibird With A Signal Grenade & The Minutemen With The Flare Gun

Minutemen flare gun Fallout 4

Your experience out there in the barren world of Fallout 4 can sometimes be a lonely one, so thank goodness that there is a colorful cast of characters that you meet along the way.

Among the most useful are the Minutemen - brothers in arms and stalwart companions of the Sole Survivor. After completing The First Step for the Commonwealth Minutemen, Preston Garvey will give you a flare gun. It is almost useless in battle (inflicting so little damage), but when fired up into the sky, it can summon nearby Minutemen to your side.

Similarly, launching a signal grenade into the air can summon the Vertibird. As well as offering some handy fast travel to where you want to go, players can also mount themselves on the minigun and go full Rambo. Both methods have varying reports of mixed success, but at least the thought is there.


Which is your favorite thing you missed in Fallout 4? Sound off in the comments below!

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