Automatron: Fallout 4's First DLC Gets Release Date & Trailer

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC

Fallout 4 dominated the tail end of last year, barging into almost every game fan’s game of the year conversation. The anticipation of the title was best recognized by the story that one fan actually sent a cardboard box full of bottle caps to the developers at Bethesda, citing it as all his life’s savings and wondering if it would be enough to secure a copy of Fallout 4. Impressed by the fan’s dedication when it came to what is usually used as in-game currency, they sent him a copy in time for launch day.

Fans knew exactly what they were getting with Fallout 4 – more Fallout. While it may not have offered anything revolutionary or wildly different from the last generation experiences in Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, the game is addictively fun. It is a post apocalyptic world full of dangerous and unique characters that many just didn't want to end. Thankfully, Bethesda are offering up a number of add-on packs to extend the Fallout 4 experience, the first of which is called Automatron and now has a confirmed release date and trailer.

Players will be able to download the first DLC pack for Fallout 4 on March 22 on consoles and PC. The trailer hints at the first expansion being a little more substantial than some may have been expecting. For one, it appears that there will be at least one questline for you to complete. The voiceover in the footage claims you must track down and stop a ‘mechanist’ who has been sending machines to attack a settlement. These new robots seem a lot more threatening than the synths you may have encountered during Fallout 4’s main game.

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC

You’ll also be able to construct and customise your own killer robots, who will then surely become a new companion to journey the wasteland with. The trailer shows a few examples of what you can create with one robot having the head of a teddy bear, another looking like a walking tank and one so big that it better be able to carry all the equipment for you and eradicate the over encumbered problem once and for all. We don’t know how many variations of robot there will be in total, but one of the trophies and achievements for the add-on is awarded after making 10 modifications, and apparently there will be hundreds of mods to choose from. Players will also be able to choose their robots’ voices, which sounds like a big open invitation for the most creative of PC modders.

Automatron is the first in a series of planned DLC packs for Fallout 4 throughout 2016 that was announced by Bethesda. Other will include Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor. The latter is believed to be the biggest of them all and will provide a brand new area to the game. Bethesda recently decided to increase the cost of the game’s season pass in order to properly reflect the value of the extra content they are developing. While all DLC packs will also have a separate price tag, the season pass will set you back $40.

Fallout 4 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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