Bethesda Reveals Fallout 4 DLC Schedule; VR Compatible in 2017

Bethesda announces Fallout 4 DLC and VR port

With E3 2016 starting this week, Bethesda Softworks is already making a splash with it's pre-E3 conference on Sunday night. In addition to announcing the revival of another classic franchise in the form of Quake Champions, the company revealed some of its plans over the next year for its current franchises.

There were a few big reveals to be had for the Fallout franchise. In addition to announcing new DLC releases, the company also revealed that it's porting Fallout Shelter to PC and is getting Fallout 4 ready for VR play.

During its conference, Bethesda announced three new DLC releases for Fallout 4. The first of these, Contraptions, is slated to release this coming week on June 14. This will be followed by Vault-Tec Workshop in July and Nuka-World in August. While Contraptions and Vault-Tec Workshop seem to be small downloads, Nuka-World is supposed to be a larger DLC (similar to  Far Harbor) that introduces a post-apocalyptic theme park.

#FalloutShelter on the bigger screen? Play on PC this July! #BE3

— BethesdaGameStudios (@BethesdaStudios) June 13, 2016

The presentation then went on to discuss Fallout Shelter, the popular mobile game that was announced at last year's E3. In July, Bethesda will release Update 1.6 for the game, which will introduce Quests with an all-new combat system and new places to explore. The game will also receive a long-requested PC port at the same time that Update 1.6 rolls out, letting fans toy with their denizens at their computer as well as on the go. There's no word on whether the two versions will sync up user data, however.

DOOM & Fallout 4 are coming to VR. Tune in for more details during the #BE3 Plus post show

— Bethesda Softworks (@bethesda) June 13, 2016

To make sure that Fallout fans were completely blown away, the company also announced that Fallout 4 would be coming to the HTC Vive in 2017 as part of Bethesda VR. The game is Bethesda's first venture into VR, and it plans to make a demo of DOOM available as well. Bethesda marketing chief Pete Hines stated that he hoped that DOOM would be fully adapted soon, though he offered no release date for that adaptation. Fallout 4 seems to be a sure thing, however.

Bethesda has pulled out all of the stops this year, giving Fallout fans just about everything they could hope for short of a Fallout 5 announcement. Some might not like the fact that the entire announcement was made up of DLC and ports, though the seeming quality of Nuka-World should give fans plenty to do and explore (especially after creating their own Vault and building a variety of contraptions). With any luck, Nuka-World will garner the same sort of positive buzz that Far Harbor has and will be a fitting end to Fallout 4's DLC plans.

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Fallout 4 will see new DLC releases in June, July and August. Fallout Shelter will see Update 1.6 and a PC release in July. Fallout 4 will be released for VR in 2017.

Source: Bethesda, via We Got This Covered

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